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  1. You have a local game store you can order from? That is what I have been doing. The one I go to is pretty good about it. They basically check their distributers and get it. I know I tell mine to lump it in with his bigger shipments to save him on shipping(well me too.) I do but their waiting times from their distibutors are very long, like 2 months + so its a real drag
  2. i'm in the UK and am finding it really difficult to locate some of the earlier expansions like Lair of the wyrm, and Trolfens, anyone have any siggestions where i can pick these up, ebay and amazon have a few but they are overseas and shipping is a lot
  3. Ive been looking all over for Splig, hes the first Lieutenant i want to pick up
  4. I literally only bought Descent because of the App and i love it, The peril mechanic has slaughtered my heros 3 times when the Shadow dragon appears on that side quest no matter how fast i get there which is frustrating but keeps me thinking of better ways to get to that point quicker. I think including heirs of blood and Shadow rune campaigns would be really good as they are both campaigns that can be played with the base set.
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