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  1. Give me Jank/Fun!!

    Rebel Jank. PS11 alpha strike is too slow.. Roark in his HWK with Ion Turret. Lt. Blount with Swarm Tactics and Thread Tracers. Airen Cracken with Swarm Tactics, Harpoons and GC. Gray Y-Wing with R2D6 plus Swarm Tactics, Plasma Torps, GC, and Ion Turret. 100pts. Roark makes one of the others shoot at PS12. Swarm Tactics then allows all ships to shoot at PS12. Blount give out Target Locks, the Gray takes out shields on the target, then either you have Airen's Harpoon and an ion turret shot. Airen's free action allows Roark to change targets or set up one of the others for next round. Enjoy!
  2. Petition For System Open Series in the Southeast ASIA

    World-wide shouldn't mean only using 2/3 of the world. Host events somewhere cheap so more people can afford to go and that way FFG can make a profit too.
  3. One Day To The UK System Open!

    And all pants are unlucky. Pah to superstition! I lose regardless of pants! (If I were allowed to bring my son to roll dice for me, I'd win more often though...)
  4. Ordinance Tubes

    Possibly. However I think that the pedantic/OCD crowd would correct their autocorrect while the others won't notice. I am willing to allow for other reasons/groups though. PS the vast majority of posters in the main forum seem to be ordinators rather than ordnance experts so I accept that it's a losing cause trying to get leopards to change their shorts.
  5. TIE/D’s in Epic

    Yeah, until you actually fly these ships, you don't realise how slow they are. Despite my pontificating in this forum, the 3 games I played in a tournament in December were the only epic games I've played in over a year. Side by side, so all my interceptors could be deployed and shoot the same target, worked far better. As it was, I had to deploy all 8 the same turn, so the 4 out of range could get there next turn; their carrier only got into range the following turn. In the 3rd round of the event, I used one of my Gozantis to run over Boba Fett - but doing so meant it never got to fire again all game as it took 6 turns to get back into position! It was worth it though - Boba was worth the same number of points and would have done a lot more damage, plus I still got a couple of co-ordinate actions off, helping my interceptors re-position or token up.
  6. Ordinance Tubes

    It affects the whole ship. And bear in mind that each ship can only have one modification (barring Vaksai and Royal Guard titles specifically allowing more). Some squad builder programs treat each half of a Raider or CR90 as seperate ships and let you add a 2nd mod. Don't get caught out like that. Also there is a large difference between Ordinance (meaning a rule or order) and Ordnance (meaning things that tend to go 'boom'). This annoys a large group of us nerds, whilst other nerds fail to notice the difference. I think it depends on whether you are pedantic (and a bit OCD) or dyslexic...
  7. TIE/D’s in Epic

    Sasajak is correct. When I ran 2 Gozantis, having them even the width of an asteroid pair apart (in my first game) lost me the match - one turn of a significant part of my force not being in range made the difference between winning and losing.
  8. Have most of the good players stopped playing?

    I'm a Nerf Herder and proud of it. I hope to attend the next one too. (It's an annual charity tournament held in Hull each October.)
  9. Time wasting in Tournaments

    I've played in one event where a player took an inordinately long time to set his dials. I was a noob, so afterwards I asked an experienced player for advice after he'd played the same guy. He said, since it was a casual event, he wouldn't make a fuss, but in a premier event he'd have called the TO to watch and see what he thought. So, don't be confrontational; politely ask him to be quicker; if he's still slow, ask the TO to observe. I've been asked to speed up on two occasions, in both situations I wasn't stalling, I was stuck between several bad moves and trying to spot a barely adequate move that didn't make my situation worse! But a polite 'would you mind making your mind up?' is fine.
  10. Having used Garven a few times, before FAA came out, I found that his firing arc was far too easily avoided and he wasn't threatening enough for him to be targeted. Therefore his ability rarely processed. Would FAA make him significantly better? I doubt it. Hobbie with Targeting Astromech is far better, being one of the few pilots who wants to k-turn. His problem is cost vs effectiveness, compare him to a Tie Defender x7...but if the cost comes down far enough to be able to fit him into a decent 4 ship list, then he might see more play.
  11. My day at a uk regional

    I think most of know when we've won 100-0 rather than winning whilst losing over half of our points... However, it's why I said 'ask pointed questions' rather than immediately DQ or other sanction. And an honest mistake of that nature still needs other TOs to know his name and ensure more mistakes don't happen. No public shaming though! Not without definite knowledge of deliberate cheating.
  12. My day at a uk regional

    Shocking behaviour! I hope he gets asked pointed questions and other TOs get passed his name to watch out for this sort of thing.
  13. XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat

    Thanks guys. Vynder turned out to be less than good against Poe & Dash, despite being awesomely great against fixed arc ships of lower PS. Hopefully, Karsabi will be better
  14. XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat

    What's the 'best' build for Karsabi? I'm currently thinking of: Wired, HLC, Linked Battery & Title. Paired with RAC. I have a 2pt bid, which could be spent on Karsabi.
  15. Final Table and players won't play

    Don't base your expectations on a 'worst case' forum thread! Pretty much this To be more on-topic, I know of a couple of games where the players didn't play. Neither were in a final. In one, a dad conceded so his son progressed to the semi-final. In the other, 2 brothers flying the same lists had practiced against one another repeatedly and the outcome almost always came down to the dice, so they Final Salvo'ed so whoever won would be fresher for the final of a Regional.