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    Parable reacted to ArbitraryNerd in Cikatro Vizago and Cloaking Device   
    I think I'd have an issue with someone running a sanctioned FFG tournament and not following FFG rules. There is nothing to support that this is even RAI, and you can't suggest that "no longer having a cloaking device" is rules logic -- many, many cards in this game follow game logic but, in any real sense, are absolutely ridiculous.

    Boba crew flying over and spray-painting over titles is my favorite example.
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    Parable reacted to 4fox100 in Cikatro Vizago and Cloaking Device   
    Just run it with the Tug Boat of Awesome. 4 agility rollin, tractor beaming, reverse maneuvering, thug for life.
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    Parable reacted to RufusDaMan in The new FAQ is up. And craziness.   
    ****.... the enslavement of your people was the right course of action
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    Parable reacted to MalusCalibur in B-Wing   
    Was that a joke? The only X-Wing that sees routine play is sodding Biggs, who is a cancer on the game. His ability is such badly designed nonsense that it creates only frustration - Captain Rex is an example of how to do that kind of ability right. Meanwhile, the ship remains unfixed most likely because of that little git.
    No other ship should get priority for a 'fix' over the ship that the whole blasted game is named after, and certainly not the B-Wing since there's fundamentally nothing wrong with it. I swear, the 'Great Nerfing' FAQ was the worst thing to happen to this game - not because of the nerfs, but because of the precedent for hard errata it has set such that every forum-goer who thinks themselves a game designer suggests 'fixes' for every ship under the sun if it isn't at the cut-throat top of the meta (which is another, seperate problem with the game) every two flaming minutes.
    As it currently stands, the only ships that genuinely need fixing are the Punisher (nothing it can do that can't be done more efficiently on cheaper ships) and the X-Wing (categorically underwhelming for the points unless it's f'ing Biggs). Anything else is wishlisting at best.
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    Parable reacted to Suriel in Havoc Bomber preview up   
    Reading that article gave me cancer. As an Imperial player I feel almost cheated. Scum buffed even more. Miranda+Sabine going full carpet bombing. Meanwhile Imps get Agressor with TLT. Good game. 
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    Parable reacted to DeathstarII in tlt. Fix.   
    Uh....but it comes in two small base ships...
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    Parable reacted to wurms in I've never flown a....   
    This can knock out the Upsilon and Striker on your list.
    Kylo Ren (34) w/ Rage (1), Advanced Sensors (3), Inspiring Recruit (1), Inspiring Recruit (1), Kylo Ren's Shuttle (2)
    "Backdraft" (27) w/ Wingman (2), Fire-Control System (2), Lightweight Frame (2), Special Ops Training (0)
    "Pure Sabacc" (22) w/ Veteran Instincts (1), Lightweight Frame (2), Adaptive Ailerons (0)
    Total: 100
    Flank with Sabaac. Make Backdraft and Kylo bosom buddies. Kylo can stay parked and get his full mod shots as long as Backdraft is around him (who can circle around him and fire out the butt).
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    Parable reacted to GreenDragoon in Ways for imperial ships to get evade tokens?   
    soon: Intensity (yes I'm all giddy, so looking forward to it)
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    Parable got a reaction from Darth Meanie in "I can Haz Mods please?" Punisher   
    Double Edge's pilot ability would have been great. Especially with Munitions Failsafe.
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    Parable reacted to MaxPower in An appeal to the disappointed Imps and Rebs   
    I get it. I'm a purely imperial player myself and I've received several beatings by scum players in the past. 
    But what some of you are doing is in my opinion very detrimental to both the game as well as the community. It seems to me that many of you are on the "Give my faction the goodies! Now!"-train. And I see that both the Empire as well as Rebels are lacking some punch right now. 
    Please... try to see the good. Any addition to the game that does not buff Jumpmasters is a welcome addition. In particular any new addition to the game that seeks to bring unplayed elements back into the game. Even if I keep losing, I'd rather lose against Talonbane+Old Teroch+Fenn Rau, then 5x Khiraxz, then Guri+Talonbane+Zuckus then ... instead of 3x Parattani and 3x Triple Jumps.
    Any diversity is good if your list is lacking against certain elements. Talonbane + Guri (w Autothrusters) = Probably no bombs on the enemy side. And the Inquisitor is great against both. Also: Defenders seem pretty slick against Khiraxz still.
    Also: by buffing these ships, FFG clearly signals that they are aware of underperformers. That should make us hopeful for eventual buffs of X-Wings, Rebel HWKs, TIE Punishers, TIE Ints and the like... Plus, we ARE getting new toys as well, after all. The Agressor expansion seems very well thought out.
    TL/DR: Don't whine but enjoy any new additions to the game as long as they are not buffing JM5ks. Rejoice in Xwing diversity. 
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    Parable reacted to Pretty Green in New "Guns for Hire" Pack Announced   
    Royal Guard title feels like a joke now.
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    Parable reacted to Jehan Menasis in B-wing/Blade Wing Questions   
    They had to replace the multi-laser array system with six proton torpedo launcher bays, in order to give it a comparable punch against capital ships. The proton launchers were less power demanding -which aided with its power problems- but unfortunately, also much heavier, hence the loss of agility.
    You know, I can pass all night long giving technical answers for a fictional fantasy universe...
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    Parable reacted to Stay On The Leader in How good are TIE Strikers really?   
    They're nice to paint, so... there's that going for them.

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    Parable reacted to Dwing in How good is Snap-Tac Rhymer?   
    Throw Operations specialist on him and he will be snapping and handing out stress and potential focus to friends for free.
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    Parable reacted to Cusm in What if movement was front-to-front, instead of front-to-back?   
    I think FFG would prefer this movement as their miniature games (Armada and Runewars) that have movement templates have the a different type of movement, using the side and not front/back.

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    Parable reacted to Sk3tch in Anyone else feel like FFG is tired of X-Wing already?   
    This is nice. Getting to spend time with some over looked stuff from previous waves.
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    Parable reacted to costi in Anyone else feel like FFG is tired of X-Wing already?   
    For what it's worth, I'm happy that the release cycle has slowed down.
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    Parable reacted to Slugrage in Anyone else feel like FFG is tired of X-Wing already?   
    Nope. They just did the Destiny release. They're knee-deep in Runewars. It can't be ALL X-WING ALL THE TIME simply from keeping their catalog diverse so that they're catering to as many different markets as possible.

    Besides, those of us that have been around for a long time remember when the releases were right on top of each other and we deliberately asked FFG to slow down the release cycle. It was getting to the point that one wave was about to hit the stores for sale and they were posting details for the NEXT wave after that. It totally killed the excitement of the imminent product release as everyone seemed to automatically jump on the next thing.

    It's a good thing to have them staggered. Actually gives people time to play and enjoy the product.
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    Parable reacted to bahourmat in Anyone else feel like FFG is tired of X-Wing already?   
    I actually don't mind the lull (if I got the OP's point correctly). It allows for a breather before everyone begins scrambling the next big thing.
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    Parable reacted to Jarval in Anyone else feel like FFG is tired of X-Wing already?   
    Nah, we're just in a lull at the moment.  The C-ROC will be coming soon, and we'll start seeing Wave 11 articles in late June/early July for it getting a GenCon release in mid August.  We'll probably see a Wave 12 announcement in August/September for a December/January release to tie in with The Last Jedi coming out.
    Mostly I'm curious to see if there will be anything announced for the 40th Anniversary on the 25th May.
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    Parable reacted to Jo Jo in Anyone else feel like FFG is tired of X-Wing already?   
    We just had Worlds.
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    Parable reacted to SabineKey in If you could change ONE ship's stat, by a value of 1, what would it be and why?   
    Bump the HWK primary up to 2.
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    Parable reacted to Khyros in Any SE Michigan games?   
    Alright, let's start aggregating the Store Championship info.  I'll be asking stores for info, but if anyone knows something not listed here, please comment and I'll put it up.
    First, here's a map of all of the locations (Except Taiga as that's the only one in the UP and was messing with the default zoom level).
    Hollow Mountain Comics and Games - 611 E Grand River Ave #200, East Lansing
    Sunday June 4th - 517 708 7191
    ?? Cost - Unknown Cap
    ?? Reg, ?? Start
    Unknown Pregistration Method
    Evolution Games - 6323 W Saginaw Hwy, Lansing
    Sunday June 11th - 517 323 8600
    $10 - Uncapped
    ?? Reg, ?? Start
    Preregister by letting the store know you're attending
    Stomping Grounds Game Shop - 50760 Gratiot Avenue, Chesterfield
    Saturday July 15th - 586 741 5699
    11AM Reg, 12PM Start
    $15 - Unknown Cap
    Unknown Registration Method
    Eternal Games - 26051 Hoover Rd, Warren 
    Saturday July 22nd - 586 684 4263
    11:30AM Reg, 12:00PM Start
    $10 - Unknown Cap
    Unknown Registration Method
    Get Your Game On - 310 S State Street, Ann Arbor
    Unknown Date - 734 786 3746
    Gamer's Gauntlet - 20564 Hall Road, Clinton Township
    Unknown Date - 586 412 6677
    Fanfare Games - 4415 S Westnedge Ave, Kalamazoo
    Unknown Date - 269 349 8866
    Odyssey Games - 5023 W Main St, Kalamazoo
    Unknown Date - 269 459 9535
    Summit Comics & Games - 216 Washington Square South B, Lansing
    Unknown Date - 517 485 2369
    Taiga Games - 145 W Washington St, Marquette 
    Unknown Date - 906 273 2747
    Mike's Comics - 36121 Green St, New Baltimore
    Unknown Date - 586 716 9511
    RIW Hobbies - 29571 Five Mile Road, Livonia
    Unknown Date - 734 261 7233
    Chronocade Toys and Games - 8801 N 32nd St, Richland
    Unknown Date - 269 629 6036
    Gate Keeper Games - 3127 Twelve Mile Rd, Berkley
    Unknown Date - 248 439 0787
    Imperium Games (Formerly known as Flat Land Games) - 28990 S Wixom Rd, Wixom
    Unknown Date - 248 773 7854
    Fun4All - 3773 Carpenter Rd, Ypsilanti
    Unknown Date - 734 477 9994
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    Parable reacted to TheHumanHydra in If I were in charge of the next FAQ...   
    I just want Kir Kanos to have an EPT slot.
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