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  1. I would like to suggest Karsabi with X-1 title, Wired, HLC, LRS. PS 5 gives you a shot before the PS4 Rho gunboats and you're at least tied with Biggs or Lowhhrick. The ability to fire HLC after a SLAM, with *some* mods, is pretty nice. And no reloading. 33 points.
  2. Parable

    I need halp with 27 points for empire

    I think you could drop Extra Munitions and Seismic Torpedoes from the Cutlass & get 31 points which gives you some more options. That fits an Inquisitor (no ordnance) perfectly. Drop Expertise from Vessery and give him VI, then you can combo off Inquisitor's target lock and equip Inquisitor with Cruise Missiles. Fire with Vessery, then Inquisitor.
  3. Parable

    My son is killing me...

    The TIE/SF and TIE Aggressor expansionso will give you some good pilots and upgrades: Quickdraw and Backdraft. Even the generics are good. You'll want to run it with Lightweight frame (in the Aggressor or Stoker expansions) and optionally Cruise Missiles (aggressor). Kestal or Double Edge can be fun but you can run a TIE Aggressor generic with Twin Laser Turret (and Lightweight frame) at 25 squad points. Lightweight Frame and Unguided Rockets (Aggressor) also make great upgrades for the Bomber.
  4. Parable

    Any SE Michigan games?

    My HOTAC campaign fell apart a few months ago, and I've been looking for something different ever since then. I still enjoy 100/6 but don't like the (over) competitive meta much.
  5. Parable

    The FAQ is real!! All the nerfs

    Wouldn't he work... once... with EM and Bomblet Generator? EM says to discard the token instead of the card. By that logic (not really serious here) you could argue that BG gets two EM tokens since it takes up two bomb slots. (You'd likely be wrong but you could argue it).
  6. Parable

    Quadjumper with Bomblet Generator?

    It's situational but throw Cloaking Device onto Zuvio. That'll help you get close enough to start wrecking stuff with the bomblets. Decloak is a great repositioning tool, also.
  7. TIE/SF and TIE Aggressor give you more great options for Imperials.
  8. Parable

    FAQ fix to end PS wars

    My solution would have been Nym at Ps7. Then maybe I could run Genesis Red again!
  9. Parable

    What's a GS155 bomber?

    Garbage Scow?
  10. Parable

    So, the TIE Aggressor

    Have you flown it much? I've gotten in several games and found it to be quite decent - it flies very differently from other TLT carriers. I've found the named pilots' abilities to be highly situational, but that isn't a knock on either the frame, or it's cost. No, it isn't meta-defining. And I'm more than happy with that. It's one of the more balanced designs I can recall seeing in a while.
  11. Parable

    Imp Aces....

    All the Aces have shields which is really helpful.
  12. Parable

    Wave 12: What we know

    Now, an E-wing only Astromech which added that sort of ability (once per round!) would be pretty neat.
  13. Parable

    Ffg site down??

    But.... this is the FFG site too...
  14. Parable

    What questions should we ask FFG at Gencon?

    TIE/D with Ruthlessness, AFAICT.