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  1. I wish the rules are not so **** scattered around the book. Thank you good sir.
  2. Scenario: Player A's Oathsworn charge at player B's Reanimates giving them 1 Panic token. Player B then shoots at the Oathsworn causing the Reanimates to suffer a severity 1 moral test. Question: Can this severity be improved by the panic tokens on the Reanimates making it a severity 2 test? 53.1 When a unit suffers a morale test, that unit’s opponent draws a number of cards from the morale deck equal to the severity specified by the game effect that caused the test. Then, he chooses one of the drawn cards and resolves its effects. 53.2 During an attack, the severity of a morale test is equal to the number of morale icons and panic tokens spent. From what I understand, this shooting into Melee causes the unit to strictly suffer a severity 1 test that is NOT upgradeable because it is not an attack. Did I get this right?
  3. We had a very similar situation in xwing playing with those capital ships. My friend deployed the tantive at the very edge of the battlefield, round one he takes a bank maneuver, rear corner goes off the map and ship is destroyed. Edge problems not uncommon with ffg games ?
  4. Just added our gaming store in Kuwait, long shot but why not ?
  5. Update with averages per turn and per game with rerolls, and goddamn does Unstable benefit, a full 50% increase. The benefit is exactly the same with Malcorne's Bequest when it comes to Unstable energy, and is absolutely amazing if you do not care for Natural energy.
  6. A problem with calculating improvement over an entire game is the fact the natural energy eats into stable and unstable energy and vice-versa, so the better you do with one the worse you do with others. I might give it a shot later and try to figure the total number of a specific rune's increase over an entire game.
  7. In a greater effort to avoid finals, I am attempting some more math. I noticed that the Rune Golem is very dependent on rune coins, and their performance can really suffer with bad luck. The Greyhaven Channeler is an interesting upgrade that allows you to reroll 2 coins out of the 5 (4 really, considering one has two identical faces) and I wanted to know how big a difference he makes. Since Natural Energy has 3 coins and you can only reroll 2, I had to make a rather strange truth table to get the probabilities, and so I'm not entirely sure I got the numbers right, please let me know if you have an idea. Numbers in blue are iffy. Ok so here is coin averages per turn and per game, with and without rerolls. Note that the rerolls improve the averages of what you want while possibly lowering the averages of the result you are rerolling. Also note that stable benefits the least because only 1 coin to reroll, while unstable benefits the most because exactly two coins having 2 symbols each.
  8. Steadfast fear is definitely the one to go for, especially for firing in melee as you basically ignore over half of strength 1 cards especially rising panic, which is only really effective there. Doubt seems particularly weak though, as betrayal adds a basic attack with no rerolls or modifiers, and loss of faith can net you as little as 1 figure as the enemy chooses which tray to remove and they will always choose the one with the least figures. Also worth noting, once you hit strength 4 morale tests, none of the steadfasts do anything only Ravos the Everhungry's steadfast does anything.
  9. Updated with types, it seems that the Death Knights are resistant Flee in Terror, which is huge. Reanimates are resistant to doubt which is only 6 out of 30 cards, but these are strength 2 and 3 cards.
  10. Hello everyone, I recently bought my first core, but because of projects and finals I couldn't really play any games yet, so all I'm about to post is pure theory from my part. I am planning on running 2 Oathsworn 2x2 with Bull Pennon, because I like the idea of flank routing and screaming "A SHAMFUR DISPRAY", but I was't sure if morale was reliable enough to build an army around. So in order to escape working on projects and studying for finals, I worked on a table of probabilities for morale tests instead. Some Info: 30 Cards in total 15 Severity 1 Cards 8 Severity 2 Cards 7 Severity 3 Cards Of those, I think only Flee in Terror and Uncertainty are universally devastating, others are a lot more situational, and thats why I lumped those two below the table. What do you guys think? Is it worth running those Bull Pennon Oathsworns? Is my math correct? Misjudged cards?
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