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  1. I think it makes sense thematically that the republic y-wing is a bit "better" that the rebel y-wing. Remember when the rebels had them they were considered outdated and they stripped them of some of their hull in order to make it a bit faster and more maneuverable. Meanwhile the republic models would have been era appropriate bombers rather than out of date fighter/bombers.
  2. I'm a resistance/gr player so in a future card pack I'd probably like to see: Adi Gallia - Delta 7 Rhys Dallows - Naboo Starfighter
  3. Weird question that's probably been answered: If I want to run both the transport pod and the transport I will need two copies of the expansion correct??
  4. What's the key to success with this list? I tried it twice tonight at my LGS and won the first game by 2 pts and the next game I got trounced by 3 jedi.
  5. What were you flying and what were Ahsoka's escorts?? I wanna try Ahsoka with friends as a list.
  6. I’ve bought into Resistance and I’m gonna invest in Republic since I’ve been waiting for it since 1.0
  7. I will be trying this list hopefully next week.
  8. Now I'm wondering if I need to order another ARC. Bought 1 of each republic item and it seems like I can maybe run two arcs with two low init jedi.
  9. Lemme know when you get a Mace Windu paint job done. I want to commission somebody to do one for me.
  10. Yeah, there are lots of options. Are there any artists in the community that do custom paint jobs for commission?? I will happily pay for a Mace Windu custom job.
  11. I wish I had another republic ARC 170 dial. I have an old rebel ARC (but no rebel conversion kit) that isnt getting much tlc atm.
  12. Would anyone be willing to do a custom paint job based on Mace Windus delta 7?
  13. I want Mace Windu in an ETA-2 Actis interceptor and then I’ll be as happy as can be.
  14. Specifically, I'm looking for GR-75 X-Wing Pilots, Gozanti Tie/LN pilots, and C-ROC M3A Pilots. I also need Palp. hehe. I'm trying to complete out my 1.0 collection (I'm a bit of a completionist) so anyone who's looking to off-load their cards and plastic for some "credits" hit me up!
  15. Dont know if this has been asked but... When will first edition ships stop being sold in stores?
  16. ccjacks3


    This is a complete troll post. But congrats to the new world champ. Who would've thought arcs still mattered???? ?? ALL of the rebel lists were defeated by Palp Aces and BRO BOTS. No turrets. No TLT. No Regen. No Harpoons. Just great positioning and arc dodging and a bit of luck on dice rolls and damage cards. This is a great game.
  17. When will first edition ships stop being produced?? I still have a few ships left before I have a complete collection.
  18. Which cards from the 1st edition won't be carried over into the 2nd edition?
  19. I assuming thats the evade title for the Falcon?
  20. I'll have to try that tactic next time.
  21. That's the list that usually gives me trouble with Rey + Poe. It's just really hard to chew through all of those tokens and Poe can't keep up with all the K-Turns.
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