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  1. The rules reference does a MUCH better job at explaining it than the rule book. Thanks! Maybe not an exception to the rule but at least we found a typo! 😀
  2. I have been working on a build that uses Rey pilot with Leia crew on board. At first I was excited at the idea of getting 2 force back a turn. After some research I was bummed to find out that the crew cards all say "(Force symbol) +1 (then the little up arrow)". This is supposed to mean that it adds (hence the +) one force to your force pool in general and you only get one back a turn. Disappointing for my list but it makes sense. But then...my brother and I noticed that while all the other force crew have the little "+"...Leia does not. Is this a typo or is she special?
  3. Good call! It all comes tumbling down! Good stuff. That seems like the direction I'll head in. Easy does it! It's just a question and not an attempt at rules lawyering. No need for any condescending comments or attempted mind reading. 😉
  4. Bummer. Sort of what I was afraid of. Has that been officially clarified? Yes he is! Intimidate is my favorite on him too. Now he gets 2 EPTs though so if the composure trick worked he would have been able to target lock, boost with the A wing ability, fail the action and get a focus.
  5. Sorry if this has already been asked/answered but...How does Arvel work with composure? If I boost with Arvel and crash into an enemy ship (as is the plan) Arvel 's ability says "if you would fail a boost action....resolve it as though you were partially executing a maneuver instead." Does that mean I initially fail it (thus triggering Composure if I have no green token yet) or does that "if you would" mean that you then don't fail the action at all?
  6. That's amazing. Exactly what I was looking for. I don't have the quick build cards for every ship since they didn't come in the conversion kits. You made this? It always blows my mind how much talent there is in this community!👍
  7. This might be an obvious one but is there a place to find printable quick build cards? I think I found some a while back but I was trying to find what the quick build cards were for the T-70s. It would be awesome to have a reference guide that you could print from, especially since there are going to be quick build tournaments.
  8. Holy Negativity! Nobody hates Star Wars like Star Wars fans...
  9. I am loving the list building challenge that all the new 2.0 stuff brings! I keep going back to fangs and Tie Fighters. Pretty much ALL of the fangs and tie fighters! It's not just the named pilots for the fangs and not just the generics for the Tie Fighters which is nice. For flops I guess I'm having a difficult time with Tie Advanced other than Vader. I'm not sure if they are truly not great or I am just thinking with a 1.0 brain. Whenever I start building a tie advanced I slowly just end up using vader. One flop that I keep running into is talent upgrades! Is anyone else just putting crack shot on everything?
  10. This crushes my terrible rigged up excel document I've been trying to use! Whoever made this just made my afternoon!
  11. Awesome! Exactly what I was looking for! I know how I'm spending my Friday night! 2.0 list building!
  12. If you put rigged cargo with Jabba on board...does that mean you can drop 5 rigged Cargo tokens? I can't see why not but I might be missing something.
  13. you read my mind. I was about to ask about the arc angle. Thank!
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