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  1. Anakin and Ketsu are okay; they're at least potentially with decent damage for their cost - no, neither is FN or NuPhasma, but that's because FN and NuPhasma are stupid. Comparing them to most other characters and they are at least decent enough to fill in slots on teams. Although not sure why Ketsu is 11 points instead of 10; feels like a potential screw over if someone is unlucky enough not to be able to draft any characters, and it's going to happen. just seems kind of arbitrary. Lobot is garbage, and evidence that FFG have no ****ing idea how to design support characters. Why does he have all 1s? Why does he have *conditional* Guardian combined with low health? His special is actually pretty good (it's possibly the best 'wild' modifier we've seen on a character) but they really need to stop making characters with bad dice and then one bomb special side. Either give them better dice so they are playable without the special, or go all in on the special and give them two special sides. Jawa is....probably bad for 6 points? I don't know. My gut instinct is it's bad, particularly when you're not getting a colour out of it. Though I've got to agree I want to see the Palp vs Jawa super grudge match. Disappointed we're not getting two dice for each character out of this. Would have been a bit of insurance against a bad character draft and meant you only had to buy one pack; of course I'm sure that's why they didn't do it. I'm all for FFG turning a profit on this, but some of their decisions just seem unnecessary.
  2. No. Anger lets you resolve a dice - that is, it lets you resolve one and only one dice. So any card that lets you resolve one dice won't work with modifiers, however a card that lets you resolve multiple dice can (following all normal rules for resolving dice).
  3. I didn't use C&P because it's kind of awful. I'm not sure how he's anywhere near the top DPS outside of pretty specific targets. By itself, for 2 strain, C&P is often doing 1-2 damage. Yes, you might do more, but vs black dice it's also a realistic possibility that you do *absolutely nothing*. You don't get any surge abilities, so Yellow is often not overly useful except maybe getting one strain back. There's fewer targets that it's really worth using on - soft targets would probably die from the ranged damage anyway assuming you've got a decent gun, while 'boss' enemies will often have auto blocks/evades that vastly increases the likelihood of you doing nothing. And of course, you've got to be in melee range with a ranged weapon to be doing this, which means you've got to spend time/strain moving because his 'free' movement options are mostly garbage compared to someone like Gaarkhan or Fenn or...actually, just about everyone. So, you can pay five XP and get Vibrobayonet and Crushing Blow. Vibrobayonet is actually pretty decent, as it'll usually get you two extra damage and a bleed. Except it costs a mod slot, so you probably could have just taken a proper gun mod and used that instead, which works for every attack you make, and come out not far behind anyway? And of course, it forces Biv to use a gun with a mod slot, which can cause it's own issues. Crushing Blow does give two pretty good surges, so it actually makes the Yellow dice pretty useful. It's definitely the most attractive thing about C&P, but even then it'll become less useful in comparison as the campaign progresses when you can start buying guns with similar surges. Now, assuming you've taken both of these, you've used up a little under half your usual XP in a campaign to make C&P actually worth using. For the same cost, many other fighters can buy abilities that make their already good stuff better. Oh, I didn't mention Stay Down. Heh. Look at that, then look at Mak's No Escape. Yeah. As for him being the 'tanky'....This is what I found to be his main advantage, but he's not so amazingly good at it compared to other characters that it makes him worthwhile (mainly because you can't actually 'draw aggro' in any real way). Other characters with better healing abilities (e.g. Gaarkhan/Fenn) or defensive abilities (e.g. Verena) can be equally tanky, especially if you buy them armour. Whether being able to buy Biv's with XP is an advantage probably comes down to how you value it vs credits....But even if Biv is hard to kill, is it relevant? Yes, I found that Biv was often very hard to kill, but his deficiencies in other areas meant he was mainly a distraction rather than a threat to the Imperials. Which leads into his final issue - Biv basically doesn't do anything except single target damage and soaking up hits. No team support, no utility/mission abilities, no Blast/Cleave etc. Due to that, he really needs to be top tier in both of the areas he does cover, and I really don't think he is at all.
  4. 28 points elite, 1 Focus / 2 Focus / 3 Focus / 4 Focus / 5 Focus / Blank. Find a way to win, hero players.
  5. Biv is terrible. His ability is garbage, and his deck is full of stuff that you can buy to make it less garbage, so you're spending all this XP just to make him kind of on par with the low end of what other characters get to do. And if you ignore that stuff, you get....more garbage. Seriously, the one time I played Biv, I didn't want to use C&P, and I simply couldn't find enough stuff to spend his XP on because it was all rubbish. He's both underpowered and extremely boring IMO. Saska, on the other hand, is okay. But people have to understand that she's the classic 'Bard' character - she's okay at a lot of little things, but she's not going to be making 'big' plays. She's not going to be one shotting bosses or taking out squads of Stormtroopers by herself. But she'll help a bit here, she'll help a bit there, and she's got a few tricks of her own, like being able to stack mods on guns that normally can't have them to turn them into murder machines. She's a bad pick for someone who wants point and click power; but she's fine if someone wants to play a decently powerful utility character. In terms of swapping out, well, my feeling is if people aren't having fun playing those characters, it's not a bad idea to give them the option to change them. The point of the game is to have fun, and it's easy enough to work out XP and stuff to trade out characters. But if that's not an option, I don't think a one time bonus incentive really works as most of their 'issues' will hang around long after any incentive is used. Honestly, I think the only way I'd get someone to play Biv outside of house ruling his cards is by giving them the biggest and best gun at every level so he can at least pretend to be competitive (and then not let them just give it to any other fighter who would use it better than him).
  6. Let the Wookie Win only deals damage to exhausted characters. And honestly, even without that, it's a three card combo that costs 2 resources to do 4 damage....is that any more broken then 'roll in equipped character and shoot' with Hit and Run, Tactical Mastery etc? That's not even counting stuff like Rey/Sabine/Cad chaining together actions.
  7. What do you think makes this better than Poe/Maz? It seems that Obi-Wan would give you better defences and removing the random element of Poe, at the cost of reduced damage output. That, and trading Blue for Red. The main issues I see with that are a) defence is almost always worse than attack in this game, b) Obi Wan's shields can be nullified by a lot of cards, like everyone's favorite melee weapon, c) you lose Hit and Run, so lose your prime way to action cheat, and d) Obi-Wan doesn't have the ability to drop AOE damage to ruin swarm decks. If you think the deck is good, what do you think makes it better than the existing 'Big guy + elite Maz' option?
  8. Let the Wookie Win wouldn't be overpowered at all. They'd be able to choose to deal 2 damage to a character, and paying 1 for 2 damage (with a potential out) is in line with other cards. It would limit some plays, but it certainly wouldn't be overpowered. The only card that would be broken is Abandon all Hope, and there's a simple fix to that - it wouldn't have been printed as is.
  9. Basically, the way that LCGs work is that to get everything, you buy 3 x Core Sets to start. You then buy 1 pack on a roughly monthly schedule (it's potentially slower than every month, not faster). So it's very easy to predict how much you are going to spend. The only additional cost is when they release 'Deluxe boxes'; we don't know exactly how they'll do this for L5R but it's likely to be a box for each faction, released roughly every 6 months. So again, it's a fairly predictable model. In terms of value, I feel LCGs are generally a very good deal. Of course, there's the question of whether you actually like the game. And having just come back from a L5R release, I can confidently say that it and Destiny are completely on the opposite ends of a scale in terms of complexity (and time).
  10. I'd agree that indirect damage doesn't do much to change the game, unless there are some fairly drastic changes. If it's big enough damage it'll just compound the problem, otherwise people will just play the old stuff. Though it may have a niche as a damage type that is harder to interact with, in the sense that there's a lot of cards that specify ranged/melee damage or both that won't hit indirect damage. As for the starters, I'm hopeful that they've learned their lesson and at least the starter dice are all fixed rarity. Based on Han/the Stormtrooper being fixed and the 2 player set, that looks like a reasonable assumption. If that's the case it's not too bad.
  11. I feel it doesn't really fit the concept of the game - there was clearly an intent to make the game span all eras of the franchise, compared to pretty much every other FFG SW game that limits it to the Galactic Civil War period. Taking that away feels like it would kind of defeat the point. Of course, there's no reason you can't house rule something for it anyway.
  12. I don't think it's unclear at all. Everyone who has the lowest total removes their dice; the only way I think it could be seen as confusing is that it has to account for multiplayer. But the intent of 'each player with the lowers combined value removes theirs' is pretty clear, specifically that the card can potentially effect multiple players.
  13. As mentioned, Guardian doesn't resolve the dice. And honestly, the game is already too focused towards aggression - Guardian not being able to remove modifiers would just make that even worse. Ambush doesn't stack. Giving Ambush to a card that has Ambush does nothing. However you can play an Ambush card and then play another Ambush card. This is IMO an issue (personally I agree with having an action cap), but it's a balance issues rather than a problem with the rules.
  14. Well, it's certainly been on the decline since the errata. While I think Rend is likely part of the reason (but that is at least a 1-1 trade), I think another major reason is that less characters likely want to use it. It's not particularly beneficial for many of the new characters - Sabine and Cad essentially have built in Fast Hands with Ambush weapons, so don't really need it. Most of the others don't get especially huge benefits out of it, either having fairly weak dice (e.g. Bazine) or at least some modified sides that makes it less attractive. (Also, Thrawn/Unkar is popular, and I think it's probably less useful for Unkar in that than it was previously). There's also the fact that there's simply more competition for slots now, so it's probably got to serve more of a specific purpose rather than just being an auto include.
  15. From my last game night: Playing eK2-SO/Padawan, start of round 2. 3 resources, Padawan had a Lightsaber and K2-SO hadn't got his mojo off yet. My opponent did stuff during the turn, but nothing super relevant. Played Hit and Run, resolved K2's dice for damage. Played Bestow to move the Lightsaber to K2 and trigger his ability. Played Electostaff on Padawan, rolled her in and did some more damage (I think at some point here I offed Maz). Played a second Bestow to move the Electrostaff to K2, told my friend this could be one of the worse things I'd ever done to him, then played the last card in my hand, a second Hit and Run to activate K2 again, now dual weilding a Lightsaber and an Electrostaff. Proceed to roll 2 damage across all four dice, including two blanks. So close....