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  1. Not in this box, just separate scenarios. Maybe in a future box if this is popular.
  2. There's a missing line break between two of the Shadowcaster pilots on the bigger (2 ship?) box.
  3. The product codes for them are a whole chunk (5 codes) higher than even the card packs, I'd guess they're not due till after Wave 7 and were accidentally revealed way early.
  4. Neither, I play in the pub!
  5. Doubt you'll get your first two demands. Though for no.1) the Epic Battles box should help you out, seems to come with a load of numbered id and lock tokens to support the large fleets and wings. As for 2) you can find people selling individual dials and components from coversion kits online. I myself will be putting a bunch of such stuff on eBay shortly now I think I'm about done rounding out my collection of Rebel and Imperial ships. 3) Would be cool. Maybe alonside Wave 7.
  6. It sounds as if you're not quite clear on how evade tokens work in 2.0. After you roll defence dice, you can spend an evade token to change one of your dice to an evade. It no longer adds an extra result, you have to spend it and can then flip one of your dice over to an evade result. After you've either done that or decided to hang onto the evade token (for a different attack or ability) is when Crack Shot triggers, just before results are tallied. Your opponent probably didn't realise you weren't clear on this and thought you were deciding to keep rather than use your evade token.
  7. That's a great trailer, in a way you don't often see these days: conveys the mood, tone and style of the show rather than just spoiling the bulk of the plot and snappiest dialogue in between frenetic cuts of action. Loving the sense of mystery around the title character too, keeping his face, voice and even name secret, and yet they cast Pedro Pascal so there must be more to the Mandalorian than a suit of armour.
  8. That makes sense. Good to hear about the Rebels and Imperials, looking forward to them.
  9. Great to see you back at it, SirWilli, even though I only have Rebels and Imperials so I have nothing to print off right now! Out of curiosity, with covering the Conversion Kits are you just looking at Gearboxes for now or are you taking on the huge task of making Ship Hangars too?
  10. That line (Resistance TIE Defenders) referred to the pics of the T85 X-Wings.
  11. This will be a day long remembered... And that's just with X-Wings and TIE Fighters. Definitely a great place to start, but lots of 2.0's great design features are yet to come. Red and linked actions, ship abilities, rotating turret arcs, force users and powers. They all fit so naturally into the game I struggle to remember what the game was like without them.
  12. The Raider preview shows a 9 threat quick build.
  13. Why add an extra step versus just 'spend energy to attack with this weapon'?
  14. And what the **** does rotation have to do with anything? All the pilots in the card pack are for 2.0 re-released (and therefore Hyperspace legal and readily available, not out of print) ships.
  15. Updated the OP. Still missing two product codes that were probably intended for Wave 2, for what it's worth.
  16. rawbean

    WAVE 6 [image heavy]

    Oh this oil bath is going to feel soooo good! C3PO in the first half hour of the original film!
  17. rawbean

    WAVE 6 [image heavy]

    Technically the current ship has a mix of both names across pilot cards, dials, and app/points list/quick builds. If you were to strictly follow the rules, there's no legal way to field Interceptors right now.
  18. Yeah I saw that in the app as well. That gave me enough hope for a 2.0 rerelease to hold off on buying the original, once the issues with sticky X-Wing S-foils and cards that needed errata were publicised. Excited to finally get this.
  19. These look really cool, but I have a couple of questions if you've time to answer. 1) Do the numbered ID tokens for ship bases fit in any if the slots? I'd guess they'll go in the large square and maybe round slots? 2) Regarding the template/ruler tray, do you know if the new FFG plastic deluxe rulers fit in there? They're a little thicker/deeper than other templates, and the range ruler pieces have short 'tongues' that slot into the base piece. For that matter the range rulers available on this kickstarter are extra long to help with lining up on arc lines, it seems silly to ask but do they fit in the template tray with their extra length?
  20. No it doesn't, you'd need at least a full base-width of space between the small bases to upgrade them to large bases, and that's clearly not the case. Medium should just about squeeze in though.
  21. Fair point, but with only one ship card and one shield/energy stat I don't see how it could reasonably be fore and aft sections. How about this: left dial is how many shields/energy will be generated each round, right dial is current total. Red/blue maneuvers mean shifting one (or both) of the left-hand (amount generated) dials up or down, maybe within a specific range (0 to 2, say). EDIT: or ****, -4 to +4, you could finally simulate transferring shield energy to the engines in X-Wing!
  22. Pretty sure the shield and energy trackers are just double digit, as in tens and units. It's not 1 Fore and 9 Aft, it's 19. The (single) ship cards only have one shield and one energy value printed.
  23. The announcement finally made me bite the bullet. I don't play much scum, but the 1.0 C-ROC is going for a ludicrous £22 in numerous UK-based online stores. Will be getting the conversion kit for my Rebel and Imperial ships, but for £25 posted why not throw in the C-ROC too! edit: ninja'd!
  24. Sorry to get your hopes up. Personally I was trying to moderate my expectations and prepare for the possibility of no Epic until well into 2020, so this had me hugely excited.
  25. They probably used an early image of the box art from FFG. The Wave 14 announcement images didn't yet have the notice about 2.0 compatibility because 2.0 wasn't announced yet, IIRC.
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