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    Parable reacted to Wondergecko in GAT-12 Skipray Blastboat   
    Welp, it worked for the Starwing, so I'd love to see if there's some love for the noble Blastboat. Personally, this was always a favorite ship of mine -- a sturdy, hard-hitting assault craft with a good variety of weapons and a roomy cabin that actually makes sense for a picket ship.
    It's a badass little ship, and in lore it was supposed to be occasionally classified as a small capital ship due to the output of its reactor. Game mechanic-wise, perhaps this could mean it gets energy tokens, like an epic ship. Anyways, who else is clamoring for this?
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    Parable reacted to hargleblarg in I hate green dice/I love green dice   
    Goddamn tokenless Sunny Bounder dodged my cruise missile by rolling 3 naturals and adding a 4th.
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    Parable reacted to Icelom in Anyone tilted that Scum got the best ship again?   
    Ah good, allready complaining before even trying the ships.
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    Parable reacted to Kharnete in Bring on the Alpha Strike (News)   
    Also, how long until we have something that gives Reload to the mighty Punisher?
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    Parable reacted to Celestial Lizards in Bring on the Alpha Strike (News)   
    Anakin: YIPEE!
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    Parable reacted to MaxPower in "Reload" Action Speculation   
    I'd think reload is an action that assigns to you a weapon's disabled token (since both ships come with them and the scum ship doesn't have slam). So you have to spend an action and a shot to do it. Then you may reequip a spent missile or torpedo... possibly even a bomb.
    This would give the gunboat a fairly unique playstyle: go in, shoot a torpedo, slam out, use advance slam to reload. This explains how the pilot ability of the ace may come in handy: every other turn you will focus on defense, before you go back in with your recharged cluster missiles (come on, guys, lets's face it: gunboats should fire cluster missiles.)  Perhaps this way we'll get a bit of mad flying like the striker? 
    Personally, I would love that, since I dig reengages. Just feels so dog-fighty...
    P.S.: I'd recon the scum ship comes with a mod that gives reload to ordinary ships. Considering that would be a modification, it might not be broken since that would rule out equipping guidance chips and the like.
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    Parable reacted to Rat of Vengence in Nerf beer!   
    I dunno, I played a LOT of beer once, and it was a definte NPE the next day...

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    Parable got a reaction from Starfall in Wave 12: What we know   
    Now, an E-wing only Astromech which added that sort of ability (once per round!) would be pretty neat.
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    Parable got a reaction from Punning Pundit in Wave 12: What we know   
    Now, an E-wing only Astromech which added that sort of ability (once per round!) would be pretty neat.
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    Parable reacted to Praetorate of the Empire in A Pleasant Surprise - Didn't Play the Meta   
    So I live in Sioux Falls, SD. I don't really know if I can say that the meta has affected us here, but there's very few of us. I've played 3 rounds of this Summer League (my first competitive scene) we have going and was very pleasantly surprised to see my opponent pull out an A X U-Wing list:
    Luke Skywalker (28) [38] Expertise (4) R2-D2 (4) Vectored Thrusters (2) Jake Ferrell (24) [28] PTL (3) VI (1) Chardaan Refit (-2) Autothrusters (2) A-Wing Test Pilot (0) Heff Tobber (24) Jyn Erso (2) Rey (2) FCS (2) Engine Upgrade (4) What was even better about this was that we were having a bit of a classic match-up going on with my triple Imperial build:
    Darth Vader (29) [33] x1 ATC (1) Juke (2) TIE mk. II (1) Quickdraw (29) [36] Predator (3) Spec Ops (0) Electronic Baffle (1) TIE mk. II (1) Sensor Cluster (2) Deathfire (17) Extra Munitions (2) Cruise Missiles (3) Adv Homing Missiles (3) Cluster Mines (4) Guidance Chips (0) Quickdraw kind of messed up the classic, OT-ish feel of the match-up, but this was a fun list to play and his was a fun one to play against. I'd built my list to contend with the fearsome Fenn Rau and was relieved to not see him around. This was an extremely positive play experience and would encourage others to simply play stuff that is fun, fly a bit more casually, even in this meta, whatever it actually is.
    Anyhow, we met in combat in the third round. The rocks were mostly clustered in the middle. He brought Heff and Jake around on his right side, Luke dove directly into the asteroids. Vader went straight down the middle, rolled around to the left side of a rock. Quickdraw went to the right of the same rock. Deathfire went left, slow-rolling a bit.
    Combat round 1: Deathfire moves straight 4 and grabs TL on Heff, who moves into Range 2 of DF, uses Jyn to hand off 3 Focuses to Jake, who scoots in front of Heff, Range 1 of DF. Luke tiptoes into the asteroid field and Vader rolls right into his face, about 1/4" inch away, already has a TL on him. Quickdraw 1 hard left turns around the rock, baffles, lights up Luke, takes off a shield from him. Combat phase, Quickdraw fires, takes Luke's shield and gives him a damage, Vader finishes him with 3 natural hits and the ATC crit. Luke is gone before he even gets to shoot. Heff shoots at Vader, takes his shields.
    Jake fires at DF, who takes a damage or two. DF fires off a cruise missile for a measly 2 hits even after spending the TL, Heff rolls 1 evade and loses a shield. Heff shoots at DF, lands maybe one hit.
    CR 2: I flew like a doofus here. Ran DF barely onto a rock, though I would've been fine if I'd gone with my gut and would've gotten a good bomb drop, but DF didn't take any damage. Heff slipped into the asteroid, barely missing a bump with DF. Vader runs into DF on the same rock, draws a Direct Hit. Quickdraw ran right into Heff with a hard 3 turn, baffles the stress for a no-hit shot on Jake. Vader keeps his status as best pilot in the galaxy when Heff fires at R1, doesn't take anything. Quickdraw shoots again at Jake, no hits. Jake shoots at Vader for nothing.
    CR 3: DF, who really wanted to bomb the daylights out of Heff, morosely 5 K-turns out, no damage from the asteroid again. Heff loops out of the asteroid field toward DF, doesn't get arc. Vader gets off the asteroid, no damage except to his pride. Quickdraw S-loops, no arc, keeps the stress. Jake hits the gas, gets out of arc. No shots fired of consequence.
    CR 4: DF tries to find an arc, gets found instead. Heff got arc, blew him to smithereens before DF could drop any mines at all. Sad face. Vader moves out to find a good position. Mostly positioning at this point.
    CR 5: Heff lands a hit on Vader at range 3 through a rock, a major disappointment. Down to just Quickdraw, who can't really keep up with the U-Wing and can't find an arc.
    End of Game: Finally managed to catch up with Heff, brought him to half-hull on Quickdraw's last shot of the game. Lost, 100-55.
    Thoughts: The game was decided mostly on how the game was flown. I flew like a doofus for 1 round, paid dearly for it. Both players agreed that though our lists were not meta lists, they were both solid and fun to play. We're both cautious against the Scum players in the league and have prepped to fight them, but enjoy flying our lists. 
    Don't play solely against the meta, play for fun. I've loved flying Juke Vader, everyone's been surprised to see him or Imperials in general. I'm probably fourth in our small league and loving it.
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    Parable reacted to SabineKey in Biggs nerf idea?   
    How about him assigning his protection to one ship at a time rather than to everybody in range? At the beginning of a round, he could assign a "Biggs Token" to another ship, thus granting that ship his protection? 
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    Parable got a reaction from GLEXOR in What questions should we ask FFG at Gencon?   
    TIE/D with Ruthlessness, AFAICT.
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    Parable reacted to Stay On The Leader in Vaksai (News)   
    Paging Lt. Blount...
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    Parable reacted to Arkanta974 in Vaksai (News)   
    Enjoy !
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    Parable reacted to catachanninja in PS 10 Nym wrecks PS9 Imperial Aces, and it doesn't matter all that much.   
    I've felt for a while that the rate of prodcut relase could afford to slow down.
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    Parable reacted to jmswood in Dead Eye / Synced Turret / Biggs   
    @JasonCole Some of your scenarios are correct, but you're still wrong about Deadeye.
    In a general sense, if I have Deadeye and a Focus token, then I could target Biggs. If this was the only thing that matters, then you would be absolutely right. However, in X-wing timing is everything. Order of operations dictates when cards resolve. Substep ii of Declare Target is the only point in an attack in which the Attack header is relevant. To choose a weapon during that substep, you must meet the requirements of the Attack header. You cannot choose an Attack (Target Lock) weapon unless you have a Target Lock, and you cannot choose an Attack (Focus) weapon unless you have a Focus Token. Therefore, substep ii is the only step during which the first sentence of Deadeye may resolve: "You may treat the Attack (Target Lock) header as Attack (Focus)." You are not choosing a target yet, so Biggs doesn't matter. Page 10 of the FAQ states: "Biggs Darklighter's ability does not trigger if the attacker chose a weapon that cannot target Biggs Darklighter." This inherently means you cannot check for Biggs until after the weapon is chosen. Substep ii is already over at that point and with that the opportunity for Deadeye to change the header is expired. During substep iii, if the header was not changed by Deadeye, then Biggs cannot make the attacker go back to a previous step to resolve an ability for which the timing is already over.
    Step by step, there is only one solution to this rule question.  
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    Parable reacted to digitalbusker in Dead Eye / Synced Turret / Biggs   
    Choosing the weapon is when you have to decide whether Deadeye is changing the attack header. So yes, you can get around Biggs this way.
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    Parable got a reaction from Polaritie in *Potential Spoilers* Interesting Note on the TIE Silencer   
    TIE/FO dial was quite a bit better than the Red Core set TIE, and with the "dial creep" lately I'd love to see something like all green 3's. We already have green 1's with the TIE Advanced Prototype, and hard green 2's with the FO and standard Interceptor. Green 3's would be a nice iteration to make it fly differently (hopefully not too much like a Defender).
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    Parable got a reaction from Rogue_Group1 in *Potential Spoilers* Interesting Note on the TIE Silencer   
    TIE/FO dial was quite a bit better than the Red Core set TIE, and with the "dial creep" lately I'd love to see something like all green 3's. We already have green 1's with the TIE Advanced Prototype, and hard green 2's with the FO and standard Interceptor. Green 3's would be a nice iteration to make it fly differently (hopefully not too much like a Defender).
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    Parable reacted to Biophysical in An important question to those leading the discussion (podcasters or otherwise)   
    Just one man's opinion:
    I remember the designers a couple of years ago saying that PWTs as is are important for the game, because they allow new players interested in cinematic encounters a way to play the game effectively in that context.  I can accept that.  Generally, though, I'd love to see Autothrusters out the window and just make "out of arc" a +1 defense like R3 or intervening obstacle.  That would let "normal" fighters have some counterplay against turrets, yet current Autothruster carriers wouldn't be nearly proof against them.
    I'd like most ships capable of dodging arcs to lose most of their offense when doing serious repositioning.  This is currently seen in Vader and PTL aces not named Soontir Fel.  A general design principle of two movement actions = poor offense seems good, probably reduced to a single movement action = poor offense for large ships, depending on points. 
    Current on-reveal bombs seem well designed, with Genius Nym as an exception.  Likewise with action bombs barring Advanced SLAM, although I don't even think these are awful.  
    In general, I'd like to see dial setting have an effect on any tactic the opponent uses and I think primary weapons should be the main "best"method of doing damage.  I don't like things where there's no tradeoff on offense, defense, or movement.  Any secondary tactics (stress, bombs, torpedoes) can be powerful, but hard to use.  Right now many of them are powerful and easier to use than pointing your ship at something.
    My deep thematic desire is to have any "military" craft be blatantly powerful, while modified civilian craft can deal with them, but in doing so need to be clever and tricky.  Right now, the modified civilian craft just run roughshod over many purpose build ships of war, and that is distasteful to me from a thematic view.
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    Parable reacted to BlodVargarna in Autoblaster turret   
    Get outside range 1. 
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    Parable reacted to LordBlades in Time to Quit??   
    What do you want then? To be able to just pick up lists and do as well as people who have actually practiced theirs?
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    Parable reacted to SabineKey in Anybody else feel bad for winning?   
    It depends on how I win. If it was a back and forth game where I managed to get the upper hand in the end, heck no. That's what the game is all about. But if I table wipe someone, some guilt comes in, whether it was due to inexperience or bad dice on my opponent's part. I would honestly prefer to lose by a hair then win by a mile. 
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    Parable reacted to wurms in Pretty sure there's no real reason for this game to use dice anymore.   
    Unless you are Wurms, then let that bastard roll, cause he can magically turn "hit blank blank blank" into "hit blank blank blank".
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    Parable reacted to clanofwolves in Pretty sure there's no real reason for this game to use dice anymore.   
    Sarcasm aside --albeit appreciated-- I truly think the designers wish it to become a card game, miniatures optional.
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