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    Parable reacted to Joe Boss Red Seven in [PREDICTIONS] Guesses for Wave 12?   
    That would be fun to have in the game too!

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    Parable got a reaction from Joe Boss Red Seven in WE WANT THE NEBULAN B EXPANSION FFG... NOW MOVE!!!   
    * Nebulon B (sorry, it was bugging me)
    I have seen 3D printed and fan-made models that look awesome. I think I have two from FFG... but they are made for Armada.
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    Parable reacted to Rinzler in a Tie in Removing one word from the rulebook to 'fix' many of X-Wing's problems   
    With dice creep, this would all but push out 3-dice secondaries (Tractor Beam, Mangler, Tracers, etc.).
    Three red dice just isn't enough any more unless you've got jank, Gunner, or at least two other three-dice attacks each turn. 
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    Parable reacted to Ralgon in Woul adding objektives to the game make It even beter?   
    Look at the hotac and the large and epic ship mission for idea's.
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    Parable reacted to Quadjumper King in Woul adding objektives to the game make It even beter?   
    The missions included in the large boxes and the starter sets are a good way to go for beginning, from there you can try an epic ship campaign (come with the ships) or design your own now you have an understanding of what balance is. 
    Alternatively listen to the the more recent episodes of the Shuttle Tyderium Podcast they work through some epic campaigns missions and design their own for the upcoming X-Wing narrative event. 
    Missions are a fun way to play X-Wing, definitely give them a shot
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    Parable reacted to Herowannabe in Don't ever complain about "on the boat" again   
    So a game I backed on Kickstarter just posted an update where they gave us a link to a live feed that shows us exactly where the boat is in the ocean. Don't they realize I have work that needs to be done!?!? AUUGH!!! Not knowing is so much better. 

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    Parable reacted to thespaceinvader in Faq ''leak''   
    Punishers should, IMO, be shooty AF.  Not particularly durable, just able to pound the heck out of things.
    I'm still taken with the idea of letting them take a missile or torp shot after a primary shot.  FCS targetting lasers > torp.  Who needs Deadeye?
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    Parable reacted to DR4CO in Faq ''leak''   
    Some of them are for very sound balance reasons. Can you imagine how obnoxious a Lone Wolf + Threepio Miranda would be as an end game ship?
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    Parable reacted to LagJanson in Trench run/hotac terrain   
    I used these.
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    Parable reacted to Marinealver in Arc Caster - An Answer to Jank?   
    Nah, the only answer to Jank is to nerf it

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    Parable reacted to Boom Owl in Ships you love to see on the other side of the table   
    1. Small Base Ships without TLT
    2. T-70s other than Poe and Jess Pava, especially Ello Nasty or Oh Snap Wexley
    3. Swarms of any kind
    4. Juno Eclipse
    5. These two flying together:
    Serissu — M3-A Interceptor 20 Veteran Instincts 1 Heavy Laser Cannon 7 Hull Upgrade 3 "Heavy Scyk" Interceptor (Cannon) 2 Ship Total: 33     Genesis Red — M3-A Interceptor 19 Veteran Instincts 1 Heavy Laser Cannon 7 Hull Upgrade 3 "Heavy Scyk" Interceptor (Cannon) 2 Ship Total: 32 6. Ships without Autothrusters 
    7. High PS Ships 
    8. Phantoms
    9. Interceptors
    10. Strikers
    11. Imperial Firespray
    12. QuickDraw or Backdraft
    13. These two buddies:
    Wedge Antilles — X-Wing 29 Veteran Instincts 1 BB-8 2 Engine Upgrade 4 Ship Total: 36     Luke Skywalker — X-Wing 28 Veteran Instincts 1 R2-D2 4 Engine Upgrade 4 Ship Total: 37  
    14. Attack Shuttles without Ghosts
    15. Any Ship really since the game is fun. 
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    Parable reacted to Wedge Nantillais in Please tell me I am not the only one that does this   
    Invisible Touch when Genesis Red is overlapping.
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    Parable reacted to Dr Zoidberg in What if ships squirted instead of bumped?   
    Only if I'm lucky and the wife is in a good mood.... 
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    Parable reacted to Wiredin in Faq ''leak''   
    For the record, the Ghost is no where near balanced. it keeps falling off it's stand! I demand FFG Errata this! 
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    Parable reacted to Hawkstrike in Faq ''leak''   
    Monks make mean beer, man.  Study harder.
    Anyway ... Mindlinked Brobots: completely unaffected, and effective.
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    Parable reacted to Warlon in Faq ''leak''   
    People said the same thing about Palpatine but I keep finding his clones everywhere...
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    Parable reacted to Jeff Wilder in Faq ''leak''   
    I played against fantastic list on Sunday (comprising four Mindlinked Mangler Scyks).  It drove me insane; it was a thing of beauty, especially against Fair and Balanced.

    So much for that good, non-broken, list and all the ones like it.
    Looks, again, maybe Mindlink is broken.  All I'm saying is to get evidence of that absent definitely-broken JM5Ks.
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    Parable reacted to VanderLegion in Faq ''leak''   
    For that biggs change, it's basically just serissu's ability (slightly better since it gives the potential for an extra evade vs just rerolling an existing non-evade.  But unless you roll all evades - and eyeballs if you have a focus - it's the same net effect).  I'd probably even be happy to make biggs just give ships at range 1 a free evade result.
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    Parable reacted to codegnave in Faq ''leak''   
    "This post brought to you by the Nera Dantels Appreciation Society"
    I would love this change, personally!
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    Parable reacted to Punning Pundit in Faq ''leak''   
    I want to see an FAQ that changes Flechette Torpedoes from:
    "After you perform this attack, the defender receives 1 stress token if its hull value is "4" or lower."
    "After you perform this attack, the defender receives 1 stress token."
    That would do a whole lot to help against ships with 5 million greens and self stress mechanics.  Not to mention giving ships with only 1 Torpedo slot a reason to equip a Torpedo.
    And I think the Flechette Cannon should be changed as well. From:
    "If this attack hits, the defender suffers 1 damage and, if the defender is not stressed, it also receives 1 stress token. Then cancel all dice results."
    "If this attack hits, the defender suffers 1 damage and, if the defender has fewer than 2 stress tokens, it also receives 1 stress token. Then cancel all dice results."
    These weapons have both been unused since they landed, and a big part of that is the limitations. The Flechette Torpedo is basically useless against lists with only Large ships. And the Flechette Cannon is useless against ships that start most combat rounds with a stress token- which are the ships I most want to deal a stress token _to_. Loosening those restrictions a bit would be enormously helpful.
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    Parable reacted to Biophysical in Faq ''leak''   
    It would be nice if the expensive bomb-based pilot ability specialists were actually the best bombers.
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    Parable reacted to ViscerothSWG in Faq ''leak''   
    Makes me think back to the original K-Wing release article. Back when slamming and bombing was a thing for a couple days.
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    Parable reacted to Jeff Wilder in Faq ''leak''   
    I hate that they "fixed" JM5K and Mindlink at the same time. There is no evidence that Mindlink is broken outside of JM5K lists.  It's good.  It's strong.  It might be broken.  But it also might not be.
    I also hate the AdvSLAM "fix" ... talk about a massive bait-and-switch.  The correct fix was "The AdvSLAM must be the exact same maneuver."
    And I never thought I'd say this, but ... that might actually be too much to the JM5K! (Maybe.)  It's using concepts that are good, but ending up bad because they simply refuse to errata the cost.

    Here's the real question: are they going to restore Deadeye and Manaroo? (Of course not ... )
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    Parable reacted to EdgeOfDreams in Faq ''leak''   
    Cluster Mines covert crit results to regular damage. You got robbed by a player who didn't know they don't deal crits.
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    Parable reacted to Johen Dood in Was the last clause on Lightweight Frame necessary?   
    Pssh, you're just lucky LWF isn't Scum and Rebels Only.
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