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  1. Abyss

    WotF Luke "showing" question

    That's what I was getting at; yes, the Finn example was intentionally ridiculous. But it feels like people are going off what they want the card to say, rather than what it says. Luke doesn't say his shield dice show melee, it says you can resolve them as melee (and if it did, I agree it would work). Ataru Strike requires the dice to be showing melee. Now it still needs to be ruled on, because FFG sometimes like to be idiots, but IMO there shouldn't be any real question about it based on how it's written, and not based on the fact that people want it to work that way.
  2. Abyss

    WOTF: Triple Threat question

    It doesn't say up to, it specifies three dice. So yes, you should need three dice to do it (though Destiny's rules are kind of backwards sometimes, so I'm not 100% certain on that).
  3. Abyss

    WotF Luke "showing" question

    If Luke's dice showing shields count as showing melee, can I spot old Finn as a Red character because he's kind of sort of like one, maybe?
  4. Abyss

    Campaign balance 2 heroes vs 4

    One thing that I think is important to mention: The Imperial player is meant to win on occasion. Sometimes, the Rebels are meant to get their asses kicked (While some groups have an Imperial player acting as a 'GM' rather than an opponent, that isn't really how the game is designed). This is particularly true for the Agenda missions that the Imperial player buys; they are meant to be hard. They spent influence to get it, with no guarantee on a return - imagine if the Rebels had to spend credits on a weapon, and then only got it if they won the next mission. The agenda missions are the Imperial player's chance to get cool toys and get some wins.
  5. Abyss

    DIY AGOT card game 2nd Edition

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say this probably isn't the kind of question you should be asking at the official forums.
  6. Abyss

    Need Help - New player

    Sorry, forgot about the character question. Yes, as Knetsch said, you can run a max of three cards by name; this applies to any card, and not just characters. And yeah, generally speaking people will build for one or the other, rather than mixing them. But it's an option if you don't end up getting extra cores. As for # of Core Sets for full melee decks, yeah you want three pretty much. Otherwise you'll be very limited in what you can do (I think at two Cores you just about have to take everything for a faction), and you'll have to ration out neutral cards and plots. Though economy is actually not too bad - there's actually four Kingsroad/Roseroads per Core, so you can comfortably make four decks, though you'd still likely have to juggle around plots a bit with just the three Cores.
  7. Abyss

    Need Help - New player

    Basically, the LCG model has three main types of releases: The Core Set, Deluxe expansions, and Chapter Packs. The only thing you potentially need to buy multiples of is the Core Set. The Core Set contains a base of cards; generally speaking you need to buy three copies to have a full set (some people dislike having to buy the same thing three times which is understandable, but it lets them include more individual cards in each set). You then have Deluxe boxes that basically focus on a particular faction; this gives you a significant amount of cards for the main faction, and then a couple of cards for each faction plus some neutral cards/plots and . Chapter Packs generally give you two cards per faction, then some neutral cards/plots etc. What you should buy ultimately comes down to how much you want to invest. One option would be to buy the 3 x Cores and the Deluxe boxes, which would give you plenty of options to play with. Two issues: One is things may not be balanced, two is that three factions still don't have Deluxes (it'll probably be another year and a half before they do, they usually come out every 6 months or so). Another option is to go through card lists and buy Chapter Packs that look like they have interesting cards. However, possibly a better option altogether is to wait a little while: FFG have announced 'intro decks' for each faction (https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/4/2/call-the-banners-1/). We don't know exactly what is going to be included in these, but it looks like they will draw from the entire existing cardpool. You could probably just buy these and call it a day if you want to run the game essentially as a board game. However they don't work as well if you want to keep collecting - since the LCG model gives you everything, these cards are going to be worthless if you later buy the packs those cards are in
  8. Abyss

    The Next LCG

    The problem with this is that it's another fantasy setting. LCGs already have an issue with cannibalising their own players from other games; running three (four) fantasy based LCGs at one time just seems silly. I could definitely see them trying a reskinned Conquest with TI. It's hardly a new concept, but the reskin of Warhammer Quest shows they're willing to dip back in to those games that got cut short, and the gameplay of Conquest was excellent. Otherwise, if they launch a new competitive game I think it almost has to be a sci-fi property of some description.
  9. Abyss

    RETREAT question

    Long story short, claiming the battlefield and ending the round are entirely separate from each other. If no one claims the battlefield when the round ends (either through something like Retreat, or just both players passing in succession), then control of the battlefield won't change and the next round will start exactly as normal with the same player controlling the battlefield.
  10. Abyss

    Restricted List

    It's not like FFG hasn't had restricted lists for other games before. And while you may not like the concept, they've generally managed it just fine. Personally, I'm pretty happy with it; I'm okay with the RL concept, and I think some cards were simply too good. I'm fine with them fixing their mistakes now, rather than trying to patch it up (which, realistically, is often going to lead to power creep).
  11. Abyss

    Large Melee/Core set questions

    We don't know what is going to be included in the packs, so there's really no way to know how they'll interact with the Core set if you want to do some deck building. Realistically, you should be able to just buy the pack for the various factions and play that, though they almost certainly won't be designed for melee, so you may get some pretty random results. As for going for more than 6 players, my suggestion is 'don't', as it's not really likely to be a productive experience.
  12. Abyss

    Will we see Zuckuss and 4-LOM

    I'm sure that this has been explained to you before, but you get that BT and Triple 0 were the IMPERIAL reps in that wave, right? 4-LOM and Zuckuess would have fit perfectly replacing the Jawa, sure (well, outside of eliminating the possibility of us getting them as expansion bosses). Because they'd be Scum. They make zero sense replacing BT and Triple 0, because the entire point of the wave was to give each faction some Droid support. You can argue that there might have been better options, but replacing the Imperial units with Scum units isn't one of them.
  13. Abyss

    Will we see Zuckuss and 4-LOM

    The first four boxes had a pretty clear pattern of having the Scum villain be one of the bounty hunters. I think the only reason we haven't seen Zuckuss and 4-Lom is because there hasn't really been an opportunity for it (Jabba's Realm clearly needed Jabba as the Scum villain, and the last two boxes have gone a different way). If we see another campaign in line with the first four (Endor?) or something not based on the movies, then I'd bet on us getting them then. Otherwise, it would depend on whether we got another skirmish wave, and I'd say they would be likely for the Scum inclusion (The only other obvious Scum pick I can think of is Dr Aphra, due to BT/000). Having said that, we still need Scout Troopers so I'd guess that there's probably still at least one more boxed expansion coming,
  14. Abyss

    Economics - 2 resources per turn problem

    Another example: Game of Thrones 1st Edition had a cost curve where characters usually cost between 0 and 4 gold, and events were generally free (they may have additional costs to play, but there was no cost associated with the card type). Second Edition changes the cost curve, with characters ranging in cost generally from 1 to 7, and events having costs. This allows them to have far more control over the relative power level of cards, simply because there's more cost options (e.g. a powerful character in 1st Edition might have been too good at 2 cost and only decent at 3; translate that to 2nd Edition and they probably end up being a 5 cost card). But yes, you can't just double resources or anything; the entire system needs to be built around it. If they ever did a Destiny 2.0, it might be considered. Though I feel like the lower resource system is probably better for a more casual game, which I think is what FFG is trying to do.
  15. Abyss

    So this seems crazy...

    I believe that they skipped every SW game except for X-Wing, so it's pretty clear where their priorities lie. Though that kind of seems to be what they are doing these days, going radio silent on everything except their current 'big push' (considering they did basically the same thing with Legion). Anyway, posted my thoughts on Plo in the other topic. The Starfighter seems terrible without Plo, and maybe decent with him? Except that he's kind of forced in to being a target, so he probably won't be around long enough for it to be that strong. And most non uniques don't exactly have amazing dice. And the ones that do have 3 damage have pay sides and no ability, so you won't play them with Plo. Yeah, actually I'm pretty sure it's terrible all round.