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  1. There are some players in Reading and the surrounding area. On Facebook, you can join CAPA Squadron and/or York-PA Armada Fleet Installation. Both have players in your area. Six Feet Under (New Holland) and The Games Keep (West Chester) are two stores to try out.
  2. CAPA Cup (capacup.net) is near Hershey, PA on October 26. We are going to have excellent prize support (Hershey Park is nearby for families). Wish we had applied for a Prime event given the lack of events in the area. I think Virginia (250 miles away) is the closest.
  3. No worries. We will see you next year. Bigger and better!!!
  4. Fantastic. We have better numbers this year than last so it should be exciting. Our prize support is also growing. I wish we had applied for a Prime event though one of our stores even the lack of that event in the area.
  5. There is nothing formally planned outside of the tournament though there should be space available on Sunday for friendly games.
  6. The Armada Tournament is back on this year at CAPA Cup 2019. The event will take place on October 26, 2019 starting at 10:00 am at the Holiday Inn (604 Station Road, Grantville, PA 17028). This is fairly close to Hershey Park (hint: family trip with some Armada thrown in for good measure). The event is a standard 400 point tournament using current FFG rules. We had twelve people last year in what was a challenging, yet very friendly, atmosphere. I hope we can double it this year. We should have quite a number of prizes (check out the sponsor list on the website - capacup.net) for participants as well as raffles benefiting the local food bank and various door prizes (one of these prizes was a slip-resistant natural rubber playmat.) The winner of the tournament gets a free bid to CAPA Cup 2020. CAPA Cup 2019 will also feature tournaments in X-Wing, Legion, Keyforge, Imperial Assault, and Star Wars Customizable Card Game, and Destiny. For more information about the game schedule, registration, lodging, and general inquiries, go to capacup.net. Hope to see you there. 604 STATION RD GRANTVILLE PA 17028 604 STATION RD GRANTVILLE PA 17028
  7. We are up to 11. Also received news of some FFG prize support. Look forward to seeing you there.
  8. This is our first time with Armada so the bigger the turnout the better. It would great to get some of the Western PA and Philly/NJ folks involved. Also looking to NY and MD/VA. We have a small community here but really enjoy the game. The tournament is relaxed tier and the prize pool is impressive and growing. If you can come with your fleet sheets filled in (I will have sheets available) we can get going on time. Hope to see you all there on Saturday.
  9. I have a flight controller on a Raider II and one on a Gladiator II. If I have both dials set to squadron during a round, would both +1 Blue dice also be eligible or am I potentially wasting a Weapons Team slot? For example, could my IG-88 role 6 blue dice. It think this example is different than the one above.
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