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  1. Gilarius

    What Are You Taking to Store Champs?

    I'm not fond of that build: Hera means you can end up stressed, so no actions; whilst FCS plus Synced turret means you can only shoot the same target as the previous round so I'd be moving that ship out of range and shooting with a different one. Plus, if the target ship is in your main firing arc, you should be using your 4 dice attack instead of the turret. Not having to use the target lock for rerolls is irrelevant because of FCS. I'd use Dorsal or Ion if you need range 2, or Autoblaster plus a better crew for the points. Saw, for example, as suggested by @Herowannabe
  2. Gilarius

    What Are You Taking to Store Champs?

    A cheap Lothal Rebel works. Alternatively, I've used either 2 Cavern Angels (one with Draw their Fire and Chopper and the other with Selflessness and R4D6) or one Angel plus Ezra with R3A2, Hera and a free EPT.
  3. Gilarius

    U.K. Players

    Most UK players use a Facebook group to arrange games and discuss stuff. Look for the UK & IRL X-Wing group.
  4. Gilarius

    Happy Friday - Epic

    True story: I played in an epic tournament using 8 Tie Interceptors (and 2 Gozantis). Immediately bought 4 more Interceptors because they were so good (second hand, very cheap. Like a lot of my fleets.) The day that my extra ships arrived, the FAQ limiting ship numbers to 8 dropped. Wasn't happy .
  5. Gilarius

    Where are all the good X-Wing blogs?

    I'd like to see more on Turn zero: where to place obstacles and an explanation of why a particular location works for one matchup and might not for a different match. Eg pick a squad archetype and show a good and poor obstacle layout for it vs each of several different archetypes. For people like me who don't have time to actually play many games, this sort of thing would really help.
  6. Gilarius

    A ship with an asymmetric firing arc?

    Assymetric firing arcs are already in 1st edition... Take a close look at eg an X-Wing ship token. The firing arc goes almost into one corner, whilst being a long way from the other corner. There is quite a significant difference for most of the pilots. :)
  7. Gilarius

    Store Championship canceled... what to do?

    Sounds like you have no choice: the store owner doesn't want to hold a tournament, so you can't. It can happen. Sad for your group and sad for visiting players, but out of your hands. Play at a more enthusiastic store instead. My group had to do that, and we've just held our inaugural event at our new host shop, which went down very well.
  8. Gilarius

    Oh Nooooooooo it’s Friday....... Happy Saturday

    I flew Rstan's Bob's Builders list, since I'd never used my resistance bomber. Completely curb-stomped my opponents, even a guy who makes top cuts regularly and has an invite to Coruscant to prove it. It was stupidly effective, but no fun at all as a game.
  9. Gilarius

    Fab's squadrons generator => News & updates

    Me too. I hope you're going to keep it available even after 2.0 since I find it the best one for doing big epic lists with?
  10. Gilarius

    Sharp drop in Tournament kit printing quality?

    This is correct: 3 for top 2 plus TO. 6 more for 3rd to 8th places.
  11. Gilarius

    Will you buy 2.0 ships to play in 1.0?

    Yes. But probably a mish-mash of 2.0 with huge ships, until FFG get round to giving us some rules for the huges.
  12. Gilarius

    Sharp drop in Tournament kit printing quality?

    I thought it was an intentional effect to give the cards texture. Anyone got a better answer?
  13. Gilarius

    Anti-pursuit lasers

    Nope. But Palpatine can.
  14. Gilarius

    Rock, Paper Scissors - The Final Form of X-wing

    Add the next sentence! (Clue: I can generally beat most players who are significantly worse at the game than I am, regardless of lists. Unfortunately, the converse is also true and occurs more frequently...)
  15. Gilarius

    Rock, Paper Scissors - The Final Form of X-wing

    This. Tvboy is correct. E.g. I can beat Poe/Dash with 5 Cartel Marauders. But only if my opponent is worse at the game. This matchup is about 75-25 in favour of Dash - too unbalanced.