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  1. I love the theme of peasants advice. Like, "Hey, noobs, ya'll like all big and haughty 'bout that Celestial Order thingie of yours, but, anyway, ya'll have to admit that... ... Dammit, I cant think of anything good to continue. That happens when you try to be cooler than you are. 😟
  2. 987654321

    Conspiracy Time

    Amazing how a theory can become much more credible a single day after it's published.
  3. 987654321

    A Tiger Stalks His Prey Lore Discussion

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS! #DaisetsuForHeir #TheEmperorWeNeed #MakeRokuganGreatAgain Also, “He is…a determined young man,” Toturi finally offered. “The perfect response, of course. Perfect in the same way that you could say that I have set a new standard for the performance of Tiger Stalks His Prey. It is true, but not necessarily flattering.” is just hilarious.
  4. 987654321

    FFG just spoiled themselves

    Oops, my bad. Let's, ummm..., take this as a lesson in not trusting rumors. BUT, if this turns out to be canon, I called it first.
  5. "A nukber of servants retain their age-old loyalty to the Lion Clan and await an opportunity to sabotage the Crane defenders from within." Like Hotaru didn't face enough problems already.
  6. 987654321

    Between the Lines - Dragon Fiction

    Just read this while eating a chocolate muffin whose sugar quantity I refuse to check. Aaaaah I love life.
  7. 987654321

    Heart of the Garden - Unicorn Fiction

    And everyone claiming otherwise is a traitor.
  8. 987654321

    Heart of the Garden - Unicorn Fiction

    My two thoughts on this: First of all, #DaisetsuForHeir #TheEmperorWeNeed #MakeRokuganGreatAgain Second of all, Daisetshahaiis real.
  9. 987654321

    Dreams of Shadow

    So Kaede is Anakin?
  10. 987654321

    987654321's law

    This is based onGodwin's law, which states the following: "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Hitler approaches 1" [link]https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Godwin's_law[/link] While viewing this subforum, I have come across a similar principle, which I've dubbed 987654321's law: "As a discussion on the Lore subforum of the l5r ffg community grows longer, the probability of someone opening a debate about you-know-who's intelligence or lack thereof aproaches 1, and upon happening so a new subthread begins in which Schmoozies and Manchu desperately try to convince one another of their opinion." If such a thing ever happens again, I propose someone to say "987654321's law!", upon which it would be implied that they please continue to focus on the actual subject of the thread. Should anyone still want to desperately try to convince somebody else of the intelligence or lack thereof of you-know-who, he or she is advised to do so in this thread, and leave the others alone. Thank you for your time, 98765321
  11. 987654321

    Kurosunai Village

    "I can see perfectly" Now THAT'S a proper badass boast.
  12. 987654321

    Conspiracy Time

    I follow the story but am not going to buy the game nor the novellas. May someone be so kind to post whatever happened to the water kami in a spoilee window? Thank you.
  13. 987654321

    Conspiracy Time

    Huh, gret idea, didn't occur to me!
  14. 987654321

    Conspiracy Time

    Hold my beer. Who Killed Doji Satsume? What happened with the Water Kami? Who are the sons and daughters of Heavens? Kolat Meishodo The Shadowlands New Stars Real World