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  1. IgotTargetlocked

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    Pinapple on pizza is great So is Tuna, And bannana Change my mind! And allso Kebab! Kebab on pizza is DEVINE!!!!!
  2. IgotTargetlocked

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    I think that Kylo is undercosted. I think that Porkins is the best Rebel pilot I think they krayts are wolseom. I dont like candy!
  3. IgotTargetlocked

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    WAT TAMBOOOOR , UNLEACH HIM ONTO THE KILLING FLOOOOR! AND GET A PERFECT ( well calculated) SCROOOE. Or something in that regard Cant wait to get my hands on a buch of vultures!
  4. IgotTargetlocked

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    I miss Raptor Attack!...
  5. IgotTargetlocked

    First order hyperspace

    if you can find the points for it Collision detector on Tavson is a blast. I playd it , stod on a rock from a 2 turn, My opponent got in, and put himself in a position were he tought i was gona make a 2 turn of the rock. No a hard stop, staying on the rock , giving me a 5 dice targetlooked shot at a 4 hull Redline. He was not happy. it gives u allot more flex My vertion of the list i played was this , with loongshot instead of muse, and no adv optics on scorch. If i play this list in extended, i ditch the fcs and give tavson the biocryptic code and jambeam Lieutenant Tavson — Upsilon-Class Command Shuttle 62 Collision Detector 6 Ship Total: 68 Half Points: 34 Threshold: 6 “Quickdraw” — TIE/SF Fighter 45 Elusive 3 Special Forces Gunner 10 Fire-Control System 2 Ship Total: 60 Half Points: 30 Threshold: 3 “Longshot” — TIE/FO Fighter 33 Trick Shot 2 Ship Total: 35 Half Points: 18 Threshold: 2 “Scorch” — TIE/FO Fighter 35 Fanatical 2 Ship Total: 37 Half Points: 19 Threshold: 2
  6. IgotTargetlocked

    What's coming next?

    i Would love to see the folowing Republic V wing Speratist Droid Tri fighter Empire Tie Brute Scum .Any pice of junk rly Rebels Captured Lambda ? First order, Tie Echilon ( From the new park disney is opening)
  7. IgotTargetlocked

    First order hyperspace

    i like longshot , With trickshot, being abel to do 4 trough a rock at range 3 is amazing. I pair him upp with Scorch. Last game i played , scorch killed a U wing all by himself allmost. My total list is Tavson, Qd, Scorch, Longshot Easly the most fun ive had with a list for a long time
  8. IgotTargetlocked

    LEGO Episode IX Releases (and what we will probably get as well)

    Well they are short on ships! I wouldent be supriced if they used whatever they can get their hands on, And we dont know for a fact what ships the new republic used, Perhaps there are just like you said, newer vertions of the Y wing, Or other ships aswell. We will see in due time i guess. Do anyone know when we get a trailer? The star wars Recistance show will end soon. The last episode that aird is djruing the day before the force awakens right? I need to theory craft of obscure , badly taken pictures of frames from that trailer now! SNOOOKEEE
  9. IgotTargetlocked

    Slave 1 Under Jango Fett

    Well lets start with compairing the 2 ships. In the lore it said that the only thing left in the Slave 1 after bobba rebuildt it was the Chair. So with that in mind, i think we can see a diffrent weapon loadout, Perhaps some more effective means to use devices. My guess is that Jangos Slave 1 will have a bit more Weapon hardpoints and use a diffrent dial perhaps? Who knows. But just take a look at the star wars ships ilustraded, And compare Jangos slave 1 to Bobas , they arent even the same ship anymore.
  10. IgotTargetlocked

    Which Hyperspace Faction Is The Best/Worst?

    Agreed. I would love if they had went with, Tie Adv x1, Tie fighter, Tie interceptor and lambda, or the bomber. All orginal trilogy ships that you can make allot of funn lists with
  11. IgotTargetlocked

    Which Hyperspace Faction Is The Best/Worst?

    Hmm, we will have to se. Acording to listfortress, i cant see any that stand out, or even make top 4 , but its not even been 30 days sinze the points change.
  12. IgotTargetlocked

    Which Hyperspace Faction Is The Best/Worst?

    Hmm a tugh one Well Worst Empire, They depend on aces, and bombers, in hyper they have none. Best Scum probly, even tho im doing my best with FO,
  13. IgotTargetlocked

    Showcase: TIE/sf

    would love if they made her into a pilot for the sf, At I 5 , with the same ability as her crew card! Like a more modern Carnor Jax **** i would pay allot of points for that
  14. IgotTargetlocked

    First order for tonight

    you got me. Yeah i allways tend to put to much into my ships I will try out your listidea. thanks !
  15. IgotTargetlocked

    First order for tonight

    hmm, Longshot with 4 dice trough a debri, with atleast 1 Focus or targetlock I like it!