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  1. First game! So this was on Vassal btw. He flew Vader with fcs and afterburners , Maarek with fcs, marksmanship, ab and Soontir, with shield up, predator, and ab. I set up far right side, in a box formation, putting the Interceptors in the front, while Howl and Gideon is in the back, Howl in the middle of the box, while gideon rides to the left of him. He sets maarek and vader up to joust me, while soontir is set on the left side. I decide to head right at him, full 5 straights. He charges at me as well, throwing vader and maarek straight at me. Soontir comes right side, does boost Br and gets gideon in his bullseye. He locks turr with both advanced's and throws dice at him. Luckily he escapes with just a crit and a hit, but the crit was panicked pilot, and so he can't do much the next couple of turns. He fires with soontir at a SSA, and gets him down to 1 hull as well. Then I get to fire back, and my dice were pretty hot, but he nonstop rolled some really good dice, and I only really got to do about 2 shields of damage on vader. It went downhill from there, TIE's just dropped and I just could not hit a thing the whole game. the game ended super quick. All in all, poor dice hurt TIEs a bunch, I also need to remember that they are fragile and I need to not jump head first into the fray. sorry the Battle rep this time was short, it was a rough game and they just burned down super quick. Hopefully the next one will be a bit more exciting.
  2. Sorry guys, it's been a busy week. Hopefully I'll get a game or two in by the end of this week
  3. While the wait happens, anyone have any intial thoughts, lists similar, or tweaks to the list I have going? Lemme know.
  4. So I've been testing a new list, usually I've been playing 3 aces builds, but I like TIE interceptors so much that I decided to swarm them. Right now I'm using 2 Saber Squadron Aces, Turr Phennir, Howlrunner, and Gideon Hask, all with crack shot. I will post battle rep's when I start playing. I might swap Gideon for Del instead. It looks really good on paper, lots of 3 dice re roll attacks, and the 3 squints with the baked in auto's ability is also amazingly good. Turr is good for mid and late game dogfights, and all the PS 4's can out maneuver things like Vultures and ARC's (arcs are really prominent in my area currently) . So I'll start posting Battle Rep's here real soon. Thanks
  5. Might be valuable to put a missile on Vader? Maybe Prockets since now they're range 1-2 and should be a little easier to get off? I dunno that's a ton of leftover points is all.
  6. I'm not really getting ST-321 though. I guess it lets the shuttle lock and since it has a back arc it should actually be able to use the locks, but I'm not sold on it. I guess the other thing is you can check range from other friendlies without needing to say that you were going to acquire a lock, so I dunno. I never thought that the shuttle would need action economy either ha ha ha. Anyways, the Empire needs more gunners because the strikers really only like 5th brother sitting in the backseat, messing with the enemy lasers every once in a while. Or i guess making your guns shoot better? Also, Ciena Ree looks like another option for strikers, sure you can get stressed, but pre-planning a gr- *ahem* blue move makes the strikers even MORE maneuverable. What other crew pairs well with strikers? Maybe swarming with Sloane. or putting ree and inky on vizier since he can do a white coordinate after AA.
  7. OK I'll get i'll give elusive whirl then. I keep thinking that elusive is stil like the 1st edition version, but now it's real powerful. What should I invest points into then? up the pilot on the shuttle and throw Jam beam on it? I'm thinkin LT. Sai, but all the shuttle pilots suck. Or I was thinking throw Hull upgrade and jam beam on the shuttle too and stick with OGP. Thoughts?
  8. So Sesmic Charges on strikers is my new favorite upgrade shenanigans thing in the world. And I would argue that new Soontir Fel is as fun to fly as he was in 1st edition. Anyway, back to Strikers. Specifically Duchess. She has been my favorite striker pilot since 1.0, and with the slight buff they gave her, I'm really, REALLY, enjoying strikers. When Alex Davy said they are a mix of fighter bombers, he wasn't kidding. Reminds me a little of Stukas back in WWII. So right now I'm flying New Improved (I Guess?) Palp Aces New Aces (197) Soontir Fel — TIE Interceptor 52 Juke 4 Stealth Device * Shield Upgrade * Ship Total: 72 Omicron Group Pilot — Lambda-Class Shuttle 43 Emperor Palpatine 13 Ship Total: 56 "Duchess" — TIE Striker 42 Outmaneuver 6 Fifth Brother 12 Seismic Charges 3 Shield Upgrade * Ship Total: 69 The force in the game is actually super duper powerful, especially with duchesses only two defense dice. 5th Bro on attack and Palp helping your defense is really good. Sesmic charges are so fun and so goofy just deleting asteroids, and they help the Shuttle get around with more ease. Right now I'm trying Outmanuever on Duchess, but I'm not sure. All the force sort of helps on defense, but i might try putting Juke on the striker too. I'm not certain. Tweaks? Thoughts?@Magnus Grendel since you seem to be the Striker expert?
  9. Note that you just cancel "a die result". This means one damage is sure to go through, but you have the ability to do more then just 1 shield of damage. Man, the phantom is looking to be a heck of a good time now that Krennic can do... uh... Krennic things. And Sabacc.
  10. Naw, I like to imagine its the first thing more.
  11. Repeating cannon sounds cool. I just want it to buff swarms. I just want it, it looks really neat. Maybe 5 hull 0 shield, cannon, and systems slot? And a title? (No 0 point auto include titles, I want one that makes you decide whether or not you want to fly it the way the title wants you to fly it or some other neat way.)
  12. I am very, very proud of this paint job. Hopefully this can inspire others.
  13. I've seen this, and it looks like a ton of fun. Major Stridan — Upsilon-class Shuttle 32 Advanced Sensors 3 General Hux 5 Systems Officer 2 Experimental Interface 3 Ship Total: 45 "Duchess" — TIE Striker 23 Expertise 4 Lightweight Frame 2 Adaptive Ailerons 0 Ship Total: 29 "Pure Sabacc" — TIE Striker 22 Veteran Instincts 1 Lightweight Frame 2 Adaptive Ailerons 0 Ship Total: 25 Go ahead and give it a try. You can plan a green with the shuttle, ADV sensors for Hux, get stressed, do the green, hand out the TL while un-stressing your self, and that leaves the strikers open to do something besides focusing, and Duchess can keep the focus for defense.
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