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  1. Thrawn : Choose 1 enemy ship at close range. Look at its upgrade cards, remove the one with the best artwork on it.
  2. Indeed it was awesome but I wished Beckett lived to see the sequel, I really liked the character. I think Solo is a perfect sunday night movie, it is not so serious, it is fun, maybe it has flaws but still I enjoyed the movie. it would have been better if he won the Sabaac game in the sequel, at the end of the movie, it really felt like the whole game scene was rushed. Also at Kessel Run, either ISD 1 or Interdictor ( as suggested in this post) could have followed MF into the storm and could fight that big monster thingy or get swallowed by the black hole. one last wish as an Armada player, a space scene with a Dreadnought even a Victory would have been a good opportunity to canonize them.
  3. Instead of armed ships, I would love to see civillian ships in the game, cargo ships, elegant cruise ships, troop ships, New objectives with convoy duties, special ship protection, diplomatic escorts, prisoner rescue and etc. they can be used by both factions so perhaps a dual faction wave release ( even you can squeeze Dreadnought in there a pefect dual faction ship)
  4. There should be a new upgrade card for Victory "If the antenna of the ship is intact, ready one spent defense token."
  5. What I meant was, let me have the Boba Fett and a bunch of Tie fighters rather than let me have Ciena, Jonus and Jendon combo because they always work together.
  6. Actually I am too ( but as a thematic player) and I try to use them proportionally to the game play. For example, I have more fun if there is one unique squadron and many other generic squadrons, it feels more realistic. Apart from SSD ( I love Vader choking everyone ), I would try to minimize unique commanders. If there are too many familiar faces in the game then I begin to look at them just as numbers rather than characters.
  7. That is the biggest disappointment for me, Rise of the Skywalker had a real chance to have a more nautical theme and have proper space battles ( proper meaning not copy and paste background image of a fleet but RoJ or R1 style battles). on the horizon we have Mandalorian, Cassian Andor and Kenobi TV shows but I hardly think they will stories around ships and ship battles ( unless they have an executive producer who also happens to be an Armada player).
  8. Actually I am really trying to avoid that, once it happens I fear I will just see them as game pieces rather than ships. Hehehehe, when I first started Armada, I was really bummed to see ISD did not have 6 squadrons allowance like you said in the WEG sourcebook.
  9. I think there are two ways a person can approach to this game ( as in any other game I guess), thematic or formulaic. For me, I am more of a thematic player, I choose ships, squadrons, characters mostly due to special preferences rather than their true potential. Example? I never played with MC-30 because I am not familiar with that ship in SW universe yet almost every game I have Nebulon-B because it is my favorite. I love Thrawn and I tend to choose him even sometimes it does not make sense, or I don't choose Motti becaue I cannot stand him. Most of the time, I tend to create fleets with a plot in my mind that parallels the movies, comics, games and etc. Having said that, I don't play competitive, I never entered a tournament and I really don't mind loosing as long as I have fun on the table. Formulaic players are better players probably because they create fleets that make sense. They don't choose ISDs becaue they look awesome on the table but rather they choose because they need a ship with that capabilities. They wouldn't mind choosing an RV with some boosters on the back as long as it does the job. For them, fleet creating becomes a variation of formulas rather than personal preferences. So I was wondering what kind of player are you? And can you play both ways without compromising your true gaming style ( too thematic or too formulaic) ?
  10. I was really hoping Rise of the Skywalker to feature these ships, well my eyes are on the Mandalorian now,
  11. I wish there was a second arc in the story where Lando is flying system by system with an evergrowing fleet rather than joining ( predictably) the fight at the last minute with a thousand ships. Apart from this part, I really enjoyed the movie. I totally agree, I wish Hux had a better death too ( Is it rude to wish for better death?) Also I think this movie and plotline deserved at least two movies. edit: this question can we confirm there is no Onager and Starhawk in the movie?
  12. X-Wing will get an old Wedge, I was really hoping he would become an Admiral in this movie.
  13. After waiting for 6 months finally I get to read this post, there were so many assumptions spot on and so many way off, anyway, I just watched the movie, I am not going to make comments about the movie but its impact on Armada. I was hoping it would boost a new interest to space battles, especially for ship to ship action ( as Rogune One did). Unfortunately that is not the case, although ( spoilers coming up) ships and fleets have an important presence in the plot, their actions are not inspiring ( especially ship to ship battles were too distant). So will this movie good for the movie? I don't think it will bring a new giant wave of new players but at least I hope there will some renewed interest for the game because of the movie. Anyway, if you haven't see the movie yet, go, enjoy
  14. it sure does have one strong tractor beam 😋
  15. " Life finds a way ..." sorry wrong franchise but a live action JP seems to be on my next wish list, kudos to the makers, the feel and the look of the show is great, there are some issues that I am not happy about the plot but that is expected from all of the new tv shows. I hoped for a double episode release, now I have to wait till Friday for that.
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