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    Parable reacted to MalusCalibur in Instead of complaining about meta and nerfs   
    Would be nice. Sadly, FFG opened Pandora's Box by releasing hard errata, and ever since then this forum is little more than calls for more of them. Which is precisely what I was worried about.
    Would also be nice if people would appreciate how unusual both lists in the Worlds final were, and how skilled both players were, rather than immediately cry out for the winning list to be 'nerfed' and make broad, sweeping statements about the state of the game based on the Top 16. But there we are.
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    Parable reacted to TasteTheRainbow in So old Palp and X7s were the real competative strengh of the Empire huh?   
    I would be dollars to doughnuts that if you were working a long, hectic weekend full of rough calls and constant pressure and I put you on camera to commentate a game I'd have some corrections for you. Have you ever tried to speak publicly and constantly when you're completely mentally blown out? It's hard. Ease off.
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    Parable reacted to Stay On The Leader in Live cheating at worlds?   
    Not really any of your business.
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    Parable reacted to wurms in Operations Specialist. Sleeper card, next Attanni Mindlink?   
    Its my favorite card right now. I always try to fit it in a squad if I can. It's not Attanni mindlink good, but it is good enough for Imps and Rebels to get some good action economy. I love it paired with SnapShot. Snapshot misses and you get rewarded, or it hits and you do damage. win win.
    Check out Phoenix Swarm made by @Stay On The Leader. Its one of my favorite squads to fly at the moment. So **** fun and can take on any list out there. Focus tokens pop around like candy.
    Im currently trying:
    Tomax Bren (24)
    Crack Shot (1)
    Kylo Ren (3)
    Operations Specialist (3)
    Lightweight Frame (2)
    TIE Shuttle (0)
    "Quickdraw" (29)
    A Score to Settle (0)
    Fire-Control System (2)
    Lightweight Frame (2)
    Special Ops Training (0)
    Darth Vader (29)
    Adaptability (0)
    Advanced Targeting Computer (1)
    Engine Upgrade (4)
    TIE/x1 (0)
    Total: 100
    View in Yet Another Squad Builder
    All PS 8,9,10, so they fire early and get focus early or else get kylo crit through. Only done one game so far, but Tomax lasted about an hour being tokened up and was the only death.
    I also tossed Op Spec on a U-wing in an epic game and holy crap, it was awesome.
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    Parable reacted to ScummyRebel in What is "unfun" about the game?   
    My biggest complaint is not getting to play.
    My second biggest complaint is all the "we have to Nerf XYZ" threads.
    These are both unfun. Just got to go spend my Sunday afternoon playing game after game flying ships. It was awesome! No complaints about nerfing or rules, just some folks flying around having fun with their list ideas.
    If I had to pick a game mechanic as "unfun", I'd point to the growing trend of combinations of upgrade cards that can make the game feel like a card game first and minis second. However that complaint is less of an issue for me as my collection grows because I want to fly more and different little plastic spaceships. Not really pressured to buy "for the cards" when you've got plans for how you'll use the model.
    I mean, I'll be flying a G1A of all silly things in my list at Campaign Against Cancer. And it's not even 4LOM or Zuckess!
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    Parable reacted to SabineKey in It's time to start thinking about the Z-95 fix.   
    Shock collars?
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    Parable reacted to AlexW in Prequel ships more likely?   
    Would they put them in new factions?  I don't see how they fit in with existing ones unless they do something similar to the arc.
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    Parable reacted to LordBlades in [Serious request] Give us a balance/feedback subgroup so this very specific group of people spamming nerf threads don't ruin our forum   
    It was bound to happen. Quite a few people were bound to believe that the great nerfig is proof that, as long as you get a 'critical mass' to complain for long enough, anything can be nerfed.
    With their pen&ink changes FFG has opened a door they won't be able to close again.
    I fear constant nerf threads are here to stay.
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    Parable reacted to RStan in Any SE Michigan games?   
    Pandemonium in Garden City started their normal XWing league last week again. League days (and most general XWing days) are Thursday nights and Saturdays. They also run at least 3-4 sessions of Heroes of Aturi Cluster at a time which is the most I've ever seen. 
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    Parable reacted to Admiral Deathrain in A picnic in the sunshine with cake for everyone   
    Pretty crazy that A-Wings are even lower than Punishers and that B-Wings are lower than TIE Bombers. You would think at least someone would fly Snapswarms. They do look rather good, especially with OpSpec TIEs in the mix.
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    Parable reacted to Estarriol in Why are the U Wings so weak?   
    On the other hand, is the U-wing balanced and the J5K massively not? If you compare it to the IG-88 it fares a lot better.
    i suspect that the rebels will get some better crew in a few waves time to make the U-wing really shine, but in the meantime there are some solid builds out there.
    Also,it is a support ship, much like the hawk. Not a combat ship in its own right.
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    Parable reacted to ViscerothSWG in Organised play updated the tournament rules yesterday   
    Games would be more interesting if they just outright banned templates during setup.
    Bumping your own ships as they fly at tangents by turn 3. Imagine the unconventional attack vectors. It'd be a good thing.
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    Parable reacted to VanderLegion in X-Wing's First Ban?   
    yah, jump masters will not (and should not) get banned.  Worst comes to worst, FFG will FAQ them to be more expensive.
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    Parable reacted to Cubanboy in Quickdraw, Vessery, and...?   
    The Inquisitor (28) - TIE Adv. Prototype
    A Score To Settle (0),  TIE/v1 (1), Autothrusters (2)
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    Parable reacted to VanderLegion in I think it's safe to say we're never getting the Star Jewel   
    Han at least saw some use for a while after the ghost ame out
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    Parable reacted to Stay On The Leader in Could the Punisher be balanced with a title that allowed multiple attacks?   
    No, because a viable super-alpha strike will invalidate an awful lot of ships who can't withstand it.
    Now a title that was like Baze Malbus and let you attack two targets?  That would be better as it spreads damage around, which is a natural control.
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    Parable reacted to Hawkstrike in Hoth Podcast????   
    Yeah, but it's just hours of wampa and tauntaun noises.
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    Parable reacted to radon86 in Any SE Michigan games?   
    Destiny Games is holding a 100 point tournament on 4/8 starting at @4pm.  This will be in their new location in Westland.  Hope to see you there!
    37828 Ford Rd, Westland MI 48185
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    Parable reacted to WWHSD in FAQ 4.3.2 went up today.   
    I wonder if FFG waited until after seeing this weekend's System Open results to decide how they wanted to rule on this. At this point, buffs to Targeting Sycnhronizer almost amount to an Imperial buff. 
    Imperials have 3 different ships that can fill 3 different roles that have tech slots. Rebels and Scum each have only one. 
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    Parable reacted to IG88E in Remove secondary weapon range rule from turrets?   
    The idea is to give opponents their range bonus back when defending against range 3 secondary weapon turrets (only existing one are Twin laser turrets so everything else remain unaffected).
    In order not to boost aces, the wording could be similar to Lightweight frame:
    If you have 2 or less agility (defense die) the range 3 bonus is given (also Talonbane would like that).
    This would be no card nerf, it would rather be an overall adaption of the rules without big disadvantages for anyone.
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    Parable got a reaction from radon86 in Any SE Michigan games?   
    Anyone know of upcoming local tournaments or events in the metro Detroit area this March/April? I'm currently in-between leagues and hoping to find a night or weekend where I can get in a few games. I'm not too far from Garden City (Pandemonium), Livonia (R.I.W.), Wixom (Flat Land Games), Ypsilanti, or Plymouth.
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    Parable reacted to Parakitor in And Then I Got Bored   
    This is fantastic! You can leave the new ships on the shelf, and play with a bunch of squads you've been meaning to run, but never had the time for. I'm pumped to take my generic interceptors out for a spin, for example. I'm also really enjoying triple T-70. With how much money I've spent on the game, I think it's fine to skip a few ships and really dig deep into the collection I currently own.
    But yeah, I had the same kind of crestfallen feeling when this next wave was revealed. I don't even play scum and the Scyck article was way more exciting to me. I think there's always hope for Wave 12 XG-1 Starwing Assault Gunboat!
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    Parable reacted to ABXY in Wave 11 announced at GAMA!   
    That Scurrg is going to give the more skilful painters amongst us some nice flat surface to slap their art on! 
    I can't wait to see the various pilot card illustrations. 
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    Parable got a reaction from Darth Meanie in Wave 11 announced at GAMA!   
    Turrets Syndrome
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    Parable reacted to wurms in Wave 11 announced at GAMA!   
    Pug Lyfe

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