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  1. I finally got to play an epic game this year. We tried simply using the old 1.0 rules for our huge ships whilst using 2.0 for our normal ships. Yes, this effectively meant that huge ships were a lot cheaper or that the other ships cost a lot more. This encouraged us to use more huge ships than we would previously. 2 Raiders, 2 Gozantis and 8 Interceptors vs 2 CR90s, 2 C-ROCs, 4 U-Wings, 4 Z95s, one Kimogila, one X-wing, and one Kihraxz. 800pts vs 1000pts, but with extra victory conditions for the Imperials to make up for the lower points total. It was a good game and the only thing we'd change rule-wise is to limit Thug Droids to once per round and limited so only 1 copy per ship. The crits being dealt were crippling to all ships on the receiving end.
  2. Gilarius

    The curious case of Boba Fett

    No, no, a thousand times no! I am finding it hard to articulate my incredulity that anyone would want evade to be as good as it was in 1st edition. This nerf is one of the key re-balancing actions to make 2nd ed work. Or do you really want to go back to when 3-dice attacks were obsolete and useless? You needed at least 4 and preferably 5 red dice to be sure of hitting some ships and the power creep was horrible! (If you want to complain about being hit, complain about Fenn Rau and others still being able to get 5 dice attacks.) Do you remember trying to scratch the ghost? Zero agility, yet could ignore a 3 dice attack? Or Fat Han? Or Soontir F Fel? Or trying to hit x7 Defenders with anything? Next you'll be wanting 1st ed Autothrusters back! (Phantoms being fragile is now reflected in their price and role - they're comparable to manoevrable X-Wings, not glass cannons that never got shot at except by turrets.)
  3. Gilarius

    Bespin mat out of print? Nowhere in europe

    As far as I can tell, without actually finding out any real facts, mats have been printed in pairs and then sold. The following year they print a different pair of mats and sell them. Starfield and Deathstar I were a pair, followed by Bespin and Endor/Deathstar II. Then Hoth and Starkiller Base . And this past year had Starfield and Deathstar I back in shops.
  4. I might regret trying to add something to this discussion, but here goes! 1) there are currently 2 formats: extended and 2.0 new releases only; 2) each event at the moment could be either format, with no real guidance for future events; 3) what Paul Heaver posted was that the 2.0 only format will change so that more ships and stuff will be allowed. (This is the opposite of restricting or banning stuff.) However, he also indicated that Hyperspace Trials are likely to be using this format; 4) many players are at least slightly autistic (myself included) and tend to have an emotional reaction to change of any type, with it feeling like an attack on us personally; 5) where is actual problem here? That we will be able to use more of our ships than before? Or that Hyperspace Trials look like they won't be extended format? As long as a proportion of other premier events are extended, and/or normal store events are sent guidance to use a good proportion of extended format, this is better than our previous state where we didn't know which format would be used for anything, and one of them was more restricted and would prevent use of FO or Resistance factions. Or have people forgotten about the threads about FO only having one ship for 2.0?
  5. Gilarius

    Tournament regulations?

    Didn't someone leave most of their list at home once and ended up flying Soontir Fel by himself? I read that he won 2 games...
  6. Gilarius

    What should I keep from V1

    As others have mentioned: dice, obstacles, bombs and mines tokens, rigged cargo chute, shields which can have 1 side coloured red, and I will add: - Keep some sets of Target Locks and the little tombstone numbers. You only get numbers 1-6 in the new core and you might prefer to use other numbers, particularly if you fly 8 Z95s! And I've found that I prefer to use the old target locks.
  7. Gilarius

    Cool swag?

    Just Lasered has a rubbish website, but can make whatever you want: ask Melvin by email or messenger. Very reasonable prices. Micro Art is also cheaper, their wooden tray with lid works well and they had a very nice offer last Christmas. The acrylic trays are expensive, yes, but you are allowed to paint them yourself. There are some other places that make custom mousemat mats, like Patriot Games. However they are the same price as the official ones.
  8. Gilarius

    Cool swag?

    These are both good. So is Buy the Same Token, Just Lasered, and Art of War (all UK.) Mats: the mousemat type are far better than vinyl/PVC. Kei Taniguchi makes custom mats - look him up on Facebook or under FullyModdedDiceTrays.
  9. Gilarius

    How’re people building 2.0 Kihraxz Fighters?

    It's in the rules reference. Where it describes behind, in front of, and flanking positions.
  10. Gilarius

    Any ways to make e-wing less ''mehhh'' in V2.0?

    Drop the Knave by 11 pts. Fly 4. Sorted.
  11. Gilarius

    2 epic ships overlapping

    Try it out and see how it works?
  12. To me, which ship is best depends on several factors: 1) personal preference. 2) the rest of the list, and therefore which role you want a ship to play. 3) how many points are available.
  13. Gilarius

    I don't like the new X-Wings

    I also prefer the 1.0 models, along with a token to indicate the s-foil position. It's not really a problem, I have plenty! I fixed my Saw's model, it was a bit scary since I hadn't done something like that before, but worked out ok.
  14. Gilarius

    Scoring/tournament rules for 2.0?

    Nothing official yet. All the events I know of or attended used half points on all ships but, because the tournament software used hasn't been updated, we then halved our scores to get them in the 0 to 100pt range.
  15. Gilarius

    List of Conversion Kit annoyances

    I would attribute it to incompetence rather than any deliberate decisions. Evidence of some kind would be useful. I agree. I prefer the old shields, target locks, and stress tokens. And, having finally won some metal focus tokens, I'll be using those or my acrylics.