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  1. a very simple but beautifully executed conversion. this wing pattern is so much sexier than the normal Tie, drool...
  2. have you tried walking away from your monitor?? ;-)
  3. very impressive for 2 nights of work - a really cohesive looking fleet sir!
  4. you seem to have some great reference points to work from Barry - do you just have a Google-fu black belt or do you have some cool books on Star Wars ships that I should be also be buying??
  5. love the Y wing, not so much a fan of the B wing with the folded wings and lipstick blob engine glow.. guessing that is one of your first mods judging from the quality of your other work??
  6. that's a MUCH cooler starviper.. never liked the original ship, kinda the opposite of aerodynamic if you ask me..
  7. canopy looks good, the cloaking lines need a thin white line in the middle of the blue I think.. right now it's a little muddy looking
  8. stunning.. I especially like the windscreen on the Lamda, it really pops. The freehand is also lovely, but I'm a sucker for a smooth transition like that
  9. I have another n00b question.. the Firespray/Slave 1 and Hawk/Moldy Crow can be used by more than one faction, but the ships only appear to come with pilot cards for Imp/Rebels respectively.. if I wanted to run a Scum fleet with both of these ships, how do I get appropriate pilot cards/upgrades - were/are they sold separately??
  10. in response to the walk away comment.. I'm in my 40s now, so can only paint for 30 mins or so at a time before my back or hands start to hurt, so even if you don't need to walk away in order to freshen your perspective, I highly recommend taking regular breaks in any case.. my other advice would be to pace yourself, by which I mean don't undertake something that quickly sickens you. I speak from experience when I say there is nothing worse than looking at a half painted army of 20+ (or 200+) models and realizing you've lost all interest in finishing them.. so while I think it's good to have ships in different stages of completion to keep things interesting, don't decide you're going to re-do all of your 40 Imperial ships in one sitting. that's a great way to screw up 40 ships and (probably) mean you won't be playing with them for a long time too.. start with a couple of ships, or a small squad of tie fighters, see how they look as you go along and decide if you like them... if you have a gaming night/tourney coming up and you want to do something specific for that event, pick a ship with the specific objective of having it done by that date. I tend to find having a deadline in a few days is great motivation to knock out 3 or 4 minis.
  11. ooh, that's lovely, really like the mix of Teal and Turquoise (I used the same colors on my Epic Eldar 20 years ago)
  12. I assume you painted this white, then masked the stripes and painted it black? those orange stripes are very well done, as are the canopies.. would like to see some weathering and battle damage. I'm a big fan of paint chips..
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