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  1. AwesomeJedi

    Where can I find the forum rules?

    Never mind, I found it myself. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/more/terms-of-use/
  2. I would like to look through the forum rules about something that has been bothering me. Can anyone please share a link?
  3. Yes and I agree with you. However, my point was that we can still be respectful and polite. What would have been more to say polite is: The prequels have many shortcomings, but I feel like the sequels have more. I didn't like Rian Johnson portrayal of Luke Skywalker he chose for Mark Hamill. The scores in the prequels, phenomenal. I didn't like the scores in the sequels. A Star Wars movie by Disney I did like was Rogue One. I was really satisfied with Darth Vader's awesome portrayal. (I read into your statement here, so if you wanted you could add: I wish Disney would make more Star Wars movies as awesome as Rogue One.)
  4. I like the art on these cards. Who made the art for them?
  5. AwesomeJedi

    The vocal minority is an issue

    "I encourage you all to fill the Star Wars community with inclusiveness, kindness and openness. Make Star Wars content in the spirit of the ideals George Lucas laid down for us to enjoy a long time ago… Do not justify or condone exclusionary behavior. If a person is doing or saying something he/she wouldn’t do or say in real life, it is wrong. If Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Obi-Wan Kenobi would frown upon it, they’re not doing something you should passively allow. If you’re focusing on the negative too much, stop, chill out, do something else and focus on what you love. This is supposed to be fun. We cannot blow up their Death Star. We can’t Holdo the heck out of their Mega Star Destroyer. But we can drown them out. We can show the bullied that we don’t condone their treatment by these bad actors. We can express the values passed on to us from the Star Wars films and make sure it is known that we reject values in direct opposition to those of our Jedi heroes. Diversity and inclusiveness define everything about Star Wars and as fans of it, it should define us too." We can fought negativity this but we need to do it together.
  6. AwesomeJedi

    Darth Maul Crew 2.0

    Good point
  7. AwesomeJedi

    Darth Maul Crew 2.0

    http://worldrps.com/advanced-rps/sample-page/ No, there is a meta in RPS.
  8. AwesomeJedi

    Star Wars Appreciation Thread

    This thread is dedicated to thanking Star Wars for making your life better. Here we can all appreciate Star Wars films and shows of the past, present, and yet to come. Thank you Star Wars for being so awesome. Long live STAR WARS.
  9. AwesomeJedi

    The missing factor: points!

    Potential Playtesters
  10. AwesomeJedi

    The 2.0 Boba Fett Crew is super cool!

    Oh thanks, I assumed that it said "reverse" not "reserve". Silly me
  11. AwesomeJedi

    The 2.0 Boba Fett Crew is super cool!

    It probably means you would deploy from the other player's side of the table.
  12. AwesomeJedi

    Experiences with Miniature Market and Pre-ordering

    Is Miniatures Market still a reliable source for pre-ordering today?