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  1. indeed but i don't think slow/medium will have any impact. at this point the process of any new ships is the following: " step 1: grace period as people try the ship and find where it is good at. step 2: reminded that the game has been figured out, 1-2 main ships plus activation padding ships. preferably fast enough to dodge out of fire arcs . step 3: people ask "does the ship fit in the 1-2 main ships plus activation padding list type?" step 4: if it does, it gets played. if it doesn't, it doesn't get played. so, slow/medium ships wont get played, wont really enter the meta; too slow to be the "one single main gunship" in a fleet. unless they are carriers. in order to find more variety, we need some change that creates other types of list archetypes. something that can compete with the "1-2 main ships plus activation padding". idk how.
  2. place is part of a store franchise, called Fantasy Shop , the one near Viktoria sq. as far as i know it was our first; kinda small community hoping to grow
  3. so, regionals a little late for us (less support from local stores). important-the T/O firmly decided he would use all recent errata, which kind of affected list building. I went there with a fleet consisting of: -admiral Screed on a Victory II star destroyer with h9 and gunnery team; simple use to kill flotillas. -demolisher GSD-1 with Engine techs, ordnance experts, assault proton torpedoes and skilled first officer. main killer. -raider with ordnance experts, assault proton torpedoes. allaround good ship for both antisquadron and some antiship capacity. -two gozanti cruiser flotillas. a coms net and supressor. -a fighter screen of tie advanced, howlrunner, mithel, and interceptors. bid clocked in at 8 points. 5 activations, but only 6 squadrons meant only 8 deployments (i regreted not bringing more deployments and squadrons!) objectives, most wanted, hyperspace assault, dangerous territory . GAME 1: i played against a newcomer (nice to see new players coming in finaly at our area!) with a list built by one of our other armada players and by far best local x-wing player. he had admiral ackbar on an assault frigate to keep running away, some flotilla support, but the true killer was a fighter wing of 6 very expensive aces (biggs, wedge, moldy crow, some bomber aces etc). indeed i think the list was tested as a rieekan aces list, very typical aces used, but got too scared by the nerfs and hastily changed admiral.bad idea imho. we played his Hyperspace assault, but the game ended pretty fast due to his mispositioning of the assault frigate-the demolisher capitalised on it, and i focused down the (too slow to escape) pelta with the rest, leaving his squadrons with very little support. then it all went downhill for him. 10-1. it was an interesting game in that i was giving him advice, had more of a casual feel (especialy compared to the next!) and he actualy got a win later on! GAME 2: as soon as i saw his fleet I just knew i was in trouble. 3 x flotillas, the mighty Admonition(scout variant), which i couldnt kill with this version of demolisher easy, a cr90A with rieekan and upgrades to make it an efficient lifeboat, and a total of 133 points of squadrons- to my susprise, built to be efficient but not devastating when attacking ships, but mobile to press wherever he needed-mix of a-wings and bombers. i just knew the squadron game was lost, and i needed to vastly outplay him to reach his numerous flotillas. but there was a ray of light: a fatal flaw in his objective selection, with Fire Lanes. the tokens were placed in such a way that the VSD pulled off a bold maneuver and claimed territory for both. covered by the other ships and occasionaly sending stuff to contest the third. he killed so much of my stuff, and he managed to roll accuracies with both admonition's red dice and cr90A 's red dice to kill both my flotillas. he made a comment that he affirmed he'd only win via luck-myself i was also sure i'd lose. however-his running away from my forces made me claim a totaly ludicrous ammount of victory tokens, my fighter screen got some kills, and two flotillas by ramming and vsd-2. i won-BARELY . 6-5. GAME 3: good friend of mine . very good at decision-making in-game but imho just so off-meta lists. he had a fleet with 2 raiders, 2 gladiators(one was demolisher), and 130-something squadrons points, mix of TIE fighters and TIE bombers(both generic and aces). perhaps he was hoping he'd meet mass bomber fleets and obliterate their fighters, winning via "cheesing the meta" guess it wasnt such a bad idea, he got third;throughout the game, he was spamming squadron commands and actualy making this sort of weird build work. I would never try something like that, but for some reason he just made it click-although i think the opportunity cost of less navigation commands for THESE specific ships was too high. we played his Contested Outpost, but to be honest him being outactivated sealed the deal. to save his flagship, he was forced to send the demolisher forward, which with my VSD 2 activating first and last, was quickly killed off, demolisher then killing the flagship too. i dodged out of all other firing arcs, as he simply didnt have the activations to make this work anymore, then proceeded to kill as much as i can while chasing him off the station. he vaporized my squadron cover and killed demolisher and a flotilla with squads, but he lost so many ships. 7-4. in the end, i was 3-0 but there was another player with 3-0; a typical VSD-VSD-dictor Konstantine list, but two of his wins were 6-5. so, first place for me. all in all, i faced like 400 points of squadrons across 3 games, a hyperbole imho because mass squadron fleets aint unbeatable, but i had the luxury of being first player and never outactivated(except the second game where i lost the flotillas fast).
  4. The e-wing has a double damage result. Hence 8 ewing attacks will cause on average equal damage to 8 defender attacks. And black antisquadron dice can be bad vs tycho, ciena, dengar, mithel and so many other aces( no accuracy)
  5. ...why? Tie defenders have mediocre damage output vs ships(equal to x-wings) especialy for yheir points, have trouble going up against scatter aces and have no snipe. Granted, maarek stele having two bomber dice is a bit much but we are talking about the generics here. Both e-wings and tie defenders fall into the "nothing special but have interesting uses" category.
  6. Thank you all for helping me improve in armada. Our first Regionals here just got done (still in the store); it was touch and go in a match, but i got 3-0. There was another guy with 3-0 but because my other two victories were massive, i got first i had an awesome time, wilk write report in another thread, but just wanted to express thanks for helping me improve.
  7. It does. Its like watching a kung fu movie , all of the characters being realistic humans and one is a super saiyan that blows up planets with a punch. His fights are TOO EASY to be awesome. He doesnt win because his personality etc is badass; he wins because he won the superpower lottery and the whole thing is unfair.
  8. 10 points Designation: Area Air Defense ship(medium ship only; turbolaser slot; modification) reduce all your hull zone batteries by one red die. Add two red dice to your antisquadron dice, and counter 3. (Equivalent to modern Aegis equipped ships that have corvette-like antiship capabilities but are mobile SAM sites protecting the fleet from air attacks)
  9. 1) Battle of Coruscant. it had everything-dogfights, missiles, capital ships trading serious blows! 2) Battle of Scariff: it has everything, imperials flooding space with TIEs, brave rebels (pilots & hammerhead) showing their ingenuity to take down those star destroyers, imperial might showing up and being competent afterwards. just a roller coaster of feelings. 3-5. draw: Yavin, Endor, Asteroid Field. for the most part, the old trilogy didnt have proper V/FX to showcase truly epic space battles, and is guilty of overtly hollywood trope usage, i.e. focusing on heroes(=pilots) rather than the whole picture. its ok just to focus, but it *felt* like they didnt even show the bigger picture. I guarantee you if it wasnt the comics and Rpg material to fill in the blanks, we would knoww next to zero about what happened between fleets. thats how simplistic they were. however, it has its alibi in WHEN it was made, and the whole setup is spectacular. but for me, to like a space battle scene i gotta feel like i'm watching a war movie and not a space opera. otherwise, its just inconsequential background. 6. battle of Naboo: very bad space battle scene. just pew pew, little thought behind it. 7. Obi Wan vs Jango: small fries. 1v1 isnt even a real dogfight imho. (Its like comparing a duel to a war; i LOVE martial arts, even competed internationaly once, but i wouldnt call a 1v1 between martial artists a "ground battle"). same here. to call something an actual BATTLE, it has to be of a scale that gives individual skill SECONDARY importance compared to teamwork and tactics. 1v1 doesnt have that. ergo, imho not space battle, not even dogfight. at least it is very well choreographed. 8. Battle of Starkiller Base. sorry, imho this is too nonsensical to take seriously. a bombing mission without dedicated bombers, and its climax is worse than attack on titan's "everyone go for pizza, Levi will solo everything". battle of naboo is almost the same, i just think 6-8 are so bad. 1-2 are excellent, 3-5 are "ok", 6-8 FOR ME are terribad.
  10. Not really because we have the base blueprints ever since wave 2; use 50% of your squadron max if your list is super duper good vs ships and want a cheap screen; use 75% if you want to destroy enemy squads and gain points from there; and use 95-100% for a list going for a concentrated bombing run (think "iconic rebel trench run"). Three different logical themes.
  11. dude 16 dice will, on average, cause EIGHT DAMAGE. possibly more via accuracy blocks and/or torryn farr. of course they can kill Intel. then what do his squadrons do? at worst, they will shoot at you for ONE TURN. it is in your hands to play the squadron game and properly block them for the rest of the game by engaging them. let me make something clear: just because you wanna beat a bomber list via ship gunz, it doesnt mean you don't need to cleverly and properly play the squadron game with your fighter screen. a bomber list still plays the ship game by defending/positioning against ship guns. a ship gunz list still plays the squadron game by trying to shut down bombers-NO, you don't get to just ignore that part of the game.
  12. SNIPE(=the ability to hit the ALL-IMPORTANT intel squadrons without their escorts stopping you) PRICELESS.
  13. I have used E-wings before. they are excellent at what they are meant to do-SNIPE INTEL to shut down bomber lists. 6 x E-wings cost 90 points, dont mess with your antiship capabilities much because they have the bomber keyword (0,75 antiship damage/turn), and put out 18 blue dice that ignore escort, dispatching the likes of Jan Ors and potentialy Dengar. you can get to 16 dice easier with just 4 x E-wings (60 points) and flight controllers. build them to ONE-SHOT INTEL VIA SNIPE. once you have realised that this is their role, and dont try to turn them into something they are not, they work wonders.
  14. 1. "a fleet with nothing but upgraded medium and heavy ships": in "the hypothetical perfectly balanced game", this fleet should be viable. i agree. in a realistic setup, where the game balance is not perfect, why should such an EXTREME list be prioritized to be "buffed" and viable? -it is not thematic to the star wars intellectual property (Star Destroyers are NOT ww2 battleships, they are mobile command centers with tons of guns and fighters and landing forces. in my area nobody uses bomber lists yet we all use some fighters because it is heresy to have star wars space battles without brave pilots) -theme aside, it is not how a navy operates either. in real navies, each large ship has a s**t ton of escorts. "big clunky slowmoving stronk with NO fast support" has never and will never work in any combat scenario between skilled opponents, be it ships. boxing matches, sword duels, medieval battles, space battles, etc. if the game makes it work, in many ways it will "feel" wrong. it will feel like 40k lorewise or something, where armed conflicts make no sense due to rule of cool. for example, introduce a pass rule and then you will immediately see NO tournament list with more than 3 activations. zero. most lists would have just 2 large ships and squads, NOT EVEN MEDIUM SHIPS. sounds good?... what about wave 1, where the perceived meta was that squadrons were bad and you almost NEVER saw squadrons? this is why errata must push towards building BALANCED forces, not extreme forces. now, i dont claim armada balance is at its highest , esp right now. but the errata do help. and when we talk about balance, let us help the game take steps forward into making balanced lists viable, rather than "extremes". (2 ships +3 flotillas is equally extreme to 3 large ships). what we should be pushing is for a basic, SIMPLE NON-EXTREME "1 big flagship + 1 flotilla + some small base gunships + squadrons" fleet to be viable. right now, while it "feels" viable, it is really sub-optimal (just like you can do well in a tourney with a 3-medium sized konstantine list but it doesnt mean it is optimal)
  15. It doesn't matter. You can get a fleet with an ISD, Demolisher, and activation padding through flotillas, and LOTS of squads. You don't "need" the vsd and interdictor (which, i agree, need some love even though they have some VERY good uses). Remember the golden rule of wargaming: if your faction has some units that you think are not top tier, just dont use these units. Keep spamming the good options . (What you consider good is up to you).
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