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  1. Yes, but rerolls may only be used once for each dice roll if not stated otherwise.
  2. Without saying anything about the specific situations you mention I would say this. The language is very important, some times things don't happen simultaneously that at first may seem to happen simultaneously. But that said when things happen at the same time the active investigator decide in what order they happen (so in a way they still don't happen simultaneously). I have no recollection of a limit of one token per round on task fulfillment and haven't played it that way, but may have missed something myself.
  3. I have no idea where it is from but I've always thought it looked like it is tentacles reaching up from the earth/water. You have to turn the image you have upside down to see that.
  4. Arkham Horror 3rd edition have just been announced.
  5. I think the designers planned for you to use everything. Most players do so, I believe. Some use only the expansion they focus on and the base game (and maybe the first expansion also). I think most of the theme come from the cards that come from the AO you're fighting so I think theme shines through either way. For me personally I think some decks may become better with one way and other decks better with other. And I like having all characters available.
  6. I think alternative A since the last wording in your third quote ends with "he does not gain another copy of that Condition" so you have not gained it. Wendy's ability says instead so then you fulfill the condition with her special ability. So not quite the same thing.
  7. I didn't know that. But some digging found a tweet that said she had designed something that would probably come out Q4 2018 for FFG so maybe (probably not), just maybe, there's one more there.
  8. I did some calculations a while back. based on earlier times between release and first preview the earliest would be February 26th, average May 19th and latest July 6th. So a little bit later than average but not too late yet.
  9. If my math is correct so is rolling all 4 gives 55% of getting 2 success with 0-1 pip. (1/3)^4+4*(1/3)^3*1/6+4*(1/3)^3*1/2+12*(1/3)^2*1/6*1/2+6*(1/3)^2*(1/2)^2+12*1/3*1/6*(1/2)^2 4 without pip + 4 with 1 pip + 3 without pip + 3 with 1 pip + 2 without pip + 2 with 1 pip Edit: Which seems logical to me. To reroll a success can't be good. Edit2: Realised that I had forgotten the instances with more than 1 pip rolled. So above + 2 with 2 pips (6*(1/3)^2*(1/6)^2) + 1 with 2 pips (12*(1/3)*(1/6)^2*(1/2)) + 1 with 3 pips (4*(1/6)^3*(1/3)) which gives 63.58% and since I did a backwards check also I am quite confident about this number which don't fit with the other calculation here.
  10. 1. Only one. Mainly for the ones that have an effect that allows them to pay less. There are other phrasing where you place the one you had, then those effects have no use. 2. They don't get it. Some other stuff is infinite even though there are finite number of tokens (like improvements). 3. I think that is correct. 4. Yes, you can rest even at full health.
  11. Daisu - I was a little bit curious about one thing. Were there only the preludes associated with a specific GOO one could use or any preludes?
  12. But there may with next expansion be an increase. If I read right (and remember right) one of the consequences from failed personal stories is that the number of players is counted 1 higher than it actually is. Not sure if that is in all cases or only on a specific type of cards.
  13. Once, against Elder Things. Lost hard, but think we had some bad luck besides all the tentacles. : )
  14. But all of that comes from the language on the cards? The game is very good at using 'may' and such when you do have a choice and here according to the OP there is a 'must'. I can't remember a rule that trumps this 'must' here?
  15. Why? As I read it you really must. English is not my first language, but why not? To OP I would say, to avoid the fight avoid spaces with clues, because you only have to fight (if my interpretation is correct) if there is a clue on your space.
  16. I'd conceid to that, but don't make me quite sure of the ruling anyway.
  17. I am not sure what I think of the original question but had to comment on this. The monsters toughness did not go down to 0. Toughness was 2 during the whole encounter and when it took 2 damage it died. Terminology is often important in this game. I am leaning to that Patrolling the street wouldn't trigger, but really want a ruling on it.
  18. They have made the Rules available on the home page.
  19. I think they've been consistant in that only using the rule if they included the impairments them selves since they want each expansion to not require any else. And if I remember correctly there were no impairments in Dreamlands so I think it was only used in UiP and SoC.
  20. Ask them (FFG). They are usually very helpful.
  21. I think an official rule would be good, but the wording implies you don't have to choose that way (in my mind but english is not my first language). You choose the ones to improve and the others are by default. So you don't choose the ones to impair. Of course in a way you do. If the wording hade been opposite it would be obvious you couldn't. If the wording had been to choose the ones to impair and improve the others the rule would have been very clear.
  22. If they are to release it in Q2 as I will recall they have stated, they don't have much time left...?
  23. It makes the game easier, I think few (if any) would consider it cheating. It will not break the game in any way (according to me). It also gives people something to do with their action when they are lost in the wilderness or have monsters on their space and so on.
  24. I don't feel sure enough on it to say something about what expansion to get. As a fast fix you can use the rules for Focus with some other marker for it. The rules you can look up in the rules section of the appropriate expansion. For the questions: 1. A) Yes, but phrasing is important. So sometimes you still have to get delayed to get the good stuff/avoid the bad stuff. B) Am less sure there but would lean towards no. 2) If any combat test only has - there is no fight. Usually the text under explains what to do. With ghost you only get the horror test. 3) Yes. A failed test is a roll of no successes all other are successful rolls. But there are instances where the good stuff only happens when you roll a certain number of success but the roll is still a successful roll.
  25. And if I calculated correctly this expansion is the new record holder in long time between first and second article of news about it.
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