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  1. Ok, think I have it now. Thanks a lot guys. Much appreciated. Dave
  2. Ok, so an engaged enemy is in the threat area and an unengaged enemy isn’t but can be in the same location. Is that right?
  3. Still not completely clear on the difference between current location and threat area. A few more games should make it easier to grasp. Thanks for taking the time, Dave
  4. Hi all, a couple of questions from a beginner. if I draw a hunter enemy card that doesn’t spawn, where do I place it? Does it go to the current location? Also, what is the difference between the current location and the threat area? Thanks, Dave.
  5. Hi all. Just started playing this game. Question: what happens when I discover all the clues at a location? Is it considered investigated and, therefore, leaves play? And what happens when a location has zero clues? I’ve searched the play guide and rules reference but I can’t find any answers. Please help!! Thanks, Dave.
  6. Thanks a lot guys. Much appreciated. Dave.
  7. Hi all, as my collection of lotr lcg cards grows I’m wondering what is the best way to organize my player cards. Should I divide into types eg spirit heroes, spirit allies, spirit events etc. or should I keep cards from expansions together and organize chronologically? Not exactly a rules question I know but I’d appreciate some advice on this. Thanks. Dave.
  8. Thank you Dale. Much appreciated. Dave.
  9. Hi all, some very basic questions about deck building. Is it ok to use any player cards from any expansion pack for any quest? Is it ok to use player cards from saga expansions and delux expansions in the same deck? Are there any restrictions or recommendations? Thanks. Dave.
  10. Got it. Many thanks for that. Dave.
  11. Hi all, If I complete a stage of a quest do I still have to travel to locations in the staging area before going on to the next stage? Thanks, Dave
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