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  1. No. Please no. Never. No. No thank you.
  2. Aren't Missiles Imperial only? Oh **** they took that away. Aren't Bombs Imperial only? Oh **** they took that away. Isn't RAW efficiency Imperial only? Oh **** they took that away. Aren't Aces Imperial only? Oh **** they took that away. The Imperials have the fewest faction restricted cards in the game. In return we had efficiency, well before wave 4 and the current goons ruined the game.
  3. Too bad you are wrong. Get good. Win with real ships that don't need 6 nerfs. You group probably died because of the jmk5000. Mine did.
  4. I mean, we've known this from wave 1... TLs just give a slightly better chance for crits.
  5. As someone who loves ISDs thanks for your tips and insight. Great run!
  6. 5 TAPs with cruise missiles and title. Gogogogogo.
  7. I'm in the same situation. I've been playing since wave 3 but I'm just walking away. These last three waves have crushed my spirits. Only FFG can fix it and they don't want to and probably don't have the experience or knowledge of how to. There is no good advice in this thread, none that will convince him. SFs aren't the answer, they fly in irons. Epic isn't the answer, it's long and clunky. The only answers are ship and pilot ban lists. FFG needs to change back to what made the empire great in waves 1-3. FFG needs to prune the game and they aren't going to do it.
  8. No one cares. No value is lost if you never put out another episode.
  9. Your response was lackluster and will encourage cheaters.
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