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  1. Stop right there, why would you traumatize your child with GrimDarks™????? BTW somewhere on the internets fan mane cryogenic powers supplement exists, but i can't find it anymore :/
  2. How exactly did you came to this conclusion? Because nowhere in excorcised e.a. (in radicals handbook) authors state what is the relation between these efects. For example in case of cryptos posession (disciples of dark gods p95) it is cleary stated that this is the differed mechanic and should not be stacket with core possesion-survining effects. Best case for not stacking i came up with is that both core and radicals effets add 2d10 insanity points and applying them both seems redundant.
  3. my player wants exorcised elite advace from radicals. should i also apply "surviving possesion" effects from core?
  4. What timezone? Whan languge (is tarzan english k??)? how often?
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