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  1. I think most impressive thing in this picture is that all of the Vics still have their antennas 👍
  2. Dual Faction Dreadnought AF Mk1 Neb-B with V pillars Eclipse ( it would just look cool ) Scariff Shield ( thinking of ordering from Mel's) U-Wing and if it was X-Mas, most of the ships from Rebellion PC game such as CC lines, definetely Liberator and Dauntless for Rebels, Lancer for Imperials. and some dual faction civilian ship packs so there could be convoy escorts or vip protection objectives.
  3. A few suggestions after I read the final book. If you are a fan of original Thrawn from Heir to the Empire Series, I recommend for you to read this new trilogy with caution, Thrawn's brilliance is turned into a gimmick. If you are a fan of Rebels Thrawn, I would recommend you to read Heir to the Empire series first and then decide to continue to new trilogy. If you are a fan of Rebels Thrawn and do not want to venture in Legends area, then you can read these books. Just a quick warning, even if the circumstances are a bit different, the way Rebels Thrawn character is portrayed, it is very close to original books rather this new trilogy. Anyway, even after reading this new trilogy, I still love Thrawn and a blue heart to show it 💙💙💙💙💙
  4. yeah I am just going to go with a guitar case, must get a ponytail as well
  5. Probably he got an SSSD ( Special Super Star Destroyer ) 😜
  6. Wow I am impressed, I was expecting a humongous box, thx
  7. I was waiting for the same thing, Assault Frigate Mk1 and Dreadnought and yet nada anyway I will go with Assault Frigate MkI V. I was thinking about MkI VI as well but SFDP is 60 euros for V and 180 euros for VI. That is a crazy difference for two same ships ( VI has a v configuration).
  8. I hope it will be for a lot of people who did not continue to play the game, also I hope it will be a good recruit tool at the tables.
  9. Nice Thanks for the dimensions, I was wondering if you had a chance to measure the box that SSD was shipping in ( brown cardboard box) ?
  10. People who began to receive SSD, can you tell us how big is the shipping box ?
  11. Tonight, I played a casual game with a friend of mine, we had a very well balanced two fleets and gameplay was very fun. it just made me think, I always thought, Armada was at a good place even though there were no new releases for over 18 months. in a few days SSD will have its general release and we will begin to see at gaming tables ( including mine). Will SSD change the game? Will we remember Armada as before SSD/ after SSD? I am looking forward for SSD but at the same time I am hoping it will be just another ship coming to the game rather than a system changer.
  12. We have the official box size thanks to @Crabbok video, Box Size ( not the size of SSD ): Length - 24 5/8 inches ( 62.5 cm ) Width - 15 3/4 inches ( 37.5 cm ) Height - 3 5/8 inches ( 9.2 cm ) SSD Actual Size Length - 24 9/16 inches ( 62.4 cm ) Width - 8 1/4 inches ( 21 cm ) ( approximate measure due to curvetures on the model) Height - did not specify So this is huge box will not fit my carry-on. Either I have to put this in checked baggage or carry the box with me. I will probably have a great conversation with TSA ( aren't you too old for this ... ) here is the reference video :
  13. At first I thought the same but then this is not meant to replace another person but rather it is here to replace yourself while playing solo. I tried to play Armada by myself few times but I know my next move so it wasn't that much fun. Now with this random decision device, it will be a bit more interesting and uncertain. thanks
  14. I really like Thrawn at original Zahn trilogy ( by the way thanks to the users of Armada forum that convinced me to read them) but with the new books, I feel like he is presented in a more typecast fashion. In the original Zahn trilogy, the way he was interested at adversaries art work was intriguing and revealed complexity of his character, yet in the new novels it feels like it is a gimmick. Please dont get angry with me for saying this, I like the books and definitely going to read the third book by next sunday however I hope Thrawn's genius is presented in a more genuine way this time. also, @Crabbok should do the audiobook. I really liked his narration when he read an excerpt from the previous book
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