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  1. I saw the announcement that it's available for sale but this caught my FLGS by surprise. When they checked on it they were informed that it was only available from Gamestop first. Has anyone else ran in to this and if not who did you purchase it from?
  2. HI all I just got the game apparently and have misplaced the Vaultdweeler token. Can anyone say what the special they start with is?
  3. HI all just picked up the game and have a question. If a location is in the staging area and has progress tokens on it from Northern Tracker equal to its progress number does it stay in play until its made the active location or does it leave play?
  4. Two triple X/7 Defender lists made the cut at Austin regional's. I lost in top 16 and the other lost in the top 8.
  5. There was no letting the Wookies win. The Wookie player played very well in the swiss rounds. Think he went 5-1 in swiss and beat some very good players to make it all the way.
  6. I think he only got the match loss for Round 4 and still got the win for Round 3.
  7. Fenn Rau Attanni Mindlink Autothruster Title Kavil Attanni Mindlink TLT Unhinged Astromech Manaroo Attanni Mindlink Plasma Torps Extra Munitions Guidance Chips R4 Agromech Been playing this and doing pretty good so far. Not sure what to use for the last point.
  8. I use Ultimate Guard Zipfolio 9 pocket binders for the pilot cards and I use their Mini American Zipfolio for up grade cards. When you land on an asteroid and the next turn your movement template still touches the asteroid you do roll for damage again. Might want to try Commander Kenkirk on decimator with Ysanne Isard as one of your crew that will give one you 1 Agi and an Evade token once your shields are gone and have at least one damage.
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