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  1. In the past few years I have seen photos of few games where one player would play in an Imperial Officer Uniform or in a Rebel outfit, Did you ever got into costume to play or played with someone who got into costume and I was wondering if it helped to make the game a little more authentic ?
  2. if you want to be a pilot - play X-Wing if you want to be an Admiral - play Armada if you want to be a Grand Admiral - get some blue makeup paint on and play Armada
  3. LostFleet

    Mandator IV Mobile Cannon Arc

    Maybe no battery armament at all and only a single very powerful anti-ship ( a Neb or a CR90 killer ) burst every two rounds ? However very strong squadron defense ( even with Poe in mind )
  4. LostFleet

    Cheating in Star Wars Armada

    Unfortunately I do not follow X-Wing, can you tell me what happened ?
  5. Since I began to play games I always played the good guys, in this case Rebels, it is silly but I did not side with the bad guys, the evil, I bought Armada set with my cousin we bought everything together so we can play against each other but most of the time I played the Rebels. For the past few months, I had to play the Empire for various reasons, at first I did not associate myself with the baddies but as I played more, I was slowly drawn into the order created by the Imperial fleet, ISDs, VSDs, Interdictors, Light Cruisers, it is obvious they all belong to one big fleet not like weird combination of thrift shop ships of the Rebels. Thrawn, after reading Zahn's trilogy ( very recently) became my favorite Admiral, I play with him all the time just because I want his genious on the table. All Tie squadrons, they became expandable yet necessary part of my fleet, where as in the Rebels, I was always hesitant to sacrifice Luke or Biggs or Wedge. Nevertheless, I just began to feel at home with the Imperial fleet and I am playing less and less with the Rebel fleet and of course my eyes are set on SSD and many wonders it will bring to the table. I realize especially for serious tournament players, sides and characters don't matter as much but for casual players, I was wondering if you are playing a side just because you want to play the good side or the bad, you just choose a commander because you really like the character instead of its abilities?
  6. LostFleet

    Cheating in Star Wars Armada

    I really like the snobbish quality of Armada, we are too good to cheat, we are portraying Admirals rather than these measly pilots, we are an elite club, almost Star Trek level, yet we are all human, and as the stakes go higher so does the temptation and I think it is one of the indirect benefits of the game, it mimicks real life characteristics of people. If this was a computer game, cheating would not be an option, however the fact that you have to watch out the board and every movement of your opponent, just in case an intentional or nonintentional mishap that can change the fate of the game can happen. always keeps you alert and in a way it makes the game much more realistic. Well for tournaments, if they place cameras that can be reviewed on the spot by the judges should be enough deterrence.
  7. LostFleet

    What IP would you like adapted to an Armada style game?

    For me I would love to see a Firefly adaptation, Especially with really weird Reaver ships
  8. LostFleet

    SSD Giveaway

    Well i think it would be chicken coming out of an egg or visa versa, with lights it will sell more ( for non-players) with more production it will be cheaper. Yet true, everyone is complaining about lack of waves but at the same time if there were more waves than people would complain they can't keep up with it financially. for me, I did not buy SSD yet ( waiting for this giveaway 😜 ) but if I dont win, the last items I purchased was in January '18 and I know I wont buy anything new for Armada at least till Jan'20 ( probable next wave release), so for 2 years worth of purchase I can live with spending 200 dollars. And about your last comment, I think Revenge of the Sith is becoming ever more relevant ...
  9. LostFleet

    How big is your collection?

    With so many ships so many questions, When you play, what is your average fleet size? Did you ever play with 3 Interdictors?
  10. LostFleet

    SSD Giveaway

    Almost, I missed about six numbers 😂 but If I indeed won, I would have gone far beyond buying AsmodeeNA, one thing I would do is to produce each ship with lights like @Khyros ships and minimum 4 waves per year and now I feel like I am trying to get elected rather than fantazing about wining the lottery joke aside, If I had won 1.6 Billion, I would not have cashed it right away, instead I would opt'ed for 20 years of payment because I know it will take that long for the waves to be released.
  11. LostFleet

    SSD Giveaway

    then lets quote our dear Han "Never tell me the odds!"
  12. LostFleet

    Armada Stages...

    then I will start playing the game in a dark room
  13. LostFleet

    SSD Giveaway

    I am more excited for this than I was for 1.6 Billion Mega Millions
  14. LostFleet

    What Commander Calrissian upgrade will be like

    Hmmm let me try one : Lando - 27 points " Squads with no Bomber or Heavy get another black dice to roll while attacking a ship. " This is to boost fighter attack against ships ( like a single A-Wing vs SSD) but for me this is the winner for Lando
  15. LostFleet

    Imperial Cargo Ship

    Kudos on creating the model, a few posts ago I was arguing the need for a non-combatant transporter ship in the game. I can think so many scenarios going around that ship, it should be fun playing it. You have a great detailed model however the only part I don't like about the design is the containers, they look too much like real ship containers. I wish they used the same pattern containers from GR-75 when they were designing the ship.