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  1. Geez, I can't believe I forgot the MagnaGuard flew those! Yeah, that definitely needs to happen.
  2. That might be why they were wiped out.
  3. I wanted to avoid hard restrictions because I think they make sense for very specific scenarios like The Battle of Yavin, but not necessarily for a Clone Wars battle that happens to be above Naboo. I even tried to cover my bases by saying that I wasn't sure what the exact numbers should be because I would still want it to be mostly balanced, but just favoring specific chassis for specific scenarios.
  4. You even cut out the first half of the sentence which completely changes my meaning. 🤨
  5. And I'm talking specifically about scenarios and special events, not the overall game, where (as I said in the original post) it makes sense that they wouldn't be super-common. This is the second time you've disagreed with me while suggesting basically what I just said.
  6. Apologies if I sound rude, but did you even read my post? I even said "On the whole, it makes sense for these ships to be underused, as XMG is assumed to take place all over the Galaxy" and emphasized that I would only want points adjustments in specific thematic events and you replied to this idea with "No, but let me suggest basically what you just said."
  7. Well, yeah. This thread isn't "Why can't I mix and match any janky thing I want?" it's "There is some thematic mixing+matching, and room for more. What else do you think there should be?" you silly goose.
  8. As a side note, the TIE Phantom has been mostly overused, considering the brief window that the Imdaar facility was even manufacturing them. I'm wondering if they can be priced higher for the overall benefit of the game, but still have Imdaar events to keep the fear alive...
  9. What do the following ships have in common? Auzituck Gunship N-1 Nantex They're all produced and primarily used by one specific planet. They're also pretty underused (At least the Nantex WILL be after the next points update). There are some other underused ships that are not exclusive to, but are strongly associated with specific systems, like TIE Striker VCX-100 (At least the Ghost and its represented pilots) Fang Fighter (Arguably) Mining Guild TIE My idea is this: Have thematic games/events set in specific systems where these ships are discounted as appropriate. On the whole, it makes sense for these ships to be underused, as XMG is assumed to take place all over the Galaxy, but on the other hand, N-1s and Nantexes were everywhere in their respective movies and I want to see that happen in the game once in awhile. I would love to see a Naboo battle where multiple N-1s are scrambled with one ARC-170 the Republic sent to support them, or a battle over Kashyyyk where Chewbacca didn't need much convincing to help out his Auzituck bros. The opposition would of course have to plan around the higher likelihood of encountering planetary fighters. I'm not a big cruncher, so don't ask me what specific numbers should be seen, but I'd love to hear the community's thoughts on this.
  10. Alright, if we can have a medium/large leader with small ships in the support row... TIE Reaper with TIE Strikers U-Wing with Small Alphabet Fighters (Will be especially awesome when Shara Bey finally gets an A-Wing) VCX-100 with A-Wings
  11. So far, we can only mix+match with Agent of the Empire and First Order Elite. What other wing formations do you want to see? I'll start with mine. Republic: Wing leader must have at least 1 Force point with V-19 Torrent squaddies CIS: Wing leader must have a Tactical Relay equipped with Vulture squaddies Scum: Starviper leader with Z-95 or Kihraxz squaddies There's a couple more ideas I have, but I don't have the kit and don't know if having medium/large squad leaders is feasible.
  12. Thanks for the tip. Got a Resistance Transport, N1, seconds Droid Bomber, third B-Wing.
  13. I've never been more glad to be wrong about something.
  14. Averross

    Huge Ships in App?

    To be fair, the point where consumers draw the line can be hard to tell at times. I used to work at a Staples Copy+Print Center and anything that a customer wants done within an hour gets a 30% express fee (since I had to drop everything else I was doing). B&W prints are about 12 cents per page, but 20 cents with the express fee. If somebody handed me a single sheet of paper, it's understood that they want it immediately, so I would just tell them it costs 20 cents since I had to charge express. For the most part, people were okay with the total cost until they saw that 30% came from an express fee.
  15. Averross

    Huge Ships in App?

    I would be way less irked if they had been more upfront about it.
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