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  1. Abyss

    Quicker games

    Cool, thanks. Hard isn't necessarily a problem by itself. Might look at making Yig the first trial run then.
  2. Abyss

    Quicker games

    So, I've recently had our game group express interest in EH as a game for when we get more players (Most likely 6). However this would be middle of the week, so we don't want to be finishing *too* late. As such, I was wondering whether people had any recommendations for quicker games? Apart from 'Die quickly'. Are there any particular Ancient Ones that tend to play faster, or other ways to reduce the playtime (Preludes?). I've got everything, but haven't played enough to the game to know what is going to speed it up (or what should possibly be omitted due to slowing it down...)
  3. Abyss

    Yoda, Yay or Nay

    If they put him in a campaign, then he's likely going to be implemented in way appropriate to the character (assuming we get OT Yoda, rather than a PT Yoda, which we likely would). People may have an issue with him showing up in a squad game like Skirmish, but is there really an issue with him showing up in a story driven mode as long as he acts like Yoda? The app also isn't really a reason, because Yoda's an ally, not an enemy. The game won't auto insert him into missions. You'd literally never have to use him if you don't want to, so at worst it's maybe costing you getting another ally?
  4. Abyss

    Yoda, Yay or Nay

    There's literally no reason for them not to, assuming we get more content. If some people don't want him.....just don't buy him? I imagine a fair number of people who are against him probably wouldn't be playing skirmish anyway.
  5. Because she's pretty bad. I actually like Saska, but I can acknowledge she's overall fairly weak. Also I'm not sure of the voting criteria, but Saska tends to be the 'does a lot of things pretty okay' type character, which likely polls worse than 'does one or two things really, really good' type characters.
  6. Abyss

    What should the next campaign use?

    This. If the point of the app is to drive sales, why do small boxes before big boxes?
  7. Abyss


    To be fair, this is like saying 'Imperial Assault' should only ever be about fighting the Empire, and if they want to include Scum they should have called it something else. In this case the name is pretty clearly meant to invoke a feeling of the various people on the outskirts; expanding it into other areas would work thematically as long as they maintain that focus, even if the name 'didn't fit'. Anyway, I'd say at least one expansion is almost certain, depending on who we get with the other three characters, even if it's just to 'patch' issues and add more options (so basically similar to Rise of the Empire for Rebellion). Not so sure about more than that, FFG doesn't seem to be quite as expansion happy as they used to be with these kind of games.
  8. Abyss

    Campaign question

    The best way I've heard to describe it is that the app campaign is an adaption - its like the movie version of a book. It's shorter and cuts out the 'filler'; the basic storyline is the same but everything is a little different. And of course, some people will like one or the other more, depending on their tastes, or might appreciate both of them despite their differences.
  9. Abyss

    Chapter Packs in Singles or Multiples?

    Ultimately, it depends on how 'good' you want the decks to be. A lot of cards can be substituted, but you may still want to include the 'best' card in a deck. That decision is going to depend on your own feelings and the options you want to have. Having said that: 1) Keep them. There's no real reason not to. Lets you run 3 x of Core Set cards (you can probably find subs for a lot of them, but why bother?). There are also some neutral cards that you will likely want in multiple decks (e.g. base economy) as well as plots. 2) Probably. There may be some packs that are worth keeping doubles of, but it'd only be for the neutral cards. A lot of decks want to run some of them, and having six copies would let you split them between three decks at two copies each. There's also plots, where you probably wouldn't run six copies of plots, but you might want to include more than three. 3) There's really no reason to buy two of everything, unless you REALLY want to have a lot of cards to draw on (or, if you do want more than 3 x of something, targeting specific packs to buy doubles of). 4) Not really. They are made up of reprints, so there's be nothing new. For a player with an existing collection, it's really only if they want more than 3 x of something. Same with the World Championship decks.
  10. Abyss

    Noob questions

    Most of the times you'll play towards a house theme, and they'll tend to determine the playstyle. Not every house can do everything, but most of them have multiple options. There's also Agendas and neutral cards to consider - e.g. the Lords of the Crossing agenda is fairly aggressive and has synergy with House Frey characters, so any house could potentially choose to use that playstyle and build around the Freys, where as a naturally aggressive House may just play the agenda and not worry about the Freys. Stark: Has some options to be rushy, gaining power very quickly. Also has a slower, more controlling build -'fun police' is often used to describe it, and it's a pretty good description. Lannister: Honestly, it kind of feels like Lani hasn't really solidified that well into specific themes. They've got lots of Ambush/put characters into play effects, and they like doing Intrigue challenges. But it often feels like it doesn't really come together very well. Baratheon: Kneel, win Dominance. That's pretty much what they do. Bara is probably in the worst place in terms of having options. Targaryan: Burn/kill is definitely what they are known for, and Targ decks tend to be fairly aggressive. But they've got a lot of options in how they actually do it. Greyjoy: Possibly has the most distinct themes. Winning Unopposed challenges, using Warships and Pillage (mill) all tend to be fairly aggressive, but they tend to be more mid-range rather than rush. Drowned God tends to be comboy and non-interactive. Night's Watch - Probably the other house with fairly well defined themes. They were initially all about defending the wall and waiting out a victory, but these days they can play a more aggressive build based around Rangers, or stealing your opponents characters. Martell: A little bit like Lannister in that their themes aren't particularly well defined; however unlike Lannister it comes together well because pretty much everything feeds into them being about soft control. This means they've got a myriad of ways to achieve the same basic goal. Tyrell: These guys tend to be pretty simple. Lots of economy, lots of power gain. They can play fast or go a little bit slower, though they generally don't really do control (they've got some options, but not a ton). They did have a non-interactive 'passive' build, but this has been broken up via the Restricted List.
  11. Abyss

    Davith question

    Cool, thanks. Kind of unintuitive with the effect not happening straight away, but at least I've been playing him right.
  12. Okay, so probably a stupid question, but I've never been quite sure of the answer: Can Davith chain the Hidden condition with his ability, allowing him to get it for each attack? Or does the timing work out that you Attack with Hidden -> Spend Surges -> Discard Hidden? It seems like it's meant to work the first way, but I'm thinking the second way might be the correct one.
  13. Abyss

    How to make Destiny better

    Rotation is kind of a necessary evil - as long as the game is sustainable long enough for it to happen. If the game dies in a year or two, rotation is bad. If it doesn't, it'll help the game in the long run, and is just something you've got to accept going in. In terms of errata, FFG does three mains kinds of errata - fixing rules issues/omissions, balancing of undercosted characters, and soft bans. They should absolutely release cards in the first two categories as decent promo cards, because they'll have some functional use as opposed to most of the garbage promos they tend to release. There's not really much point in releasing promos for soft ban cards, where they've essentially been errated to be unplayable anyway (E.g. It's a Trap).
  14. Abyss

    New Jabba needs fixed.

    There's no incentive to buff cards. Jabba will forever be terrible. Honestly, not sure what the **** they were thinking with his cost. He's like a garbage Tarkin at the same points cost. Drop that by a reasonable amount would make you at least kind of maybe consider him, since you'd actually be able to run him with things that have special sides.
  15. Abyss

    A little off-topic...

    I will second (?) VS system (1.0). It's an extremely well designed game, and an absolute treat for comic book fans based on how deep they draw from the books (There is an actual X-Statix team. That is nuts). coolstuffinc.com sells singles still, and some of them will be buy one get three free (i.e. you get a playset of the card for the one price). I actually got in to the game after it was cancelled, but managed to get a collection largely through picking up the singles, so that can be a good way to start.