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  1. I would love a Stargate SG-1 RPG / Setting with the Genesys rules. I am just considering one thing, if it is done as a fan project, it might actually run into license trouble down the line. Would it not be a good idea to try to ask for permission from MGM? (not that I know how to proceed on that one).
  2. While I absolutely love DH 2nd edition (and the edition before that), this is extremely well done, and I can foresee a future where I switch over to this instead of running with the previous FFG version, since there is no more development for it. I just hope that this excellent work you have done, will spawn a community and continued development of material. My hat is off to you sir..
  3. I would love seeing a good conversion of Stargate SG1 for Genesys. I think the system fits it better than the old d20 version they released.
  4. Loved playing in midnight but was never a fan of D&D as a rule system for it. Considering converting Midnight as a setting to Genesys.
  5. Sadly, I do not have the web-fu required to create a webpage dedicated to fan written material, rules, equipment, settings, and adventures specifically for Genesys. But it would be a really nice resource, especially in this stage of the games distribution, as the community support can make and break a game. Especially a game where if you search on google for "genesys" you end up with some companies, and not this. Genesys needs the grass roots commitments of GMs and players that enjoy playing it, to grow into its full potential. Just my two cents.
  6. ArtWend: Well, that is one way to solve it without going with all characteristics straight to 5 after enough XP.
  7. I feel that the 1 per characteristic limit is a bit harsh, especially against characters that through species etc start with very low values in their characteristics. My main thought at the moment is adding Improved Dedication (increase by another point, for total of +2 to a single characteristic), but since Dedication is already a Tier 5 talent, well, that kind if puts an oddity with the Improved Dedication, if it has a unique requirement of having another Tier 5 talent in order to buy it. As for the talents being tied to careers or not, I see both sides of that argument. And players who look for the "optimal talent route" will be able to do it with or without talent trees.
  8. ´So having played EoTE, AoR and FaD, I picked up Genesys. And the first I notice is that the top limit for characteristics has dropped to 5. There no way to increase a characteristic through dedication more than once. And to me that seems to really limit what player character can do, especially compared to star wars. And also especially since the game mentions specifically that this ONLY applies to PLAYER characters, and that NPCs can have stats higher than 5. Is it just me, or does it seem like Genesys really dropped down the power level of player characters? And with the no-talent-tree careers, you just opened up for making characters very much the same and generic, since there are only a certain amount of talents per tier, AND you need two in the previous tier before you can buy one in the next? Seems progression from rather "weak" staring characters is not going to go far at all as the rules are written.
  9. Thank you. And yes I know there are three core books. I am hunting them down at the moment. Got Age of Rebellion on order, and are tracking down Edge of the Empire. Will pick up FnD when it comes back into stock. We just had a friday-saturday-sunday Star Wars RPG feast.... 12 hours each day. LOL. I have not been so eager to play and redo it since I started with RPGs back in the 80s....
  10. Thanks, I will keep an eye out for the reprint then. Regarding used copy, only place I could find one was ebay, listed at a higher price than the book costs new from retail, and in rather beat up condition. *Shrug* So waiting for reprint it is. Thank you for replying.
  11. I have just today got introduced to the new Star Wars Age of Rebellion, so I wanted to try to find the books. But for some reason, no matter what store I check, Force and Destiny Core Rulebook is out of stock. Is there any planned reprints of this one? /Sincerely Arioch1973
  12. I played WFRP 1st edition, GW sacked it, years went by, hogshead picked it up, then they sacked it. FFG picked up WFRP and made 2nd edition. It was then made into 3rd edition (groan). DH 1st edition came out, I managed to get my hand on the last book at the store, then it was dead. It was then picked up my FFG that gave us a lot of nice stuff for it. They gave us a nice revised ruleset in the form of 2nd edition DH. Warhammer is a popular setting in both flavours, and I do not think this is the end for us role-playing in it. Sooner or later there will be some company that gets the license to pick it up. Until then, the fans will keep it going. /Ave Deus Imperator
  13. Well, we got Rollforheresy as a website to build upon if these forums are ended. And I think now is a good time to put up maybe another site if necessary dedicated to the games and the setting. From what I have seen, the fan material that is being released for 2nd edition to adapt RT etc to 2nd edition DH rules, are of a very good quality. And I believe in that the fans of the game will keep it alive for many years to come. Personally I am looking forward to see the finished version of "Look not upon the wytch"
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