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  1. LostFleet

    Deep Space Nine

    " I feel a great annoyance in the Force " says the Emperor, after Quark enters the Star Wars realm, great video as always 👍
  2. LostFleet

    Fighter Pack 1 Update (FFG Spanish Site)

    Unfortunately there is no update on English FFG site since last April, I guess as everyone I need more pack I from both sides, I can't get access to the Spanish website ( due to a firewall at my office ), can you see if the squadron packs are in English or Spanish?
  3. I purchased TLJ on Apple tv and I was suprised to see the option to play the movie with just the soundtrack and I loved it. When I work at home or play Armada, I can turn the movie on and since there is no dialogue it is not a cause of distraction but rather a good background music with great visuals. I did not purchase any other Star Wars movies on Appletv but I was wondering if you did and if they have the same feature? Or in any other format dvds, blurays other streaming device etc.
  4. LostFleet

    New Years Resolution - Meta Mix Up

    Hehehe certainly I will, and maybe with two of them
  5. LostFleet

    Clone Wars Ships Video

    I wish they made Victory canon at Solo, either hanging around the orbit in Corellia or at Kessel, overall I wish they had more space action.
  6. LostFleet

    Never have I ever...

    Never played Nebulon-B Support Refit
  7. LostFleet

    Katana Fleet Expansion

    Vics might rebounce if they increase the game size to 500 or 600 points because of SSD and people will try to cram as mush ship as possible. For Katana, although I don't like the look of the Dreadnoughts I got used to them while playing Rebellion in PC and a dual faction ship would be a nice addition to the game. Yet the problem with a dual faction ship would be that it means only one ship will be released during Wave 8 and everyone would want at least 2 ship expansions.
  8. LostFleet

    Killing epic SSDs

    @Crabbok mentioned about use of Nebulons and I really like Nebulons but for a long time I am not playing with them, with their narrow side arc they might be a good anti-SSD platfrom ( with many Nebulons of course )
  9. LostFleet

    Women in the Game, a Poll of Sorts

    It just makes me think, when I try to recruit I always think of male friends but don't consider female ones. Maybe it is because there are not many female Star Wars fans in my age group ( mid-30s). However when I look at younger generations especially the latest ones, i have lots of friends who have daughters who are really into Star Wars. Perhaps it is more of a generation thing or there are more heroines in source materials to draw them into the media. I think in the future this ratio will be more balanced compared to present day, but I wish it happened today as we need more players overall.
  10. LostFleet

    SSD best guess of release date?

    Just a dream scenario, wouldn't be nice if it was at the stores just a week before X-mas, but then it would be the target of all the desperate parents who are buying last minute gifts who would confuse SSD with a big Star Warsy toy. nevermind, end of January, February, March is just fine
  11. and they will never let you fly an X-Wing I mean F-15 just because an old friend of yours vouched for you.
  12. LostFleet

    Best Armada Moment from this year

    I had a project due at the same time of Gencon and I was pulling up an all nighter trying to finish the project in the morning. Due to time difference I watched the FFG announcement at 4 am in the morning at the office and I literally screamed and cheered when I saw SSD. I must have looked ridiculous, all alone at the office in the middle of the night cheering by myself 😊
  13. LostFleet

    And Legion bypasses Armada in expansions...

    I am just curious how many he ordered. Unfortunately I don't have a local store that sells Armada so I am debating whether I should wait till I can order online ( Amazon or Miniaturegames ) or find a local store and pre-order. I don't want to wait that much so I am just curious how many items a store gets ( since I am not a regular customer I am afraid I will be at the end of the list)
  14. LostFleet

    You know what?

    I wish there was a separate " Armada is dead " forum where all doomsayers would converse with each other and leave this place for just dicussing the game, sharing enjoyable game moments and fantasizing about potential new expansions.
  15. LostFleet

    You know what?

    Thanks to @Crabbok for bringing some much needed positivity to this forum. I will try to bring some positivity with some numbers. If you look at forum activity, it seems Armada is getting more chatter compared X-Wing since the beginning of August ( SSD announcement) if we put in the numbers, since the beginning of August there has been 21950 posts for Armada and 54859 posts for X-Wing. Xwing community obviosuly has posted more but they have a bigger community compared to Armada. But when we look at the sum of all posts for both sides and compared the ratio, there is a %6.24 increase in forum posts for Armada where as %4.53 increase for X-wing. I don't know if we are dying or not, but at least we are talking more about the game compared to X-Wing community.