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  1. TEW stuff is the expansion I could never get (well I could but its selling for like $1000). If anyone is able to share the resources or link me to a pdf version for sale that would be great
  2. Hi Guys, So I have a player who's transitioning into an Priest of Ranald after taking two rogue careers first (thief and smuggler). He's concerned that over the course of his two rogue careers he's picked up lots of Reputation talents that he has no slots for now in the initiate career (the first priest one), which just has slots for focus and faith. I suggested he replace focus with reputation but he also has lots of focus talents (i think stealth checks rely a lot on them) that will go to waist if so. I noticed something in the players guide on page 47 where its talking about acquiring a talent outside the character's current career (costing 2 advances): "If Beth wishes to acquire a focus talent (Roadwarden has tactic and reputation slots) it will cost her 2 advances" So it lets you acquire a talent outside of your career but does that mean you can equip it as well? Is there anyway of "buying" a slot for advances? If not it seems a lot of the thiefy reputation talents are useless when you become a priest of ranald because you no longer have the slots for them.
  3. sorry double post
  4. Ikosan

    Intermediate and Advanced Careers

    Ok, think I've got it, thanks!
  5. So what rank are characters allowed to progress from basic to intermediate/advanced careers? For example I have a rank 1 High Elf Envoy in my party who is wanting to take Ambassador when she gets her first career transition. The only real difference I can see between the Envoy and Ambassador careers is that the Ambassador has the Intermediate Trait and gets to be Noble, which seems likes its a natural extension of the Envoy Career. However unlike other advances it doesn't require you to actually complete the Envoy career first. So does this mean she can move to Ambassador at rank 2 once she completes the Envoy Career? Would she have been able to just take Ambassador at character creation and just skip Envoy altogether? Also does the change from Basic to Intermediate require an extra advance as its not a shared trait? Finally whats the rank needed to go from intermediate to advanced careers? Rank 3?
  6. Ikosan

    Slaaneshi Demon Abilities

    got them now, thanks!
  7. If I monster has an expertise/specialisation trained can this be used to add a purple to the players roll or is it just blacks?
  8. Hi guys I'm interested in running a campaign including Slaaneshi cults and demons, but I came to collecting this game late and can't find anywhere that will sell me the Lure of Power expansion. I have the pdf for liber Escstatica which contains the stats for the demons but no slaaneshi themed skills and cards. i'm thinking of using the witch elf abilities from Witchs song but it feels a bit lame when compared to the awesome tzeentch abilities I got with the creature vault. Any chance someone could share some scans of these or at least give me a hint on their themes? I'd also love to get hold of the social actions that came with the box set as well.