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  1. Essentially it's just a large amount of extra cards for deck building based on each faction (plus some cards for the other factions, that usually somewhat counter the main faction). However if you are looking for ideas, I believe each of the deluxe boxes comes with two deck lists that can be built from the Deluxe box + one core set.
  2. First player's choice (Rules reference page 16, under 'Priority of simultaneous resolution'. There are some weird interactions with Tears of Lys, because 'Until end of phase' effects expire before 'at the end of the phase' (yes, this is stupid). But in this case they both have the same wording/trigger 'at the end of the phase', so the first player would get to choose the order of resolution.
  3. Yeah, villain pack definitely looks like it could be Kang. HE tends to have more of a pronounced crest so I think he's less likely. I think Quicksilver is likely for November due to the little bit of hair on the silhouette which Quicksilver usually has, and the likelihood that December is Wanda. The other two honestly don't really have enough to narrow them down.
  4. Came in to say this. Slightly different as it's a TCG, but VS System basically did this by allowing you to discard a copy of a character (by name, so could be different versions) to 'power up' a character with a +1/+1 for an attack. Allow you to discard an ally that matches another hero for a decent effect (I like the ready, though may be too powerful). It can still feel like a special interaction without having to add new cards or anything.
  5. I don't think there is anything to suggest they've lost the licence. However, the game is mostly finished. After the Targ box, the are changing to a ad hoc pack distribution; however the previewed cards were 1st Edition (and earlier?) cards repurposed into 2nd Edition, right down to reused art. As such, I think the game is done for most players.
  6. I do think it makes it unlikely that we'll see Loki as a villain any time soon. Which isn't necessarily a *huge* issue - while I would like to have seen a Loki villain, I'd be pretty keen for Hela or Surtur as well. And realistically, they might even make better villains, considering they've both got easy minions to go with them. Granted, it's not like it's difficult to give Loki some minions if they want, but Surtur leading the Fire Giants to Ragnarok or the heroes fighting undead hordes in Hel would feel more thematic. But much like I don't think allies rule out those characters being heroes, I don't think a character being a nemesis rules out them being a villain. I just don't think FFG will do it straight away - I think they'll hold off for a cycle or two.
  7. I'd be extremely surprised if the first box *isn't* Guardians/Cosmic. It just makes sense to do it now; the characters/franchise are unlikely to become more popular in the future unless GOTG 3 is amazing, and I imagine they'll start phasing them out of the MCU (or at least some of the characters). It's also obviously a good time to cash in on Thanos.
  8. Sorry, yes. Using that specific image on both the card and the box, and then having GR as the only hero in the picture excluded from the first cycle would be weird.
  9. That's actually the art that is on the back of the box. But yeah, having 3 Core Heroes + 2 pack Heroes + Random Ghost Rider would be really, really weird.
  10. They changed her original costume because well, it essentially has an arrow pointing directly to her crotch. Which is fair enough (looks like the newer version of it changes the shape of the midsection to remove this). At the same time, the period of Marvel's history you're describing was not particularly well liked by a lot of people, and I'm pretty sure that the Spider-Woman series you're describing was part of that. So I can understand FFG maybe not rushing to cater specifically to it. We did get Carol and have Kamala coming, so they're not completely ignoring it; it just feels like they are used the most recognisable version of Jessica. Also, I'm sure I'm not the only one who didn't associate her Ally card's power with her pheromones. I just took it as more of a 'distract the enemy' ability which should 100% be in the wheelhouse for any Spider character (I find it really, really weird that SPIDER-MAN is one of the worst heroes at dealing with threat and doesn't have anything representing his quips...a card to Confuse the enemy would have made sense, though I guess there's limits on space).
  11. Luke is fine, but not being able to Attack/Thwart without using up his Toughness makes me like him a lot less. You're likely spending a significant amount of your turn (or all of it) solely for a blocker. And unless you get 3 blocks out out of Luke, Mockingbird likely has much the same effect for one resource cheaper. I'd agree he's likely better than Vision because Vision is honestly pretty bad outside of his synergy with the Leadership package (i.e. Get Ready). I feel like most of the higher cost allies are probably overall too expensive, and I think it's likely they'll get replaced pretty quickly unless they do something beyond their stats (e.g. Hawkeye). People seem to talk up Black Panther's Retaliation, and I'm not sure why. Is it a nice extra? Sure. But 1 damage pings when villains have 30+ HP pools per player? And you still get the Retaliate damage if you don't defend it, it just means you've got to spend a turn recovering in Alter-Ego mode instead which will net you more health recovery than defending blocks, and lets you trigger AE cards for two turns (though obviously, not always an option you can take, particularly in solo). Could you explain what you mean about the Counterpunch/Indomitable combo opening up your next turn? It seems that the advantages of it are being up 2-3 health, having dealt 1-3 points of damage, and being down a card in hand. While that's nice, it doesn't seem to justify the use over any other aspect. Also, one thing I should point out - I'm not questioning the validity of Protection as an aspect - I think there's room to run heroes who focus on defending their team. But I think the *current* card pool for the Aspect is significantly underpowered. Thankfully the previewed cards for Cap/Ms. Marvel look like they'll improve the Aspect - Expert Defense and Cap with his shield straight away make it a more viable option.
  12. Aggression is fine, but it's basically just 'Does your hero need extra single target damage?' It's only got one real utility card with Chase Them Down, and Tigra is a solid minion killer. It'll probably get better as we get other heroes who have the other bases covered but want increased damage output. Justice is somewhat similar to Aggression in that it's a patch for handling threat, but handling threat is generally harder for most heroes than hitting things so it's comparatively better than Aggression. I think the Core Set Justice cards will probably actually drop off pretty hard except For Justice!, once we get better ways to handle threat through other cards. Leadership is very solid. Get Ready and Make the Call will probably be staples for the length of the game. The allies are all solid, and can cover a little bit of everything. It's biggest weakness is that it seems like it's shaping up to be the 'expensive' Aspect, so will probably only be viable for heroes with better economy. Protection is garbage. Defending is an inherent disadvantage - It doesn't progress a win, limits your options in your turn, screws you on obligations, and REC being better than DEF often makes going Alter-Ego a potentially better option. So having a defensive Aspect is already at a disadvantage, but then they also got weak cards. Black Widow has way too many negatives, Luke is 'fine' as a blocker but expensive just to soak attacks. Counter-Punch is 'fine' but just a bit of extra damage that requires you to defend. Get Behind Me! really should have been free if it's going to force you to take an extra attack that you likely won't be defending (because you presumably already defended). Med Team is okay due to how allies take damage for acting. The Vest and Indomitable are about the only cards that I'd consider decent at this stage. The main advantage I guess is that you can skip Widow and it's the cheapest Aspect? So, I'd say: Leadership is #1 overall, being good now and the cards likely continuing to be good in the future. . Justice is #2, but it's due to the need for threat management more than the quality of the cards. Aggression is #3, but it's due to most Core heroes already having enough direct damage in their kits. Protection is a solidly #4, and desperately needs the upcoming packs to get it up to speed.
  13. I feel like it's a bit hard to define the Justice aspect compared to others in terms of theme (it's pretty obvious mechanically). We know how they've implemented it in the Core Set, but we don't know how they'll use it going forward. IMO Thor *could* be Justice, but I'll agree he's likely Aggression. Ghost Rider is speculated to possibly be the last hero, due to him being on the back of the box and he makes sense for Justice.
  14. Honestly, the real issue is that they called it 'Alter Ego', which gives the impression of being about a hero/'civilian' identity split. And then made all the characters in the Core fit that impression. If they had have called it something else to indicate that it's just a 'non combat' role, it would have been fine.
  15. I guess it depends on what exactly 'Justice' represents. To me I'm looking at it as the 'moral' aspect- heroism, self sacrifice, nobility, that kind of thing. Which absolutely fits Thor, though I'll concede that tends to be more his solo comics rather than him being on the Avengers. Mostly, I'd just like to see Marvel play up that aspect of Thor's character more in general. But I can see the interpretation of Justice being the more 'intelligence' based aspect. I guess we'll just have to see where they end up going with it. Yeah, he has a secret identity as a construction worker during Simonson's run. A bit different as it was just Thor 'Clark Kent-ing' instead of the deal with Don Blake.
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