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  1. The Last Stone Played? More like That Escalated Quickly.
  2. Is this a player card? Okay, that makes it easier to ignore since it will be optional and won't be referred to in the game. Well, now I just realized this is the Seventh Ring.
  3. So, I must confess I am no expert in these matters, but doesn't someone carrying the One Ring in a time period supposedly between Bilbo's Birthday and Elrond's Council contradict canon a little bit? I am asking because this wasn't released yesterday.
  4. I don't want this... I DEMAND THIS!
  5. Chagatai's sister needs a card that pops characters into play.
  6. Daniel...what? He's new, right? In that case, congratulations and welcome!
  7. ... You, sir, are a badass. Happy to inform you of that.
  8. Ummm... Yes, it does look like Frodo spexifically targets the Balrog, so it shouldn't work. Regarding help in this quest, have you tried low cost allies to chunk the damage? Or you might put some more questing power to finish before the Balrog comes. Or you could make a totally not legit house rule that Frodo works against the Balrog otherwise you couldn't win.
  9. Welcome to the game! A game based on Tolkien's Legendarium, which in practice means Zombie Thorin Oakenshield and some hobbit becoming the Steward of Gondor. When you decide to play a quick game, it will take forever to build your deck and another forever to shuffle it. Then you will start playing, and it will usually be really difficult, and once you think you more or less control the situation, WHAM! enemies everywhere, impossible threat in the staging area and to top it all off whacky side effects that forbid you from actually doing anything useful while you try to hold the tide for as long as you can and mutter quietly: "...why?". Or maybe you are confortable during the entire game while nothing important happens, slowly adding ever more progress on that massive quest and sincerely hoping that either you get an enemy that doesn't die in one combat phase or end the quest already before you pass out from boredom. You can also have the opportunity to explore places in Middle-Earth both heavily explored and barely touched upon by the original lore. But mostly the latter, leading you to pick up your map 80% of the time a place is mentioned. In either case, you will decide to visit the website to get an idea of the published materials and...whoa. Now that's a lot of content. Literal years of content. You should expect to get up to date in 2024 or so. Then comes the deckbuilding options, which at first look massive and hugely varied until you actually start playing and realize that it's much easier than it looks, you just have to put Éowyn with two other heroes and that will be everyting for like three cycles.* The community is awesome, especially the blog Tales from the Cards, although that one comes with a perk: the blog's writer Ian Martin takes as much time to publish new stuff as his surnamesake George. This game is also responsible for the greatest evil ever created by mankind: Sleeping Sentry. Don't ask what that card does if you value your sanity. This game is awesome. *Although, to be fair, you can literally pick any card in the collection and Seastan will beat The Battle of Carn Dûm with it. And a few monts later that card is guaranteed to be nerfed.
  10. The old lore wiki is a very detailed and insightful place full of information. The rebooted lore wiki, on the other hand...is lacking. Severely lacking. As in, most characters only have a sentence or two of description and that's it. Even if they actuallly have more than that, it's just a few paragraphs with their backstory. Another important point is that I rarely see descriptions of events from after the storyline started, which kinda defeats the purpose of a wiki. So, after posting my frustrations with the wiki, I would be thankful if I saw some more activity towards greater elaboration on its contents. Yours truly, 987654321.
  11. Why is everyone talking about Sotorii murdering the Emperor as if it's certain? Sure it would destabilize the Empire, but it is already pretty destabilized by THE EMPEROR FRIGGING ABDICATING AND CHANGING HIS HEIR. Or, at least, try to find a different potential murderer.
  12. The Young Warrior (Warriors of the Wind, 5) has proven her skill in battle and in the court, but she has not lost some youthful impulsiveness. Theory: Matsu Tsuko is secretly a Utaku.
  13. New theory: Remember what Kaede saw in Smokeless Fire? I think I've figured out what it was.
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