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  1. A Naboo painted Scurg bomber. Whit Ric as a pilot, and 2 gunners ( orignal crew of five) ( The scurg beeing a fighter/bomber prototype produced by a spaceship builder, to the naboo royal forces. but they dident like it, So the head designer ( Jennkins ) Stole it and gave it to its current owner, Nym) Would have been cool tho
  2. After all, its JJ who is directing. So anything is possibel, My bet is that the knights of ren use tie daggers. I hope that the Tie Whisper will be that perfect combo of a Tie interceptor and Tie sf, A tie sf, but with Boost !! GIVE MEEEE!!! And ffs, give it a I6, and call it fel,
  3. Hope that the cardpacks can help with that!!
  4. This looks intressting. I still love the Fanatical /adv optics on the experts , but evryone are talkning about the Zeta-Gunners at 42, i dont know what combo will be the best value. Zeta , gunner 42 points, ability to dubbeltapp Expert , Fanatical / Adv optics . 40 points, and they get those hits,. ****, It feels good to se a opponet take that last shield. and then on the return shot, shooting, result 1 evade, 1 blank, Fanatical to hit and adv opitics to hit. 😃 I love it, flown 5 of them twice, vs Ray/fin/leia and Poe , 60/200 and 4 T-70s , 100 / 176 ,. This coming week il try them out vs aces. Let me know how you are doing in the hyperspace!! Fly awsome! Krayt of sweden out
  5. trying to stay spoiler free? I would stay of both facebook, discord, and of all this forum like the good lord said, " There is no escape" "Dont make me spoil it for you" or was it destroy you? i cant remember
  6. That ship looks amazing. And when will we get a Fo ship with astromek slot, it would be soo cool to get one!
  7. We have seen that tie fighter before, rembemer the poster a wile back? Its on that to
  8. WOULD LOVE THAT!!! That would bee soo cool!
  9. i flew this vs Rey with leia, contraband, finn , Eu, and a heavy Poe. Rey died round 3 Poe followed soon after, The ability to keep arcs on constantly and get a minimum of 1 hit each round with the adv optics is truly amazing. that game ended 60/200 Gona practice vs some of my firends who play allot of aces. Think thats gona bee a harder matchup all in all, a truly solid list.
  10. the only card we need Vader + Defender !
  11. Hmm, Personaly im thinking about taking 5 Omega Specials forces with Fanatical and Adv optics, 40 points , 6 health with 2 dice to back it up and 5 of them, not likely to bee killed by a "dee oneshoot torrent" Shoots. We all know how hard it can be to kill something like that. It should be fun!
  12. and the rotate arc , and dial can make for some fun kill boxes. A guy at Malmö System opend in sweden made top 16 i think with 5 tie sf with missiles , the I 2 ones
  13. ****, this is hurtfull for my cash flow! Well
  14. Gona try out the folowing Rear Admiral Chiraneau — VT-49 Decimator 76 Darth Vader 14 Minister Tua 7 Fifth Brother 9 Hull Upgrade 2 Dauntless 4 Ship Total: 112 Half Points: 56 Threshold: 9 Rexler Brath — TIE/D Defender 81 Juke7 Ship Total: 88 Half Points: 44 Threshold: 4 Close in, Hit something, hard. And then hit it again
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