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  1. Weird question that's probably been answered: If I want to run both the transport pod and the transport I will need two copies of the expansion correct??
  2. What's the key to success with this list? I tried it twice tonight at my LGS and won the first game by 2 pts and the next game I got trounced by 3 jedi.
  3. What were you flying and what were Ahsoka's escorts?? I wanna try Ahsoka with friends as a list.
  4. I’ve bought into Resistance and I’m gonna invest in Republic since I’ve been waiting for it since 1.0
  5. I will be trying this list hopefully next week.
  6. Now I'm wondering if I need to order another ARC. Bought 1 of each republic item and it seems like I can maybe run two arcs with two low init jedi.
  7. Lemme know when you get a Mace Windu paint job done. I want to commission somebody to do one for me.
  8. Yeah, there are lots of options. Are there any artists in the community that do custom paint jobs for commission?? I will happily pay for a Mace Windu custom job.
  9. I wish I had another republic ARC 170 dial. I have an old rebel ARC (but no rebel conversion kit) that isnt getting much tlc atm.
  10. Would anyone be willing to do a custom paint job based on Mace Windus delta 7?
  11. I want Mace Windu in an ETA-2 Actis interceptor and then I’ll be as happy as can be.
  12. Specifically, I'm looking for GR-75 X-Wing Pilots, Gozanti Tie/LN pilots, and C-ROC M3A Pilots. I also need Palp. hehe. I'm trying to complete out my 1.0 collection (I'm a bit of a completionist) so anyone who's looking to off-load their cards and plastic for some "credits" hit me up!
  13. Dont know if this has been asked but... When will first edition ships stop being sold in stores?
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