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  1. Hi all, when using lucky charm for rolling two dice, can I roll one die and then decide on the other? Or must I use it on the "first" die then roll the other? also, can dark fate be used on a die roll determined by lucky charm? thanks
  2. The reason I'm asking is because I found this in the Q&A document under the Reaper expansion (which I do not own): Misdirection Q: Can a character cast the Misdirection Spell on a character in the Inner Region? A: Yes, but Misdirection may not be cast on a character on the Crown of Command or a character who is turning back. The player who cast Misdirection on a character in the Inner Region can either move his opponent forward to the next space or back one space towards the Plain of Peril. If the player chooses to move his opponent back one space towards the Plain of Peril, the character does not encounter the space and this is not considered to be turning back. In this case, the character may continue advancing toward the Crown of Command on his following turn as normal.
  3. It's from the Cataclysm expansion: Cast after a character completes his move, on any character. Teleport that character 1 space in any direction.
  4. If the blink spell has been cast on a character in the inner region to go back one space, does he have to encounter that space again?
  5. Hi everyone, This is a question about the Undying Horde from the cataclysm expansion. This is what the card says: When the Undying Horde is drawn, each character must place all of his Strength trophies on this space. Question is, how to interpret this? 1. The character who beats the undying horde gets all the trophies. 2. The trophies come back to life and the character has to fight them all. We've been playing with 1 but it was usually very unbalanced, giving the character +2/3 strength. Thanks
  6. Thanks Nioreh! I have the Hebrew version of the game and the translation wasn't very clear on this point.
  7. Hello, This is my first post here, I'm kinda excited for it So here it is: in some places in the game, healing is referred to with the limit of your initial lives count; in others, it doesn't. My question is - is healing automatically limited to the initial lives count (as can be understood from the word "heal")? Or if the limit is not explicit, you just get extra lives? I'm asking because when I play with my friends, and we land on the castle with the prince or princess, we're never sure if it's an extra 2 lives every time or only until the initial limit. Thanks! Dvir
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