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  1. I don't even care anymore tbh, you've all lobbied for the interpretation that kills the combo and doesn't help improve the game.
  2. Lol we're definitely not on the same page because exhausting Veteran Gunners is most definitely not the effect of the card.
  3. Let's just be clear. The combination isn't guaranteed. strategic and simply flying away from the objective tokens work against this combo.
  4. So insane that it argues that exhausting Veteran Gunners is not the effect of Veteran Gunners.
  5. Of course, I want Bail to synergize with Hyperspace Assault because it is better for the game. Unfortunately, an overly rigid interpretation of the rules has prevailed. The Bail/Hyperspace combination certainly would not send ripples through any meta that emerges, but I have played the game long enough to know that it would not be anything overpowered or game breaking, either. The Bail/Hyperspace interaction is as good candidate for an errata. It would do nothing but further diversify objective selection. For a time, the competitive Armada meta became stale, with Yavaris, relay, lifeboats, and squadrons running the show. The recent Wave is an attempt to roll back the rising tide of squadrons, and also presents a good opportunity for old cards (objectives included) to make a comeback. I'm positive that statistics show Hyperspace is almost never used. Sometimes you have to look at the big picture, and what's better for the game. Like I said before, the game designers gave us a bunch of cards that reward careful preparation (e.g. Thrawn, Pryce and Bail). With strategic, a small window of opportunity, and your opponent's ability to simply fly away from hyperspace tokens, the Bail/Hyperspace combo is not easy to pull off to maximum effect. The combination is clearly a fun one, and has the ability to swing some games, but like I said, it's nothing earth shattering.
  6. That's fair. Rules always need to be updated to adjust to the new Waves.
  7. It has become an echo chamber in here. Is anyone willing to offer a different perspective, or add anything new? @Green Knight? @Snipafist? @Crabbok? @Undeadguy? @PT106 even (have not spotted you in a while)?
  8. Dunno but the question is wholly irrelevant. I gave you examples of other cards that are not exhaustable. It seems you are arguing for the sake of arguing at this point so I have nothing further to discuss with you.
  9. No but it illustrates that not everything written on the card is an effect. You can exhaust Lando all you want, but you're not getting his effect unless you discard the card during the Spend Defense Tokens step. You can exhaust Toryn Farr all you want, but you're not getting her effect unless another squad at 1-3 is attacking with blue die.
  10. Nothing because Spinal Armaments has no exhaustible effect. Because the effect can only be resolved once, per the rules. No, it's not part of the effect. Exhausting is the mechanism which prevents you from resolving multiple of the same effect.
  11. What is the effect of Wulff Yularen? What is the effect of Sensor Team? What is the effect of Veteran Gunners? The list goes on. The point is that not everything written on the card is an "effect." Upgrade Cards have effects. The effect of exhausting Wulff is that I gain a command token of the same type. The effect of Wulff is not that I exhaust the card. The effect of exhausting Sensor Team is that I can manipulate dice. The effect of ST is not that I exhaust the card. The effect of exhausting Veteran Gunners is that it allows me to re-roll dice. The effect of VG is not that I exhaust the card. The effect is what comes after. After I place the token on Bail, I've reserved the right to trigger the effect at a later time, once the timing condition is met. TLDR: Cause and effect
  12. The fact that the Corvette is a small ship, and Bail can only be equipped to Medium and Large ships. What's your point?
  13. If you think the rules were designed to limit someone from hyper-spacing with initiative using Bail, then you're being disingenuous. It is not easy to pull off. You have opponents with relay, timing issues with Bail (i.e. picking the right turn) and, spacing issues (i.e. your opponents can fly away from the tokens). I don't know how anyone who has a vast understanding of the game, like yourself, could seriously make such a claim.
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