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  1. Oh, ok Ilum has an Legends and a canondiameter. Interestning! With the Canondiameter Ilum can be the Starkillerbase!
  2. The Starkillerbase is much smaller than our moon. How small/big is Ilum? EDIT: Ilum has a diameter of 5780 Kilometers. So no, Starkillerbase and Ilum cannot be the same.
  3. But I want the better Legion-Minis. Legion has far better minis than IA!
  4. There will be no Obi Wan Movie, there will be a Obi Wan Show on Disney+ in 2020 or 2021!
  5. Oh yes, Enfys Nest would be a great mini! I want her badly!
  6. No Problem with that, mainly (is this the right word in english?) the minis will be available! : D
  7. SCUMS: Jabba (Commander) Nightsister on Rancor (Commander) Dr Aphra (Operative) Aura Singh (Operative) ; P
  8. Maybe as support more Monsters like Reek, Akklay or Nexu! Maybe a beastmaster to!
  9. Dr. Aphra and her Psychopath-bots would be very nice. More likely for a Scumfaction I think! Grand Inqusistor and Brothers/Sisters would also be nice. Simple I want all Charakters from all eras! : D And I want Monsters like a Rancor, Akklay, Reek or Nexu! I think I dont have enough Money for all this minis!
  10. Lets the piracy begin! Disney devinitive wants this with this starting Policy.
  11. Maybe he escaped the sarlacc! ; ) There are hints in the new books that he does!
  12. "Your Name will be legendary!" This could be a hint that the mandalorian IS Boba Fett!
  13. For me, the fraction makes no difference, I only want the beautyfull minis! ; P An some minis makes only sense in a separat scumfraction I think.
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