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  1. Or just general consistency. I feel like this is a case where they *could*do it, and they may well plan for it as something that could happen in the future, but I wouldn't expect them to do it unless the game runs long. There's PLENTY of Marvel characters to go around, so there's no real reason to double up on them early in the game's life span, and having the nemesis' be 'B-list' (or lower) characters allows them to feature those characters without them having to be full blown Villain releases.
  2. Saying 'she's a minority rep' is kind of downplaying things. While that's part of it, she's also one of Marvel's most popular new characters which is why she's getting pushed a lot, sames as Miles. If you're picking a character who represents current/recent Marvel comics, she's pretty much the go to option that isn't another Spider-Man.
  3. Yes, your Encounter for that turn is that contact. Once you've committed to it, that's it - the exception being if it is your Bounty target, in which case you've got the choice of encountering it normally or going for the Bounty. And yes, you'd have to do the full encounter, even if you don't intend to take the crew member.
  4. If they want to expand the board, I think they'd likely do something similar to Eldritch Horror with sideboards. E.g. they could have 'planet' boards with sub locations that can be moved to instead of your normal move - this would let them implement direct benefit from sticking to a planet. Probably not for each planet, but one per board or something. Really though, the main thing that an expansion needs to do is add player interaction. Most of the stuff like extra cards is just standard, it's going to happen. But more ways to interact with others players is something that the game really needs, IMO. That, and possibly a better end game then hitting a points total, because it often seems that there's one or two players who get a lead, and can then just find easy fame points.
  5. I don't think the AI is too powerful in itself. Essentially, auto completing jobs just means that the AI is a clock. Playing normally, you need to beat it in X number of turns, because it will (mostly) gain Fame at a fairly steady and quick pace (but not an unbeatable one). I will say that the clock is probably too quick in that it forces you to adapt a fairly quick playstyle yourself; e.g. I imagine Bounty Hunters are probably just going to get trounced by the AI nine times out of ten because they've got to spend more timing searching for contacts, which the AI doesn't really interact with so you don't get additional knowledge. But then, I've got the suspicion that this may be an issue for normal play as well, with certain strategies being better able to push quick wins. One thing that has been brought up is the need to play against the AI, rather than just playing your own game as normal. Which means doing stuff like taking jobs/cargo that give Fame so they can't get them, even if it's not a benefit to you. Or leaving jobs on the other side of the map from them to slow them down, rather than grabbing it yourself 'just in case'.
  6. Honestly, I don't think it's really fair to compare the AI from this to things like the App driven games like IA and Descent. IMO it's pretty clear that the AI in Outer Rim is an add on extra, and not a focus. I also feel there's probably not that much incentive for FFG to improve that part of the game, as I imagine the majority of players are interested in it for multiplayer. Granted, I can understand someone being disappointed/angry if they bought the game assuming it would be more than it is.
  7. Yes, the point of the 'second hand ship' card is to let you pick what you want, at the cost of taking three damage. Otherwise you can only buy the top card as normal.
  8. Yeah, you're probably right. I'll admit that the AI games I played were mostly playing the game as normal, rather than specifically trying to play against the AI.
  9. I feel like Jyn makes a fair bit of sense in terms of world building - she's someone who you can imagine being motivated to help a specific faction without having to be directly tied to that faction. It provides a nice link to the wider universe. Granted, there's arguably people who would have fit better, but well a lot of them probably wouldn't work outside of being tied to their faction. E.g. someone like Saw or Cassian could make sense 'story wise' to be out doing stuff on the Rim, but they'd have to 100% be 'support the Rebels'. Where as at the start of R1 we can see a Jyn who maybe could have taken a different path. I don't know much about Hera, but my impression is she might fit into a similar group as Saw/Cassian, where it wouldn't really fit for her to be anything but Rebel focused. But I agree the U-Wing doesn't really fit.
  10. Thematically, think of someone using multiple weapons over the course of a skirmish, rather than necessarily dual wielding a Grenade Launcher and a Vibro-Ax. Mechanically, the games absolutely designed for you to be able to fill up all of your gear/mod slots, high level bounties/patrols pretty much require it.
  11. The AI is basically a clock - it keeps gaining Fame at a certain pace and there's not really a whole lot you can do about it. In terms of a multiplayer game, I imagine it may put pressure on the players that isn't necessarily going to be much fun because there's no real interaction, and it won't ever do anything cool or interesting.
  12. Page 6 (Crew) and 7 (Discarding) of the RRG. Discarding a crew that has a contact token puts the token on the nearest available planet slot. Likely so that you can't screw over people with Bounties. Notably though, I believe that this is only for discarded crew cards, and I believe it doesn't apply to things like Black Krrsantan (Who you can potentially fight and discard his contact token, or take him on as crew).
  13. Yes, it's W1-LE is your encounter. The patrol moved after you had your encounter for the turn, so you shouldn't need to fight them. 'Thematically' it might not make that much sense, but mechanically I'd say that's absolutely the way it should be played.
  14. I'm not sure I'd consider it 'OP', as it's a single player and you're choosing to play that way...but yeah, Bossk should basically be able to get upgraded, then mug the AI for it's Fame. You would however still have to be able to generate that last Fame point before the AI is able to do it.
  15. 'Exploding' dice as a concept isn't new, and personally I have no specific issue with it in general. However I wouldn't generally recommend putting it into a system that wasn't designed for it.
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