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  1. Gilarius

    Decimator + Shuttle List: Oicunn + Sai + Soontir

    Moff Jerjerrod is good on Oicunn. But Vader is simply better. I'd like both. So, replacing Soontir with Duchess might be a good idea. I need to fly a hyperspace list next, so further experiments from me will have to wait, but I think the basic list has enough legs to be used more.
  2. Gilarius

    Decimator + Shuttle List: Oicunn + Sai + Soontir

    Lt Kestal with Barrage Rockets, Ion Turret and maybe a gunner would fit into the points. I really like Vader crew, so I'd be reluctant to lose him from the list, but 14 more points would really help the Ace! I compared my experience using Sai with other players who'd used her, and she works well with Oicunn or other large relatively cumbersome ships but less well with 2 Aces. Oicunn struggles without a 2nd action, and Vader crew effectively gives him that by token-stripping or damage or merely as a force token. With Sai, he becomes a real powerhouse, and the list works as long as Sai is also shooting. Anyway, I'll be trying the list out again sometime, probably sticking with Soontir and trying to learn from my mistakes!
  3. Gilarius

    Decimator + Shuttle List: Oicunn + Sai + Soontir

    I tried my version of this out yesterday at a small wave championship. 2 wins, one loss. Oicunn and Sai worked very nicely together, keeping Oicunn alive in both wins with only his shields off. Sai lived too, in one game Meanwhile, I messed up 3 times with Soontir. He did a grand total of 3 damage and snuffed it almost immediately in every game. I faced a U-Wing plus Wedge plus something I've already forgotten (win) then 2 IG88s plus 4-LOM (2nd win) followed by Rey plus 2 A-wings. I really needed Soontir to help against the A-wings, but he exploded immediately after I managed to park him at range 3 of all 3 of them and only rolled any paint on 3 dice out of 3 red and 13 green dice! My whales took Rey to the cleaners (she ran off on 2 hull) but died to the A-wings. So, it's not a joke list. I just need to be able to fly Soontir better!
  4. Gilarius

    TIE Aggressor didn't get points reduction

    Having had multiple Kihraxzs and X-wings one-shotted from under me in 1st ed, I regard them as fragile too! And there's a lot of carry-over of opinions from 1st ed still... Nowadays, they should need 2 shots for them to die! 🤣
  5. Gilarius

    Who uses crit tokens?

    This. This is a fine way to play. It's only in tournaments where I find them essential so I now use them all the time; JJ48 doesn't go to those, but still accepts that he'd use them if there was a problem which they could help fix. He's also aware why those of us who advocate using them feel the way we do about them. So, lay off him folks! He doesn't need to change. "I dunno. Just...fly casual?"
  6. Gilarius

    Decimator + Shuttle List: Oicunn + Sai + Soontir

    And here's me thinking that I was the only person considering this combination of ships! I have: Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle - •Lieutenant Sai - 53 •Lieutenant Sai - Death Squadron Veteran (47) Jamming Beam (0) Electronic Baffle (2) •ST-321 (4) VT-49 Decimator - •Captain Oicunn - 94 •Captain Oicunn - Inspired Tactician (78) •Darth Vader (14) Tactical Scrambler (2) TIE/in Interceptor - •Soontir Fel - 53 •Soontir Fel - Ace of Legend (52) Ruthless (1) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder I've flown all 3 ships for a few games each, but not yet together. The Electronic Baffle is essential (for me at least) for being able to turn the Lambda around and not fly off the board! The other thing I've learnt about the shuttle is to not be afraid to just roll through obstacles rather than be out of the fight for 2 or more turns. Sai is the key ship - she enables both herself and Oicunn to have double mods - both get reinforce or both get a focus, plus the target lock from the title, then Oicunn gets his action. Vader is amazing, either for damage or for stripping a token. The Tactical Scrambler protects both Sai and Soontir, so you can use all 3 ships to shoot. And Ruthless makes Soontir much more accurate. Oicunn will almost never get to process his ability - but fear of it makes opponents fly differently.
  7. Gilarius

    Who uses crit tokens?

    Okay, here goes: I use crit tokens so I can tell at a glance which ship has critical damage that affects it. Then I can look at my damage cards whilst setting my dial, and also when it defends or attacks. Remembering to do this in a single game or 2 of an evening is not hard without a token but almost impossible for me by game 6 at a tournament. I frequently fly swarms, so have quite a lot of identical ships on the mat. I want my opponents to also use crit tokens because I literally cannot see their cards - I need to change my glasses or get them to bring their cards closer and there is generally a lack of space so damage cards get piled up on top of the ship cards, not spread out. I can't easily walk round because at big tournaments the tables tend to be in big rows and we would lose too much time walking around. Does that help you?
  8. Gilarius

    Who uses crit tokens?

    Their ships. Not mine. Mine have blue tokens so it's really easy for both players. I can't see their ship cards at all unless I switch my glasses - and then I can't see mine!
  9. Gilarius

    Who uses crit tokens?

    I also use 1st ed style locks. I find it's far better and easier to check a) which of my ships has a lock at all; b) which pair goes together (my ship and theirs); and c) when my opponent also uses them, so I can tell easily which of their ships each of mine would prefer to arc-dodge. It's a lot harder to bend right down to check which number is on each of their ships and then to look for the corresponding lock token. If the torpedo meta is over, this is less of a problem!
  10. Gilarius

    Who uses crit tokens?

    I use crit tokens. I'd prefer it if they were compulsory so it's clear to both players which ships have an effect that matters. 'Oh, yeah, my ship has red hard turns, so I had to bank' Cheers, if I'd realised that I might have dialed a different move in!
  11. Gilarius

    D'Qar - Triple T-70 or Resistance Mix?

    Drop Pattern Analyser off Poe - he's normally stressed so isn't doing red moves. Giving him R4 astro to clear his stress is essential though, in both lists. (Maybe drop the FCS to afford it? Or switch Primed Thrusters for Pattern Analyser on Tallie?) Then fly the one you like the look of most. I'd pick the bomber list, so you get to fly it since you say you haven't done so.
  12. Gilarius

    What have you bought to convert 1.0 to 2.0?

    I don't want to admit the full extent of my addiction. But so far there have been several conversion kits and quite a lot of individual extra bits. And some extra ships bought to make use of all the otherwise left over bits. I'm still short of 2 Tie Interceptor dials, ship tokens and pilot cards so all 12 can be used as 'Mark 2' interceptors, and at least 6 Scum Z95 base tokens and pilot cards. Plus Tansarii Point Veteran base tokens and pilot cards since the kits lacked enough of these in the first place.
  13. The Resistance I5s (A2, and T70 pilots) being so cheap means they can afford a big bid. Having significantly good repositioning whilst not being able to withstand incoming fire means they really want to move last. Poe with Heroic, R4 (and sometimes Black One) plus Ello Asty with Heroic, plus Nein Numb with Heroic and Pattern Analyser = 189pts (191 with the title). If you can't match that (in Hyperspace at least), you don't need a bid.
  14. Large ships have come out to play.
  15. Gilarius

    Campaign Play

    You should definitely play Heroes of the Aturi Cluster. In addition to the link Sasajak provided, there is an active Facebook group for asking advice and general hints. They are also testing a new version for 2nd ed, and there are Scum and Imperial versions.