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  1. LostFleet

    Armada article up for worlds swag

    I wish they changed the artwork of Motti,
  2. LostFleet

    When to release Raddus Bomb ?

    Thank you for your comments, honestly I am a bit suprised, I expected everyone's favorite would be 4 or 5 but everyone has variety of approaches for entrance. Some prefer 2,3 and some 5,6. I never tried at turns 2,3, I guess I am the cautious player and I take my time to get into the battlefield. When I first started I loved going staight in, now after losing many ships in crossfire, if objectives permit, I will fly slow, wait the enemy to come to me and release the Raddus which happens as I have stated earlier, in turn #4. Also a bit out of subject but I wish Interdictor had some effects on jumping ships and squadrons into the battlefield.
  3. I like playing with Raddus but now I just have a predictable pattern with it. In almost all of the games I drop it in turn #4. Usually drop ship is a big ship with heavy short range punch, only delivery ships are different sometimes MC-80s and sometimes smaller riskier ships. I was just wondering is it just me or dropping the ship at turn #4 is a usual habit for most players?
  4. LostFleet

    Happy Friday

    I would be the squad that lands on the back of ISD ( preferably unpainted squad so it gets to blend in with the ship)
  5. LostFleet

    What Iā€™d Love to See Released for ARMADA

    Apart from fine listed ships mentioned above, I would love to see new mats released, Tatooine, Jakku, Coruscant, Naboo, Kessler, Mustafar, Geonosis, Bajor ( oops ignore the last one ) anyway many many more mats,
  6. For Battle of Endor we need Lando on the Millenium Falcon
  7. LostFleet

    Eclipse Prediction

    True but it would be a good test bed, If there is a great interest and enthusiasm for the cards at Con, I think they would consider doing prints for everyone ( as a catch-up batch).
  8. LostFleet

    Squadron Reprints! Video Included

    Did anyone received the squadrons yet? I was wondering if there were any changes to the cards? ( like faq erratas)
  9. You shall receive an extra red die in your next game for your birthday šŸ˜Š
  10. LostFleet

    Could Armada implement a Holdo hyper ram?

    My point was not about the scene but rather people's perceptions towards characters. Since Holdo is a new character, no one will find her actions credible where as in Ackbar, everyone is familiar with him and trust him. Therefore if he have executed the ramming I think there would be less reaction to the ramming maneuver as there would be less people who would question his methods. For many of us, he is the great Admiral of Rebellion for over 30 years. by the way just, saw that it was your birthday last week, happy birthday šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜ŠšŸ˜ŠšŸŽ‚šŸŽ‚
  11. LostFleet

    Eclipse Prediction

    Yeah as @Darth Lupine suggested just the errata fixed. I really hate having FAQ printed and have to revert to it now and then.
  12. LostFleet

    Could Armada implement a Holdo hyper ram?

    Well maybe it was not an ordinary hyperspace ramming but a special ramming invented by Holdo so only she can execute it flawlessly ? Anyway, if Holdo escaped with the rest of the group and Ackbar did the ramming, we would be all dedicating statues and naming streets after him.
  13. LostFleet

    Eclipse Prediction

    Honestly instead of handing a new limited painted ship, I would very happy if they handed out revised cards for the game.
  14. LostFleet

    Will there be a 2.0 Armada?

    I hope not, maybe some more annual faq's but game is in a good condition now ( except real aircraft carriers and battleships are quicker to build in real life then releasing new ships for the game)
  15. I think you should wait a bit before making a decision, with upcoming SSD and larger point games, meta will change a bit and some ships will be more or less useful in those situations. So you never know if a swarm of CR-90s or Raiders will come handy in those situations. Also trio of MC-30, thats cruel I would not consider letting one go.