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  1. Do you know what your position on the reserve list is? If it's lower than 120th, you haven't got a ticket - yet. Many people from the top of the list have had emails. Lower down will only get positive emails if people higher up decline their offers, or original ticket-holders return theirs.
  2. Umm, you can only have 1 focus token at any one time if you use Optics.
  3. Unfortunately, this not clear-cut at all. Take a look at the discussions in the Rules Forum. Eventually I hope this and Deathrain's interactions will be FAQed so everyone can play using the same outcomes.
  4. There are at least 240 people on that reserve list, so only 120 of them will get places immediately. The rest will still have to hope for dropouts.
  5. X-Wings have a couple of major weaknesses: they are ineffective without dice modifications; lack a variety of green moves to shed stress; and don't have enough health to survive being shot at more than once without regen. And spending more points on them isn't a good use of those points. FAA helps with allowing them to turn around quicker without getting stressed, so they keep being able to take actions, plus they don't become as predictable because they aren't needing to shed stress. Additionally, the higher PS pilots now get a choice of reposition when you find that you didn't guess correctly which move to take, whilst still getting either a focus or a TL. Will FAA make them competitive? Unlikely. But it will make most of them better than they were before.
  6. Oh, you poor, deluded, innocent player! Jek Porkins is truly atrocious! Not because he isn't fun to fly, but because he is so over-costed for what you get. He is the 2nd most manoeuvrable X-Wing, because he can turn around and still get an action (but that action often needs to be to activate R5D8...and then he needs to keep doing that for about 3 rounds, on average) plus he isn't tied to doing green moves, but for the same point cost (26+3 for R5D8) you can have Wedge, Wes, or Luke who can then take a cool droid and they have even better abilities. If R5D8 didn't need an action, or didn't have the random roll, or costed less (or had a special cost of 'zero when equipped to Porkins') then he'd match up with your criteria - he is so much fun to fly!
  7. It has one trick - a single, high damage attack each round. It requires formation flying and is very predictable. Where's the OPness?
  8. If you're never been to a Regional, go. If you don't enjoy it, don't go again. Simples. I started playing 100pt X-Wing 14 months ago. Went to a Regional after 4 games. Loved it, because of the friendly, helpful other players I met. Promptly bought tickets for 2 more Regionals and loved those too. At one point, I'd played more games at Regionals than I'd played elsewhere. Don't worry about the prizes or making the cut - unless you have enough time (plus a bit of innate talent) to dedicate to playing X-Wing that you become an awesome player, the reasons for playing should be whether you enjoy playing the game and whether you enjoy the company of others who play the game. Some people only enjoy tournaments if they have a chance of winning/placing high. I feel sorry for them, because they tend to only win some tournaments (since there are plenty of other highly skilled players, and to some extent who wins does depend on dice rolls) and therefore they only enjoy playing in some of the tournaments they enter. I get to enjoy them all! (Apart from the ones I don't get to enter...not enough time or wife points )
  9. Bump?
  10. Porkins is a terrible pilot. For the same points, you can get Wedge or Wes without an astromech (or Luke with a 1pt 'mech) but still with Expertise, or drop Expertise and choose another EPT. I only started using him as a joke, so I could blow my own ship up! But, if you do fly Jek, post some reports/pics so I can prove that I'm not the only idiot flying him!
  11. Ok, Jek Porkins with Expertise, R5D8, Plasma Torps & Guidance Chips. Dutch Vander with R2D6 to get VI, Ion Cannon Turret, Proton Torps & GC. Hobbie Klivian with Targeting Astromech, Plasma Torps & GC. Hobbie takes a focus; Porkins takes a TL; and Dutch takes a TL, which also gives Hobbie a TL. 3 (almost) fully modded torpedoes can take out almost any single enemy ship. Then Hobbie k-turns as often as he can, to get fully modded shots, Porkins can do the same, but frequently needs his action to fix his own ship, and Dutch is pretty effective and usually the last ship alive. Struggles against higher PS, especially Poe in Black One, and also the now-nerfed TelGar list. But it's fun to fly and surprise people with how deadly it can be, although you do have to be philosophical about getting your X-Wings one-shotted every other game! I'm currently on 9 wins out of 18 in tournaments with it.
  12. The best list is the one that you choose to fly! Here's a silly list that is still fun: Jek Porkins, Dutch Vander, & Hobbie Klivian. All with torpedoes, Dutch with an Ion turret. I can post the full detials if you like. More competitive: see the Rebel Ordnance thread, a couple of pages back, with Wedge, Airen Cracken & Nym in. PS10 alpha striking and well capable of winning tournaments if your own skills are high enough. Mine got me 2nd place in a 20 player SC and I'm not particularly good...
  13. I am finally going to be able to play in an epic tournament. I was pondering fitting Maul onto a CR90 and seeing how well/badly it does. I started with an Ordnance build, but that needs a Weapons Engineer to get 2 Target Locks, yet Maul supercedes needing the TLs for re-rolls, plus it ends up costing more. So far I have: CR90 with Optimised Generators, Maul, WED-15 Repair Droid, Single Turbo-Lasers (times 2), Quad Laser Cannons, Backup Shield Generator, and Jaina's Light which costs 127pts Then I need Ezra somewhere, so picked him in the Attack Shuttle, with Rage & TLT 27pts. And Esege Tuketu's K-Wing for the inevitable focus results on the Corvette, so TLT & Recon Specialist 37pts. For volume of fire, I could take 4 Red Squadron Veterans with a 1pt droid plus IA at 24pts each, leaving 13pts so one lonely Z95. Questions: 1) would an alternative CR90 build be better? 2) Is Esege so good that I need him too? 3) Are 4 X-Wings plus a Z going to be a good use of those points?
  14. Vincent Price might have been a more popular actor, but that's not why Dooku got more screen time than Maul...
  15. Show him this thread?