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  1. In android net runner when I am looking at the Flashpoint cycle products there are two 23 seconds and 2 blood money.
  2. What happens if I score an agenda card with razzed ice protecting it?
  3. I just realized the runner could spend clicks to get cards
  4. What happens if the runner has no more cards in his/her hand(I am new)?
  5. You have to contact FFG via e-mail. It takes 1day to 3 months.
  6. I no one( and this sometimes happens) deploys a unit to the first planet, what happens?
  7. admiral

    Summer 2016

    FFG, I have seen the new prizes for summer tournament kits and I was wondering how I can win the prizes. I am in Virginia and want to win the prizes. When can I win them??
  8. FFG, I was really hoping you could re-do some store championship prizes because I was recently new to FFG and saw some old 2015 and 2014 prizes. They looked cool. And I think some people are jut like me and thought they didn't have a chance to collect some prizes. I started out as an X-Wing player and moved on to Warhammer 40,000 Conquest. I am a really big Eldar player and saw spring 2015 prizes with my favorite Warlord limited Edition version. I just feel like I didn't have a chance to get some of these prizes. Maybe you could give out old prizes at world championships or just completely re-do the thing. Can you redo some prizes??????
  9. Thanks, I have posted there. But I might also need to know where I can ask FFG stuff.
  10. FFG, I just got the Tyrannids expansion for WH40KC, and it came with special rules. Shouldn't those extra rules go on the website???
  11. Sorry, not in Ohio. But you can find the learn to play online here(https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/2c/b5/2cb53a16-3714-4ee1-aba0-3e87896f9e1c/learn-to-play-web.pdf) .
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