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  1. I'm actually a little bitter they released these games like this. My friends and I have dumped a couple hundred dollars into Runewars now and we never would have bought into that game if this was announced. Talking to a few of them we might not buy in at all because of this. This was dirty tactics by FFG.
  2. Thanks that is what I thought.....that's pretty meaty. I like.
  3. If you add a champion, say Ardus, to a 3x3 group of reanimates do you get the threat multiplier and rerolls on the white die that the reanimates dice get?
  4. Thanks I never knew that you could look there for reruns also.
  5. I have been slowing working on buying the Allies & Villains packs. I wanted to pick up Boba Fett this weekend and couldn't find it in stock. Looking on some websites they are listed for $40-$50. Do these packs get discontinued? I would eventually like to have all of them and buy 2 or 3 a month typically. This is the first time I have ever seen where people are inflating the prices like this. Would be a bummer if I couldn't get Boba because I am not paying $50 for a villain pack.
  6. Nice job. I have to say the Imperial fleets look a lot more impressive mounted up on stands. I would also like to know where you got the stands from along with some of the bases you used for the the tie fighters and at AT-ATs
  7. Someone needs up the ante and get the tank in there too. Once we hit threat 5 I may have to shoot for the moon.
  8. Whelp I beat them pretty easily. I ended up going with Elite Stormies, Regular Stormies, and Hire Guns Another mission that I kinda felt sorry for the rebels but I really wanted the reward and didn't really hold back. I am starting to get grumblings of....this game is really hard. I might have to pull back on the next couple missions. They really had a hard time dealing with the Elite Stormies with both Assault Armor and Combat Veterans.
  9. I talked my Dalia player into buying force throw.....I wish i didn't lol. Force Throw and Tactical Movement won them Imperial Hospitality. They were able to get the captive off the board 1 round before i wounded the last hero using these 2 abilities.
  10. I have bought Assault Armor and Combat Veterans. Is there a consensus of what the next buy is? In looking them over Shock Trooper looks like the next buy to me. Giving the elite trooper an automatic surge for +2 damage seems like the next step. Anyone have any other preferences?
  11. Not yet. I don't think they could single shot Elites. I have seen them single shot normal troopers without the Assault Armor though. Dalia with a vibro-blade with strain to take away the defense dice has sliced through some normal stormies.
  12. I am 4-2 as the Imperial player. I only won 1 mission handily. All other missions have come down to the wire.
  13. You think they will hold up well enough with both attachments? The rebels are starting to eat regular storm troopers for breakfast.
  14. Cool will roll with that probably. I have just been itching to try the HK droids so i was trying to crowbar them into my list. I thought teaming them with IG-88 would be good flavor...but I just got Combat Veterans and I want to use it after saving up all the XP to get it.
  15. I want to keep some Stormies since I have Combat Veterans. Maybe I'll go with Elite Stormies, Hired Guns, and a Probe Droid. That will give me the initial group Trannys (pun intended) and Elite Stormies as my harder hitting groups with the Hired Guns, Probe Droid, and my free officer as some cheap drops for activations. I can drop the probe droid for 3 on my initial deploy and bank 5 of that threat. Then at the end of round 1 get the 4 threat i can drop the elite Stormies with combat veterans and assault armor.
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