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  1. Yeah, I'm really looking forward to it. Just need a Tie Bomber to be announced now.
  2. So. The B-Wing is finally coming out. And a Star Destroyer. And a Death Star mk II. Along with the Solo movie Falcon.
  3. KOG7777

    "Stop your crying"

    eh. I have to buy the new-for-2.0 ships if I want to have new ships. So it probably makes more sense in the long run to eat the one time conversion cost, rather than having to fiddle with scrounging up community-made 1.0 backdates for every new ship that gets released from now on. I just wish each faction conversion kit was enough to cover a full squad of each ship.
  4. Did the 'Most Wanted' expansion have fixes? Or did it just add Y-Wings and Z-95s to Scum?
  5. KOG7777

    "Stop your crying"

    Mm... people who play exclusively on their kitchen and table with family and friends still need to buy in to 2.0 if they want to be able to add future new ship expansions into their home games. So that's why I'll buy into 2.0 even though it will cost me a lot. I want to be able to get Resistance TV show ships, Star Wars ep IX ships, clone wars era ships (if they do 'em), etc.
  6. I think there will still be a place for these kind of combo boxes, as a way to sell more models (repaints) and to add new pilots. New upgrades don't have to be 'fixes'.
  7. It's a radically different looking variant, possibly with new stats and abilities and maybe pilots... seems new enough to me? But you're probably right about it being part of 1.0. Which means... it'll be almost instantly be unplayable if you switch to 2.0, since it's not included in the conversion kit? Unless it has materials for 1.0 and 2.0 in the same box.
  8. Don't we suspect the Calrissian Falcon is right around the corner, just waiting to be announced?
  9. I can't ignore it if I want to get new ships as they come out.
  10. You misunderstand. Casual night for me is not walking into a store and playing against strangers using better lists than mine. Casual night is getting together with friends, opening up my boxes of minis and such, and having fun playing various games with different combos and just having fun, with no regard for OP combos or meta lists or whatever. With maybe drinking and movies and/or music in the background.
  11. I feel numbed about it. Spending most of my free time playing Monster Hunter World on PS4.
  12. I still hope they'll do a Scariff pack. Although with 2.0 it won't need to be an X-Wing/Y-Wing fix anymore. It would just be for the alt paint models and new pilots (Merrick). So I'm not sure if there's enough reason to do the pack anymore, which makes me sad. But I definitely would have liked to buy a few sets to make a blue squadron X-Wing group.
  13. I think 2.0 is much more exciting news for competitive players than for casual players.
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