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    I'm quite sure he does
  2. Husum

    Let's Build: A squad for Kylo

    Two zeta sqdr survivors with spec forces gunners @ 44pts each gives you more firepower and the 10pts bid. Might be worth it, might not. Havn't tried them yet.
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/X-Wing-Miniatures-compatible-double-sided-acrylic-S-foils-token-/282941839403?_mwBanner=1
  4. Its the same thing when the perfect formation of ties after a few turns of manouvering start to bump on banks. its sad, shouldnt happen, but i do not think it is avoidable.
  5. Husum

    B-Team Tournament - idea help

    Perhaps its easier to simply ban the top 60 pilots. If in theory rebels had top 40 to themselves it would be off the mark to ban top 20 from each faction.
  6. Husum

    B-Team Tournament - idea help

    absolutely LajJanson, but i believe there is big difference between allowing something good (which i guess is the purpose of the format) and rewarding it with points
  7. Husum

    B-Team Tournament - idea help

    Im thinking that no matter how you cut it, something will be the best choice. Perfect balance seems unachievable. I would be very careful with the bonus point idea. I played in such a tournament many years ago (in 40k though) and some people where just harvesting points with their "fair" lists. Some combo will slip through as giving bonus points while still being good.
  8. Husum

    B-Team Tournament - idea help

    How about a selective ban list based on the highest placing of each ship type on metawing? Selective because some should most likely be left in, like deathrain (which i guess is the highest ranking punisher), while some could have 2 pilots banned (for example Han and rey). It would remove the most popular choices and make players reinvent squads.
  9. Husum

    Krakow Regionals 2018 stream

    I tried making my own image. Was unsure if he even had arc after. Ended up not mattering much, but it really could have.
  10. Bombs are not attacks and will therefor trigger jostero
  11. Husum

    2017 Nationals Championships

    Steletv om youtube. Top 4 on now (but not for long)
  12. Husum

    Squad Templates - could this become a thing?

    The idea has potential. However it needs good balancing, which is not really ffg's strongest side. Warmachine ran an idea like this called theme forces. What it meant was a lot of almost identical lists and a lot of themes never used. The correct reward/restriction balance is very hard to hit and players usually gravitate towards the broken good stuff.
  13. I honestly believe that you can achieve a lot of variance by simply adding or removing 5points. Many lists need those points. Another simple option would be another rock. I'm not arguing that this should be standard but that tourneys could easily say 95p and 4 rocks to vary the experience.
  14. Deathfire, Extra munitions, cluster mines, lrs (23) And Sienar specialist, tlt, lwf (25) Edit: 1pt too many, so go prox mine or remove the lwf from the specialist.
  15. Husum

    Some Wave 11 Meta-Wing graphs

    Think you for compiling this SoTL