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  1. As someone who loves ISDs thanks for your tips and insight. Great run!
  2. I agree
  3. 5 TAPs with cruise missiles and title. Gogogogogo.
  4. I'm in the same situation. I've been playing since wave 3 but I'm just walking away. These last three waves have crushed my spirits. Only FFG can fix it and they don't want to and probably don't have the experience or knowledge of how to. There is no good advice in this thread, none that will convince him. SFs aren't the answer, they fly in irons. Epic isn't the answer, it's long and clunky. The only answers are ship and pilot ban lists. FFG needs to change back to what made the empire great in waves 1-3. FFG needs to prune the game and they aren't going to do it.
  5. No one cares. No value is lost if you never put out another episode.
  6. Your response was lackluster and will encourage cheaters.
  7. Great, what about the player he beat by cheating in round 3? His opponent should have gotten a win and he should been ejected from Worlds.
  8. Grasser is where he belongs, not in the cut.
  9. Your articles are bad and you should feel bad.
  10. Deathrain is superior out of the box making it easier to do a cheap build because most of what you need comes in the Pack - bombs extra munitions and Plasma torps. With the Redline/FCS timing change the ability is pretty subpar. Both suffer with out systems but redline more so. Deathrain would be a fun introduction to bombs and positioning. Redline is just an exercise in frustration, especially the way this list is built.
  11. Even for a casual match that's a terrible build. You can do a random on Fabs and get a better load out. Why you didn't go for deathrain is beyond me.
  12. Becuase you are spending it before the attack it's not worth it. If it was after or during and you had knowledge of the attack it might be useful. The revision made it unuseable beyond zero points. The few moments it will be worth while vs a ptl ace means it's a super opportunistic card, ergo - most of the time wasted points. I really like the imperial theme of passing stress outside of combat. A pre combat trigger to shut down Ashoka or similar effects on a ship by spending a target lock may be more worth while. For one point.
  13. The inquisitor is too expensive. That sounds like a free or 1pt crew. What a waste of a TL.
  14. This article is well into the bad taste territory. The ship its promoting is currently sold out, and it's all about abusing it's unique abilities to punish other players becuase it can drop a bomb over half the map at the players choice. Something must be done about game balance.
  15. Night beast and Chaser with a swarm leader black are a cute trio.