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    Parable reacted to Darth Meanie in What’s your Signature List?   
    Oh, you mean me?
    I guess I'm out of the discussion, then. 
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    Parable got a reaction from Deathseed in So, the TIE Aggressor   
    Have you flown it much? I've gotten in several games and found it to be quite decent - it flies very differently from other TLT carriers. I've found the named pilots' abilities to be highly situational, but that isn't a knock on either the frame, or it's cost.
    No, it isn't meta-defining. And I'm more than happy with that. It's one of the more balanced designs I can recall seeing in a while.
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    Parable got a reaction from Hos in Help pls on HLC gunboat list for regionals   
    I would like to suggest Karsabi with X-1 title, Wired, HLC, LRS. PS 5 gives you a shot before the PS4 Rho gunboats and you're at least tied with Biggs or Lowhhrick. The ability to fire HLC after a SLAM, with *some* mods, is pretty nice. And no reloading. 33 points.
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    Parable reacted to clanofwolves in Regional Results thread.   
    Props flying one though, you’re my hero.
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    Parable reacted to migs6000 in Snoke Crew Ideas from The Last Jedi   
    "At the start of the game, Snoke sits and taunts. When game has reached 30 minutes, rip Snoke card in half." 
    I think that shows his true power.
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    Parable reacted to heychadwick in My son is killing me...   
    The real trick is controlling the Falcon.  I assume he likes to run around the sides of you and fire at you while you cant' shoot back?  The trick to beat the Falcon is to have a cheap ship that you can put in front of the Falcon to cause it to bump.  If you can get the same direction as the Falcon, it can be hard for him to find a place to move that you aren't already there (lower PS) to cause a bump.   Once you control him with bumping and know where he's going to be, then it should be easy to get in R1 and fire with all you can to take down the Falcon.    
    Ion Pulse Missile is also a great way to start controlling things.  Remember you don't spend the Target Lock when you fire, so you can use that for ensuring you hit him.  Once you know where he's going to be, you can blast him out of the sky pretty bad.  Also, it can help you set up the bump to control him for a while.  
    If you can find the points, Ion Torpedo is good if the X-wings fly close to the Falcon.   That way you know where they all are going to be.   
    Tie Defender with Ion Cannon and /D title can also be good, especially for controlling the X-wings.  You will need to either kill one fast or keep them away while you deal with the Falcon.   
    I would stay away from the Decimator and rather go for more ships.  What you need is to be able to concentrate a lot of firepower on one target to take it out quick.   That can be either an X-wing or the Falcon.  The Decimator is a lot of points, but only 1 attack per round.  I might even suggest staying away from aces.  You need to throw as many red dice at the Falcon as you can.  Ordnance is also a good way, too.  
    Tie Bombers are not bad options.   You might want to go with Long Range Scanners if you are taking a cheap Scimitar.   Or...you can go with Unguided Rockets and the Focus token.  That could make a cheap ship that throws 3 dice.   You would have to give up Ion Pulse Missile, though.  Harpoon  Missiles would also be good against the Falcon, especially if you take something like a Tie Defender with a Mangler Cannon to throw out those crits every round.   Cruise Missiles are also cheap and if you get the approach right (with LRS), you can do some damage.  
    Don't shy away from a super cheap Tie Interceptor with Auto Thrusters.  3 Green dice with Focus and Auto Thrusters against the Falcon's 360 turret is a good thing.  It also gets 3 attack dice.   Just don't let it get in front of the X-wings!   Don't fly it as an arc dodger.   Fly it as a flanker.  
    I would either suggest taking out at least one X-wing first, or trying to take out the Falcon fast.  Either has to be done fast, though, or the others will rip you apart (as you probably know already).   So, either go in and wail on an X-wing fast, and then turn to Falcon, or try to hit the Falcon and avoid the firing arcs of the X-wings.  This is where more shots are better than a few quality shots.  You need to just pour all you have into one target before you lose to many ships.   
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    Parable reacted to JJ48 in If you're still building your gunboats around missiles, I'm pretty sure you're doing it wrong.   
    Ooh, are we doing clickbait titles again?
    One simple upgrade Rebels don't want you to know about
    He put a missile on his Star Wing, and then the unthinkable happened
    23 Gunboat builds that will blow your mind (number 7 is insane!)
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    Parable reacted to Biophysical in If you're still building your gunboats around missiles, I'm pretty sure you're doing it wrong.   
    Or A Score To Settle, Linked HLC Karsabi.  Two passive mini modifications.
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    Parable reacted to Gilarius in X-wing 1.0 Balance Mod   
    I'm also not sure about the tier system, and like the rest.
    One thing to avoid using is a colour coding that uses red and green: too many people are red/green colour-blind. Otherwise, it's a very neat method for making some upgrades on a given pilot better or worse.
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    Parable reacted to LordFajubi in French Silencer spoilers   
    Or Silencer with gunboat wingmen! 
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    Parable reacted to Vineheart01 in French Silencer spoilers   
    i dont speak french but the card says "phase de combat" which i would assume refers to the combat phase.
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    Parable reacted to ficklegreendice in Test Pilot "Blackout"   
    If it's just extra green dice, he's DOA to me 
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    Parable reacted to NakedDex in new scummy article is up!   
    It's like someone tried to turn a Romulan Warbird into a drag racer.
    (I'm kind of into it... though it does need more colour)
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    Parable reacted to Stay On The Leader in Apologies required from "FAQ" prophets   
    And everyone else you called a liar?
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    Parable reacted to Vontoothskie in Apologies required from "FAQ" prophets   
    So the original leaker was right on 3 counts, wrong on 3 others.  original leaker was absolutely correct about slam and jumps, and i was wrong. 
    they obviously werent completely making it up, though they oversold their actual knowledge. I still think they were immature and harmful to the community, but I do not think they are a liar and apologize for calling them one. 
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    Parable reacted to GrimmyV in S&V 60: Developers Interview with Max Brooke, Frank Brooks and Alex Davy   
    Boba says she’s already a discard.
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    Parable reacted to Boom Owl in S&V 60: Developers Interview with Max Brooke, Frank Brooks and Alex Davy   
    They really do seem very concerned about Imperial ships being completely balanced. As a primarily Imperial player im still kinda ok with that.  
    If you only play Imperials vs Imperials the game feels perfect in every way. 
    It places an emphasis on 90 degree arcs. 
    Its turret ships explode very quickly under concentrated or multiple fire. 
    Its Aces even at PS11 can be driven back down to PS0 with Kylo which is easily countered with Draw Their Fire or Determination.  
    Its Best Ship ( RAC ) can be destroyed by 2-3 Missiles or 4-5 ships very easily. 
    Swarms are 100% relevant. 
    Whisper can be out flown and countered. 
    Bombs are all "simple" and "skill" based to land. 
    The best lists generally involve limited arcs. 
    Even its 4x TLT list is more reasonable with only 5 hp on 2.5 green dice per ship. 
    I want a new core set that is just called Imperial Civil War. 
    The rest of you Rebel Scum can have the Galaxy. 
    The Empire is moving to Jakku for some gravity training. 
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    Parable reacted to Kelvan in S&V 60: Developers Interview with Max Brooke, Frank Brooks and Alex Davy   
    No those guys actually have a lot of good ideas and are overall good at their jobs. They could do well with having a Dr. Bob like figure who helps them appropriately cost cards and ships though. 
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    Parable reacted to Kelvan in S&V 60: Developers Interview with Max Brooke, Frank Brooks and Alex Davy   
    I felt for Dr Bob @MajorJuggler at that exact moment. 

    You know some of these answers are coming and you have to balance being entertaining while also getting good information. You have an idea what they're going to say about the X-wing before you ask it.
    Coincidentally this is why we didn't ask about the FAQ. They can't or wouldn't say anything. It also puts them in an awkward position. There wasn't any reason to waste the time when time is limited.
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    Parable reacted to AngryAlbatross in S&V 60: Developers Interview with Max Brooke, Frank Brooks and Alex Davy   
    so who's going to start a HotAC thread so we can get it to 300 pages and get official cards for it?
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    Parable reacted to Kelvan in S&V 60: Developers Interview with Max Brooke, Frank Brooks and Alex Davy   
    I want to be clear. I thought this a lot. "Have Xwings ever been good?"

    They've had 13 waves of opportunities to fix it not even including ace packs and epic. That's on them.
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    Parable reacted to wurms in PAX UNPLUGGED OFFICIALLY A SYSTEM OPEN   

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    Parable reacted to GreenDragoon in The Empire is way too powerful.   
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    Parable reacted to SabineKey in Hate for net listing???   
    I think the primary problem comes from a subset of netlist users. There is always those guys who play nothing but the most broken thing they can find, they are there to win and nothing else matters. While this is not every netlist user, this seems to be the most recognizable subset. You don't really forget playing against someone like them.
    You also have those that view list building as a creative process, so directly copying something that came before can be distasteful to them.
    There are also those who don't like to use what is meta because that's what everyone else is using. They like variety and are trying to express that.
    those are the main reasons of the top of my head. And while I don't agree with looking down on netlisting, I can at least understand where the examples above are coming from.
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    Parable reacted to SabineKey in FFG and TLT Hate, where is the Nerf?   
    Comparing it to a Blaster turret, I wouldn't. The Blaster Turret is rubbish. Has been for a long time. The Synch Turret out classes it. Now, make the Blaster Turret not have to spend a focus token, then we have a conversation.
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