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  1. Sounds like an artifact or some kind of amulet or trinket that may or may not help the user to navigate the warp or something far more dangerous
  2. I dont know any german so thanks and it does sound fitting to what i would build.
  3. Think the Leviathan from the Diseny Atlantis movie but bigger in submarie form That big Eisen Festigkeit-Iron strength is the name im gonna give to this glorious machine
  4. This will be quite usefull for i have for a while thought about building an actual sub-marine in my own warbands lore and it ofc has a german captian.
  5. To quote Sindri All power demands Sacrifice. Make your players beg,ask,steal,kill and so on to get whatever or wherever that is needed.
  6. As the title say i wonder what have you as a player or as a GM thrown at your group that would/did break them ( end game stuff ) Like have anyone thrown the kraken from Tome of Blood Recreated the Skull Harvest Thrown high end demon princes or greater demons at a low-mid game party Personaly worst i fought was a bunch of mechanicus dudes and a Onager deamon engine of wich our heretek forced it into lava.
  7. "Fetch the combine, boys! There's orks in mah tater fields!" Please tell me the GM let's you replace the dozer blades on the chimeras with some sort of argricultural harvester/potato hopper. If we get our hands on some kind of vehicle like a chimera, agrii vehicle or something els we must and SHALL put on harvesting blades in front. We be harvesting these heretics
  8. As the title said im looking for suggestion on building my preist in an Only War thats starting soon. I was thinking of basicly be either the Redemer-SUPER zealous evisorator maniac Or a preist who has his own little cohort of zealous fighters as i push the 81th Italicus drop troppers im assigned to- to the point of everything breaking.
  9. You know your playing Only War when You roll up a regiment and end up with the 81th Italicus Drop Troppers Drop trooping cyber enhanched close combat potato farmers with the tranining of a guardsmen but close to the gear of a stormtrooper. When you get a mono scythe as part of the bonus gear but everyone trades it in for other gear When one of the players are a discount scarface. And when everyone agreed on that our theme song is my combine harvester
  10. I can help you guys with getting all black crusade books,DH1 and 2e most deathwatch and most rouge trader and only war minus Final testament I shall later today get all my 40 RPG books into a Google folder and post it for all who wants it PM me.
  11. • When your GM enda the game on a point where all the players go their own way. While the warpsmith i played as for over 3months **** of and joins a bunch of sneaky gitz From where he becomes 1 of the 4 commanding officers just cus of your skill and Knowledge When you fight hvy grav wealding skitarii and you say i wonder what would happen if i turn a grav Gun into a daemon weapon
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