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  1. admiral

    Netrunner Double

    In android net runner when I am looking at the Flashpoint cycle products there are two 23 seconds and 2 blood money.
  2. What happens if I score an agenda card with razzed ice protecting it?
  3. admiral

    Runner Grip

    I just realized the runner could spend clicks to get cards
  4. What happens if the runner has no more cards in his/her hand(I am new)?
  5. You have to contact FFG via e-mail. It takes 1day to 3 months.
  6. I no one( and this sometimes happens) deploys a unit to the first planet, what happens?
  7. admiral

    Summer 2016

    FFG, I have seen the new prizes for summer tournament kits and I was wondering how I can win the prizes. I am in Virginia and want to win the prizes. When can I win them??
  8. FFG, I was really hoping you could re-do some store championship prizes because I was recently new to FFG and saw some old 2015 and 2014 prizes. They looked cool. And I think some people are jut like me and thought they didn't have a chance to collect some prizes. I started out as an X-Wing player and moved on to Warhammer 40,000 Conquest. I am a really big Eldar player and saw spring 2015 prizes with my favorite Warlord limited Edition version. I just feel like I didn't have a chance to get some of these prizes. Maybe you could give out old prizes at world championships or just completely re-do the thing. Can you redo some prizes??????
  9. admiral

    Store championship prize re-runs

    Thanks, I have posted there. But I might also need to know where I can ask FFG stuff.
  10. admiral

    Extra WH40kC rules

    FFG, I just got the Tyrannids expansion for WH40KC, and it came with special rules. Shouldn't those extra rules go on the website???
  11. admiral

    Store championship prize re-runs

    Which forum should I go to????
  12. admiral


    Sorry, not in Ohio. But you can find the learn to play online here(https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/2c/b5/2cb53a16-3714-4ee1-aba0-3e87896f9e1c/learn-to-play-web.pdf) .
  13. admiral

    Store championship prize re-runs

    Oops. Sorry. Wrong Forum.