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  1. There have been whispers of both. X-Wing devs said to expect Poe's orange X-Wing in an aces pack at Adepticon and Steve Horvath told Team Covenant that Mandalorian content was coming for the minis games including X-Wing in this interview:
  2. Where does this weird idea of naming a Resistance pack from the point of view of the FO come from? No Ace pack has ever had such a negative name, even the Scum ones and they are the faction called 'Scum and Villainy'. Scum faction on the whole and to a lesser extent Separatists (Servants of Strife Squadron Pack) are the only factions with any negative connotations in product names and they fit the themes of those factions. Resistance were hated by FO in EpVII and even not publicly supported by the legitimate Republic, and yet their first ace type pack was still 'Heroes of the Resistance'. If a battle of Endor themed Rebel pack came out would we expect it to be called 'Pitiful Band' or 'Traitors and Scum' (all words used by the Imperials in the OT)? Wouldn't that be massively weird?
  3. Yeah, all I can think with people predicting 'Fugitives and Collaborators' is Resistance is that they don't know what 'collaborator' means.
  4. Just to clarify, the 2-8 ship limits people here are mentioning are the total of all ships in the squad, not model specific like you asked originally. Other than point total and a squad of between 2-8 ships, there's no model-specific limitations. The closest thing would be a small number of ship types for which only limited (ie unique or restricted to a certain number) pilots exist, no generics, like the Rebel captured TIE/ln Fighter (not yet released in 2.0). In that case you're limited by the number of different pilots that exist for that ship.
  5. rawbean

    What's coming next?

    Shouldn't be a surprise but Asmodee's head of publishing confirmed Mandalorian content coming for X-Wing in an interview with Team Covenant. Surprised I haven't seen it mentioned on these boards anywhere. He also said Lucasfilm just aproved their minis plans (for X-Wing, Armada and Legion) through 2023 and said it was the strongest lineup of tabletop content they (LF) had ever seen.
  6. Blail, I'm assuming you missed it but they listed the Empire ships they have and so far you've suggested four different lists they can't build!
  7. That's looking at it backwards. Collating randomised packs together after printing is very expensive and needs a large audience purchasing a lot to keep it financially viable. CoC and AGoT had dedicated fanbases that were ultimately too small to support their CCGs, so as a last ditch effort to get cards in their hands cheaply (a move that FFG saw as a 'thanks for the support, enjoy these last cards but this game is dead now') they released fixed (therefore cheaper to make) expansions for the two games. They proved popular enough that it prompted FFG to pursue LCGs as a model, selling customers on the benefits of fixed distribution and an even playing field and taking advantage of lower costs to still make money without needing a Magic- or Pokemon-sized audience. (Op: FFG have posted articles on their site before covering these topics. Dig back in the archives of the older LCGs and you might find them. Particularly around the time AGoT announced the transition from 1.0 to 2.0 they were very introspective, as in addition they finally shuttered CoC, and revised the LCG model to include rotation as LCGs had proved successful enough to live until some of their cardpools were problematically bloated and hard to keep in print.) I think the trend since has been showing that while LCGs can be profitable with a smaller player base than CCGs, *competitive* LCGs still need a large and active enough player base to have a thriving tournament scene, which can be difficult, while co-op/solo LCGs are easier to support as they work well as kitchen table boardgames with occasional in-store events instead of regular tournaments or leagues.
  8. It was outsourced to a 3rd party company with no direct connection to X-Wing or miniatures gaming, probably based on who bid the lowest price for the work. Surely it's not surprising that this leads to a mediocre product? We've been told to expect a revised app with various improvements, hopefully lessons were learned. Either way thank Xenu for YASB and Launchbay Next.
  9. Surely all ships should suffer the atmospheric entry effects, regardless of their available firing arcs. Every ship base has standard arcs printed, they're just not shaded if there isn't a weapon for them, and the point of the mechanic is to judge how steeply the ship is flying down into the planet, not whether it can shoot.
  10. Core set has disarm tokens so technically the expansion doesn't need them.
  11. Interesting. I caould have sworn Max on stream briefly gushed about the 'strafing mechanic' of the gunship.
  12. rawbean

    What's coming next?

    Going with the usual accepted wisdom, prominent T85 X-Wings in the Major Vonreg art looks good for a future Resistance release.
  13. Just to clarify the above 2.0 terminology, 'devices' refers to bomb and mine templates, Slave 1 comes wih a bomb I think? That can be kept for 2.0.
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