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  1. And if your playerbase is like mine, those of us that have been playing from the beginning and have mostly complete/complete sets often freely give away everything other than Legendaries to budding new players to help out their fledgling collections and to make them feel welcome in the Destiny community. Whereas is the X-Wing community it’s usually just extra promotional items (AA cards, extra tokens from OP kits) that might or might not ever see use, or that third copy of the salvaged astromech Genius because you bought three Punishing One expansion packs.
  2. The CCG newbies are back at arms again! Magic has done this for twenty years successfully, and if you’re worried about things like electroshock never seeing light of day again, I’ve got news for you. Goodies from Awakenings that were good, but not too good, will see reprints in later cycles. They may be tweaked a bit from their predecessor (Slave I/Millenium Falcon for example, or the 2P starter characters) but they’ll be back. Just means those original prints will become more valuable in the collectors and eternity markets, much like older MtG cards do. This is healthy for a CCG to move forward and continue to thrive, whereas using the formats they do for X-Wing, Armada, and Imperial Assault will just choke the game off as newer product won’t be bought for Destiny. Also, as stated, until the next set of starters for the third cycle is released (the one AFTER Legacies), the Awakenings cycle will remain legal for standard (aka competitive) play. So don’t expect Awakenings/SoR/EAW to phase out until late 2018/early 2019.
  3. Closest to a direct power creep is the L1RK with its 6 side, albeit hefty cost, and the T-7 with its 5.
  4. I don’t think he’ll be overpowered either, but I think he’s definitely meta defining, especially with Captain Phasma. I see that duo being a wrecking ball with or without action cheating.
  5. If you could (which you can’t, by the way), Count Dooku could pitch a full hand to block five damage in a single instance. You still can, but it’s for each unmodified die resolved so damage bleeds through instead of dumping mass numbers of cards like a built-in Force Illusion.
  6. Boba Fett is going to be the threat Cad Bane promised to be, but failed to deliver due to those aggravating 3/$ sides we all often hit after using his ability. I see him and Captain Phasma - Ruthless Tactician totally being a thing with Legacies. He and Phasma can theoretically drop everyone but Darth Vader - Sith Lord and Palpatine in a single round. Specials across the board and 3 values showing across the table. If 4s are present, only Palpatine can survive the onslaught. Definitely will be a meta defining team, likely combined with Emperor’s Throne Room battlefield.
  7. The Marshall can declare usage of the new RRG in advance of the event, as it’s their discretion.
  8. Only Imperial Stormtroopers Are So Precise. 3 Cost Event. Defeat all Jawas currently in play.
  9. Until the day I see you act like Smith, I doubt that will be a phrase I say to you.
  10. Ambush. Can alter its die for a resource. Good damage. Neutral
  11. Honestly? Cad is the one I switched out and I was an avid Cad/Phasma player. I switched one action cheater for the OG, Jango. Sure, less health, but no pay side and an extra resource side making salvage stand a viable support for the deck. http://swdestinydb.com/decklist/view/14952/dynamicduo-1.0
  12. X-Wing players are also some of FFG’s saltiest.
  13. LCGs are nice because it’s an informed buy, yes, but have slews of their own problems. If you honestly want Destiny LCG, FFG already has one, ironically called Star Wars Living Card Game.
  14. No, it’s a whiny cry for attention from someone who really mustn’t have much exposure to CCGs and the fact that things like this are commonplace. Bye!
  15. I can name one off the bat. Emo Kids version 2. Elite 2P Kylo with elite Anakin Skywalker. 30 points of mono blue that will hit like a truck. Also mentioned was elite QGJ with elite Anakin, who can shield feed QGJ for days. Elite 2P Rey with a plot card could also be deadly with him.
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