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  1. Scum faction getting the droids? Absolutely not. They should just add republic/separatist factions. If they won't do that than it should all come in as rebel salvaged stuff. If you couldn't tell I really don't like how in a game about the galactic civil war the faction that doesn't participate in it has ruled the meta with most of the cool stuff from waves 8-12.
  2. The non FO ties in the background give me doubt that this means something.
  3. Who likes killing Dengar/ Nym/ or miranda in 1 round? I do. I have a new favorite list: Quickdraw" — TIE/sf Fighter Swarm Leader Fire-Control System Sensor Cluster Lightweight Frame Special Ops Training Ship Total: 38 Imperial Trainee — TIE Striker Twin Ion Engine Mk. II Adaptive Ailerons Ship Total: 18 Academy Pilot — TIE Fighter x2 Ship Total: 12 Howlrunner" — TIE Fighter Elusiveness Ship Total: 20 Basically, you have all of quickdraw's friends take evade and get x2 5 die shots if your opponent shoots you, which he/she will probably want to do rather than eat through ties with evades whilst also dealing with your ace. LWF and Sensor Cluster are nice to making that obnoxious as well.
  4. I can actually see the E wing with both revealed astromechs being much better than they were previously. Flight Assist: The E wing already has a pretty **** good dial and for a single point more you can get these things into pretty solid spots. If bombs drop off in the way they were predicted too and the death of jm5k ordinance carriers, their 3 agility and evade might make them better carriers than the t65 or dare I say the t70. The T70 has a similarly good dial, worse action bar, more health, and less agility for a difference of 5 points. Is this worth it? I remain undecided here. Hit and run corran will still be better with R2D2, but shooting twice, and then doing a 5 straight with boost then barrel roll will get you out of firing range on at least the first pass or two. Chopper: E wings can take a few 0-1pt systems, cheap modifications are an option for everyone, and a 2pt torpedo could work well with him. I don't really see too many situations that I want to field chopper in, but a knave squadron pilot with collision detector, guidance chips, and flechettes is 3 shields for 2 points and some actions, Personally, I'm a fan. The real merits of chopper on an E- wing is that the E wing is fast enough to hit and run, taking those actions that it needs to for shields
  5. Hey! You forgot the - sign for the two. Unless it is free or better it isn't a fix! No deal.
  6. "I wouldn't have been opposed to having him be huge ship only. " That's what I would have said before he released. Now Palp definitely doesn't need another errata since he has been printed played for a while and nerfed.
  7. This card just preemptively shuts down a swarm meta. Yaaaay...... now imperials can't fly the most imperial list. Fun. It's ok guys we have gunboats now.
  8. All acts of ruthlessness are done on pretty large scales. The imperial navy is thematically based thematically in throwing generics at a wal until it breaks the wall or itself. The imperials infighting is almost always among the highest ranking officers which is for armada not x wing. Ruthlessness is a great armada card and a bad card for x wing.
  9. B wing Bullseye arc only attack with 4 red die?
  10. Thats fine except it is 3 points meaning that it is only worth taking on decimators and tieD's. Fearlessness and Selflessness are always worth their points and serve a specific play style that reflects the factions' strengths. Ruthlessness is almost never worth its points and does not reflect its faction at all.
  11. Discipline ept: empire only 0pts If you would receive a stress token from any effect on an opponent's upgrades or pilot ability discard that stress token instead of you are at range 1-2 of another friendly ship. I think the empire needs some more faction specifics since it has almost none compared to the other two factions. This is an imperial counterpart to selflessness and fearlessness as the title suggests.
  12. They can choose to discard 0 tokens.
  13. Procket Soontir would be nice
  14. It looked far less fat than every other tie on that show to me, but that might just be how they model their standard ties ties to have larger cockpits in the show than the rest of cannon.
  15. But in all seriousness we just saw a stripped down U wing and an "Advanced" tie defender. With the arrival of x wings to the show this season there is a great number of possible new rebels related releases. This Advanced defender had really long wings making it almost look more like a hybrid of a defender and a phantom, which although I would not like to see it, might warrant a new defender in a couple of waves if thrawn has more of them later this season.