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  1. KiraYamatoSF

    Are you buying republic, separatists or neither?

    Republic right now, I am saying no to Separatist but if my dad wants to play as them... For Republic I have bought 2 squadron packs, 2 Arcs, and 1 Delta.
  2. KiraYamatoSF

    How long have you played X-Wing?

    A little after Blue Core Set for 1.0 came out. Saw it on clearance at Gamestop and Target and it reminded me of the micromachine toys I used to play with. Been playing since then.
  3. KiraYamatoSF


    5) Tatooine 6) Politicians 7) The Seat 8: Slavers
  4. KiraYamatoSF


    Ohhhh, I really like that build, might give it a try actually.
  5. KiraYamatoSF

    Arcsarcsarcsarcsarcs.... ARCS!

    Just keep in mind those Arcs are medium based, opponent will have a easier time getting bullseye than a small base. Maybe change Jag to a naked Sinker? Veteran Tail Gunner on Wolfe isn't bad if you can trigger his ability twice, or could swap that and the 104ths Tail Gunnet for a Seveth Gunner. Cody and Trick Shot is also an option for Wolfe as well.
  6. KiraYamatoSF

    Spare Parts Container

    I am going with the thought that since there are no nubs it doesn't use a template.
  7. KiraYamatoSF

    Kickback and Debris Gambit

    So if Kickback, V-19 pilot, has Debris Gambit and does a barrel roll, can I then link that to a white evade followed by a red lock?
  8. KiraYamatoSF

    FLGS stock of Wave 3

    My store ordered a TON of Wave 3, when I walked into the store there was a mountain of the Squadron Packs and Sith Infiltrator. Probably at least 10 of each one. No idea on stock of the rest but I myself bought 2 Republic Squad packs, 2 Republic Arcs, and 1 Aethersprite. My store still has a decent amount of 2nd edition stuff left, wish they would discount it but some of it still sells. Overall we have game night once a week with some people meeting up on other days sometimes. Also this is for the Northwest Indiana area.
  9. KiraYamatoSF


    This one is my jam.
  10. KiraYamatoSF

    Resistance Bomber Questions

    To quote Lando from Solo "Oh sh-"
  11. KiraYamatoSF

    Arcsarcsarcsarcsarcs.... ARCS!

    It is similar to T-70s where Jess and Red Squadron are both I3 but Reds have an EPT but Jess doesn't. Pretty sure there are other cases.
  12. KiraYamatoSF

    This can’t be right...

    For casual and if both people are okay with it yes. Officially for tournaments is another matter. Some may agree, heck lore wise Lulo only flew a RZ-1. Heck if they really wanted to they could have done the Resistance Transport/Pod in wave 2 instead of the A and saved the A for wave 4.
  13. KiraYamatoSF

    This can’t be right...

    I was actually thinking the same thing. If that is the case I would rather they up the cost of dedicated and decrease the cost of the pilots.
  14. KiraYamatoSF

    So Republic is a thing now... First list approach

    Can't unfortunately, Battle Meditation only works on non-limited.
  15. KiraYamatoSF

    Republic Hyperspace

    Hm, been thinking of the same thing since I also want to fly the Trio. But ideas to consider would be Luminara and Tiin, they could really help out Obi and Anakin without having to stay too close.