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  1. Until more fictions are released this is the best we've got.
  2. Until new information is made available, I'm going to assume the fics happen every three weeks now.
  3. ... ...okay, I must accept undeniable evidence: Kakita Yoshi is a fool.
  4. I predicted something! I'm better at this than MatPat is!
  5. Wait one sec. The article said that the cicle can be played with 4 or 8 scenarios, and The Search For Kadath is classified as Scenario 2-A. My completely baseless specukation is that half of the scenarios happen in standard reality and half of the other ones in the Dreamlands and that you can play either campaign separately or both in something like Epic Multiplayer Mode from the only LCG I bother playing.
  6. I would like an explanation.
  7. Oops, double post. My bad.
  8. Hello again? It's been a week an an hour.
  9. It's not even a resurrection: it's just saving someone from near-death.
  10. Not true. In Hollywood movies, you only need to have the boss explain the plan once while showing the exact same steps of that plan in action.
  11. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/7/24/dragons-of-the-east/
  12. Cool! Is there any specific date?
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