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  1. Haven't posted in a while, but destiny seems to have a good amount of support in my area. Three local stores are holding store championships. One already passed and had 14 people. Personally, I'm not a fan of the new direction of the game, and I'm not very interested in the cards that have been spoiled for the new set. Partially, that's because I wasn't a fan of TLJ and I just don't really want to play with those characters. But that's neither here nor there. This will be the first time I won't be buying the boxes for a set, but I'm sure there are many other players that will do so.
  2. I wouldn't use royal guards against white dice. Although I do admit I have a personal vendetta against them because I NEVER seem to do more than 1 damage to the rebels with no stun condition. I used to love them, but they have betrayed me....
  3. Yes, I believe so. Keeping heroes from using their abilities is great. And also, if you are going against heroes who do recover strain easily, if they aren't recovering strain they are recovering damage instead. I would rather then recover that strain.
  4. Eh, in my opinion it's not a big deal to lose the first mission. The rebels would earn the Hoth troopers, and if they bring them on future missions you get the extra threat to help. Don't choose your class deck based on the starting abilities, choose them based on their potential.
  5. Yes, and the difference between a dodge and a blank can mean a world of difference. Even against black dice it can be very beneficial, but they are much better against white die. And wounding Mak will probably be the hardest one, especially with Gideon moving him all over the place combined with his disengage. In my opinion, you will need to work hard to corner him, and when you finally do, it will be frustrating to see him roll a dodge and avoid all your attacks.
  6. Yes, I think stunning would still have its benefits. Taking an action away is always a good thing, it's just that I think the main purpose of stunning is to slow them down, and with no round limit they are ok slowing down. As for Mak, ya he is very tough to bring down. One of the best heroes for sure. That is actually an example I had not considered where stun would be extremely beneficial because he wouldn't be able to disengage while stunned. Eh either way MHD would still remove it easily. Take that advise or leave it haha. You be got a tough campaign comming. I would suggest any agendas or units that force defensive rerolls (HKs, Weequays) or if you have access to the Inquisitor (has a surge for a minus dodge) in order to get to Mak
  7. You're definately going against a tough group l. I'd hope they end up going with jyn, cause I think she's one of the worst heroes haha and that would balance it out. If you are going against MHD, I wouldn't rely too heavily on effects like stun since he can easily take them off his fellow comrads. Also, as was mentioned before, there are several rounds where there is no time limit. The best thing about stun is that it slows the group down, making the time crunch more of a factor. I don't think there would be much of a problem in missions with no timer where a hero takes their full action to remove the stun and heal. As for MM, don't use it with this group. Most of its abilities are canceled out by the heroes chosen. Get an extra armor for your units? Mak will easily pierce it. MM usually dictates the use of troopers, which Fenn can blast and many times kill a whole group in one action. Go with subversive tactics of you want to be competitive. Keep the strain on Gideon and MHD and make their abilities useless.
  8. With Shyla's crazy ability to cleave, and Vinto's ability to easily pick off the weaker/wounded units, I would recomend open groups with single, stronger figures, spaced out as much as possible on the map. Nemesis should do pretty well against them. I would suggest starting with Bossk or Dengar for the fringe, but with Onar able to ignore harmful conditions, that really limits Dengar's usefullness. I would also suggest using the Emperor. He would combo well with other villains because he could make them attack an aditional time.
  9. Depends on my imperial class deck and also the heroes, but generally I always bring Weequays or regular HKs (rerolling the defense die is brutal), and elite jet troopers, but I think I might be using riot troopers in most of my future campaigns now.
  10. That depends. On one of mine the rebelswere extremely lucky and found exactly what they wanted by randomly guessing which way to go. This made it very difficult as the imperial player to stop them, as the game was probably balanced assuming for 1 or 2 more rounds.
  11. Yes that is what I was talking about, except mine didn't show the overlaying "darth vader cannot be defeated". Is that an update?
  12. I did it most every mission when I tried. MHD can't use all his medical cards on himself. And the only time I've won that campaign as the imperial player (3 times as imp, once as rebels) i eliminated MHD in the finale. Edit: I'm not saying it's easy, I think this is the most difficult campaign for the imp player. Just offering solutions that have worked for me.
  13. IMHO, I think that as a game overall, there are probably more rules as written that bennefit the imperial player. In other words, if two people of equal skill were playing against each other, I think the imperial player would have an advantage. While it is true that MHD makes things significantly more difficult for the imperial player in Hoth, I think that there are definately other things in different campaignes that give an edge to the imperial player. Like subversive tactics for example. In any campaign, that would be the best choice for the imperial player, and makes life extremely difficult for the rebels. Further, I would suggest not only wounding MHD first, but actually eliminating him. Yeah, it seems counter intuitive when missions specify wounding heroes, but sometimes it is more beneficial for you to remove a figure from the mission before wounding others. Like in a mission where the win condition for the heroes is to kill a specific unique villain, I would eliminate Ko-Tun before wounding the other heroes simply because she could remove a die from my defense pool when someone attacks. If MHD is a problem, remove him from the board in those missions.
  14. If you're like me, I want to see more of the classic heroes and villains in the game. I agree that the rules as is, in regards to bringing out allies, hurt the rebels. I would suggest some house rules in favor of the rebels like reducing the threat cost of the base game allies by 1/3 or instead of getting all the threat bonus at once, getting it spread out through 2-3 rounds. Or, as suggested above, you could just not include them if you don't think they will ever be undertaken. Make the campaign as fun as you can for your group.
  15. I havent had any problems with murn, and have actually found him to be one of the weaker heroes. I dont think he should be hamstrung in any way. MHD9 is an interesting thought, but I don't think he's OP. Think of it this way; he needs to take an action to search for a medical card which is the equivilant of taking an action to rest. In some cases, taking an action to rest is actually better. If the group doesnt have MHD9, they can just take actions to rest instead and still slow the game down. It's up to you as the imperial player to keep the pressure on so they feel like they can't take the time to rest. I also agree with all of the last points.
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