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  1. City-states and religion are both in Wisdom & Warfare. Some Village tokens reveal a City-State icon which are one-square settlements which if you garrison an army in will give your capital a strength boost plus another bonus. Religion is handled as a social policy, so you can either have no religion, Natural Religion (which speeds up lone army figures) or Organized Religion (+1 gold and gives you greater choice of Great People). Would be cool to have named religion specifically handled though: Christianity, Islam, Buddhism etc. I dunno about making the military less abstracted. Having the Unit Cards which specify the contents of the army, and army figures which (along with city tiles) specify the *location* of the army means that Military can be a part of the game without completely taking over the game. If each player had dozens of plastic military sculptures in the shape of soldiers, boats, planes, tanks etc then the game would not only be way more expensive, the movement phase would take way longer with ludicrous amounts of micro-management needed to play the game properly.
  2. In a new edition, I think it would work well to have a base game which has the Wisdom and Warfare combat cards and government cards as standard. The Errata-ed Civlization sheets could do with a proper printing too. A thought I had was, do the plastic Gold and Trade trackers need to be attached to the Civilization sheets? With 16 different Civilizations, this means 16 trackers when you only really need 6. 5 is the maximum number of players, and of course Japan's science costs a different amount. They could print the Civilization sheets separately and save on costs. Another thought is, the fiddly markers which show how developed your military is (you know, the things on the market board which you turn over when a Tech upgrades your military) could be replaced with a simple coloured counter. You start off with your colour counters on the 5 Hammer squares, and when a tech upgrades your military more it to the 7 Hammer square and so on. Similarly, do we need a counter for each Leader on the Culture Track? Why not just have a coloured counter? Again, you'd only need 5 counters instead of the 16 we have now. Also, I would give each deck a Spaceflight Card. Since tech plays are supposed to be secret until everyone has revealed, just having one card between all the players makes that tricky. Also, I like to play the "Multiple Victories" variant, where you don't win until you have 2 (or sometimes more) victories in place.
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