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  1. I put all the star cards for settlement and wasteland into their own separate piles. The rules then say to put the remaining encounter cards and quest cards in numerical order to form the "Card Library". I also remember reading things about the vault cards not being used unless called for. So my question is, I put all cards 1-159 into a single pile to form the library? Or do I keep them separated into their matching backs? It seems odd to have a deck of quest cards, a different deck of settlement cards, another deck of wasteland cards and another for both vaults....all why supposedly trying to have them in numerical order. Also, when you get to the part where your supposed to draw a number of cards (with matching backs) as the number of players....it just doesn't feel right to be sifting through 5+ quest cards to find that 1 settlement card, sift through 2-8 more to find a second, etc. Is the library supposed to be set up like that? Does it even matter? The first game I played the other night a player was given the chance to complete a quest that wasn't even staged...felt kinda broken and made me feel like I was doing something wrong. Additionally, if a quest card is completed/done/used etc and it does not specifically say "Trash" am I to assume that it creates a discard pile?
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