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  1. My HOTAC campaign fell apart a few months ago, and I've been looking for something different ever since then. I still enjoy 100/6 but don't like the (over) competitive meta much.
  2. Wouldn't he work... once... with EM and Bomblet Generator? EM says to discard the token instead of the card. By that logic (not really serious here) you could argue that BG gets two EM tokens since it takes up two bomb slots. (You'd likely be wrong but you could argue it).
  3. It's situational but throw Cloaking Device onto Zuvio. That'll help you get close enough to start wrecking stuff with the bomblets. Decloak is a great repositioning tool, also.
  4. TIE/SF and TIE Aggressor give you more great options for Imperials.
  5. My solution would have been Nym at Ps7. Then maybe I could run Genesis Red again!
  6. Garbage Scow?
  7. Have you flown it much? I've gotten in several games and found it to be quite decent - it flies very differently from other TLT carriers. I've found the named pilots' abilities to be highly situational, but that isn't a knock on either the frame, or it's cost. No, it isn't meta-defining. And I'm more than happy with that. It's one of the more balanced designs I can recall seeing in a while.
  8. All the Aces have shields which is really helpful.
  9. Now, an E-wing only Astromech which added that sort of ability (once per round!) would be pretty neat.
  10. But.... this is the FFG site too...
  11. TIE/D with Ruthlessness, AFAICT.
  12. Leia's wording is a little outdated. It doesn't say "must treat... as a white...", nor "may treat... as a white..." and I'd assume that you need to either pick one or the other: treat as a red, THEN allow changing to the opposite (Hera), or (Leia) treat as White and no changing it.
  13. TIE/FO dial was quite a bit better than the Red Core set TIE, and with the "dial creep" lately I'd love to see something like all green 3's. We already have green 1's with the TIE Advanced Prototype, and hard green 2's with the FO and standard Interceptor. Green 3's would be a nice iteration to make it fly differently (hopefully not too much like a Defender).
  14. * Nebulon B (sorry, it was bugging me) I have seen 3D printed and fan-made models that look awesome. I think I have two from FFG... but they are made for Armada.