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  1. Everything is done, that was all I could fit in the picture. I am working on damage deck boxes right now, both standard and epic.
  2. Thank you! I do plan on making them available in another thread.
  3. @Gupa-nupa I will be happy to share. Here is a preview, but I feel they look much better in person:
  4. I already have the unofficial font, but was looking for faction symbols that match the second edition color scheme, similar to the backs of the pilot cards. However, thank you so much for the color list! I will definitely put that to good use!
  5. Since converting to 2nd Edition, I am in the process of making my own card boxes, similar to Sir Willibald's. Although the project is working out, I am in need of the X-Wing Community's help; I need quality images of the 2.0 faction symbols and upgrade symbols, preferably in the same format (file type, size, color scheme, etc). My searching has come up short, so I thought I would reach out for assistance. Any help would be appreciated!
  6. I'm mainly referring to the amount of ships. The numbers of each type that you can convert per kit seemed off to me: Rebel - only 2 X-Wings, yet 2 Ghosts and 2 each of Phantom I and II? Empire - only 3 Strikers and Interceptors, but 2 Lambdas? Scum - only 3 Kihraxz, but 3...yes 3 Quadjumpers??? First Order - 7 TIE/FOs, but 3 Silencers and 3 Upsilons? Resistance - nothing specifically wrong, but at least you get 4 X-Wings, unlike the mere 2 you get for rebels. Huge Ships - they only give you two bases. I did not think it was a problem until I saw they are different from the 1.0 bases...and they don't sell extras. Warning, small rant below: And then I get everything opened and unpacked, organized according to type of card, realize I need more sleeves...and then I find that FFG has discontinued their sleeves! Yes, I am behind the curve a little due to recent events, but no more sleeves FFG? Really? I have now bought into Dragon Shields and I am very upset that FFG has stopped sleeve support. Plus, my Shadow Caster title card has a neat little hole in it, but due to FFG/Asmodee revised replacement policy, I have to spend more money on Ebay or something to find a replacement.
  7. Thanks to everyone! We played our first 2e game today and it did look like we had everything we needed. We were very disappointed in what was offered in the conversion kits. Not enough of one thing, too much of another. Oh well, time to set up the next squad.
  8. Hello! I have been away for a little while, but I recently bought all the 2.0 conversion kits along with two core sets and I am back in the cockpit! Anyway, I wanted to know what cardboard should I keep from 1.0; nothing is being thrown out, I'm just boxing it up. Should I just start fresh with all the 2.0 stuff I bought, or do I need to keep some 1.0 cardboard in play?
  9. There is a thread about this on board game geek. People over there have issues with the website as well.
  10. I looked at the website, but I have a few concerns. First, the contact address and phone number is for a Bass Pro Shop in Oklahoma. Second, the phone number listed to place an order is a cell phone from Pennsylvania. Third, the registration page mentions something about creating a free account at Ella Boutique, a women's clothing store in Germany. I would love to order from there since I am just a state away, but something doesn't feel right. Sorry to derail the thread, Lord Ashram, I just started playing Armada after a few years of X-Wing myself. Played my first game with my son the other day.
  11. When it came to upgrades or anything else that had a small ship/large ship only tag, we would apply it to whatever size the ship was originally.
  12. I am not converting to 2.0 just yet, but I am considering using medium bases on the appropriate ships (TIE Punisher, U-Wing, etc) with 1.0 rules. Any suggestions on changing/modifying the rules with the new sized base? Would just changing the base size cause any severe game breaking issues?
  13. This is my full template set, including custom epic stuff:
  14. I love it! On Shapeways, why does the Black Professional Plastic (compared to Smooth Fine Detail Plastic) option cost more if it has a less-smooth/more grainy feel?
  15. A custom Inked Gaming mat is $59.99 and they offer free U.S. shipping on orders over $50, so... Plus, I am pretty sure that all mats are made to order, even the standard non-custom ones they offer. Also, I think basic shipping is only $5-6 more on average.
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