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    Happy Friday

    Me too. I am quite fond of Norra with her guaranteed evade and Decimators and VCXs with Reinforce, which do the closest thing we have to this. I haven't played Legion, but that sounds interesting @theBitterFig?
  2. I'll barely have time to play (and probably only 2 games at that) but I'm happy to assist if I can. What actually needs doing? The TTS tournament I recently took part in left it to the players to self-adjudicate since we were playing whenever we could through each week.
  3. Compared with the Republic ARCs, the Rebel ones are horribly overpriced. I love ARCs, and I want to fly them more but they're only cost-effective for the Republic.
  4. The best way to stop scalpers would be if FFG made more stock! There is a worldwide shortage of pretty much every Armada product. This is a sign of it being a good game, but also that FFG is bad at producing the right amount of each expansion.
  5. 4x7 definitely if you want space for Armada, although 4x6 will work if you don't play big, sector fleet style games because you can put 'stuff' on the gameplay areas not in use at any given moment. Or two tables, each of eg 4x4 which fit together.
  6. Having finally had time to watch the two (thankfully short) trailers, the only extra info is: start July 6th, and using TTS. There is no indication of how to express an interest, sign up, or otherwise join the event. There are a couple of links on your site to join the 'community' and a 'league' but are either of these part of the event?
  7. In principle, I'd like to take part. In practice, a few more details that aren't on a video would be useful. Like the rules (how many points can/must be spent on huge ships? Are there any chassis limits or will spamming a ridiculous number of vulture droids be allowed?) and starting date. Which time zone are most of the participants likely to be in? It's hard to get 2 people from opposite sides of the world to agree on a time to play, let alone 4. Will it be Vassal or TTS?
  8. Your commander gets 4 tiers worth of abilities, so taking this means they can't take the tier 3 version of their main ability. That's the opportunity cost. Which tier 3 abilities are worth taking instead of Ion Technician? Depends on the build and fleet, of course, but if only a few are better, then Ion Tech is too powerful.
  9. Have you played using the Environment cards from the Devices and/or the Obstacles card packs? Otherwise, Epic Battles has things like Aces High and other missions in which are not dependent on having any particular faction or a large collection of ships. However the cardboard bits and Wing rules will be less useful to you - although making your own custom wing leader for an aethersprite plus torrent escorts would be crazy fun! Which might be why it's not an official card...
  10. No need for Redemption: Eng 4 plus token = 6 for 3 shields. Engineering 3 plus Redemption plus token also equals 3 shields back. Shame my Leia fleet can't afford Redemption. (5 Nebulons plus CR90.)
  11. Hello there! For me, it is probably the first time I managed to blow up an SSD.
  12. Would that be the 'Retiring in the Rim' campaign or the 'Corellian Retirement' campaign? My group is using the (normal) 1/3 point cap for squads, so this should be less of an issue for us, but yes, retire and start again if your fleet is at a large disadvantage. Whilst the new commander gets some xp, don't you lose out on all the upgrades bought since the start? In our Corellian campaign, the Imperials took such heavy losses that they had to retire one fleet per round so we took pity on them and let the replacement fleets have multiple upgrades and points equal to the destroyed fleet! And we still won... 😉
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