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  1. I will agree to this as long as Sloane gets a just as much price increase. I just might, just might drop X-wing for a bit for Legion and Armada if that NPE gets more freedom.
  2. Oh you mean the clown car. Pretty sure that ship blew up insanely fast in Battlefront 1 EA. Was cool to fly but man it's hull felt like it was made of paper. Totally 1 hull.
  3. Was already thinking the points would be delayed but was hoping by a day or two. Dreading that they are just gonna wait til the middle to end of July at this point. Closest to the release of wave 7 as they can.
  4. Would be pretty sweet if true and other places are getting restock. Got a few new people interested in the local area and they are interested in the Prequel factions.
  5. I expect maybe a article for it, not sure on the idea of a stream.
  6. USA here and haven't heard anything yet, but expecting mid to late July. Might hear about early shipments with the week or two.
  7. That is true, one of Obi-wan's is "General Kenobi" after all.
  8. That's the only way to become what you are meant to be.
  9. While the ship does have its fans if you made a DLC for a game and want people to buy it you want something that people will recognize and want to pay for, if it's paid DLC. For Rebels the main starfighter ship left is the B-wing, shows up in the movies, tv shows, and several other media. If the average person sees the Gunboat the first thing they may think of is the Lambda shuttle, that or wondering what the ship is and why its not a Tie. The Tie advanced is probably the most iconic starfighter people would recognize from the Empire that's not in the game already. It's role though is nothing special, it has shields and a hyperdrive but it's stats match the X wing much more. The Tie Defender while not as known still has a good number of fans and had a major position and subject of Rebels. It also has shown up as a advanced AI reinforcement in Battlefront 2015, so the model is there. The Brute is probably the lowest on the list but could provide some interesting options. The ship appeared in Solo and if the leaks are true is due for X-wing. It is supposed to have a droid brain so perhaps some in flight assistance from it and also options for cannons. I suppose they could bundle the B wing and Gunboat in one package but I can hear people complaining already about not doing the Defender or so and so already. Sides not every ship type has to be similar. The class could be called "Prototypes" or "Advanced Fighter". The B could be a slow heavy hitting fighter/bomber and the Defender a fast shielded Tie with missles and a bunch of lasers. But personally? I don't think this game is gonna have any after launch support besides some bug fixes and maybe a few cosmetics. With ps5 around the corner, this being 40 bucks, and people disgusted with anything involved with EA this is likely to burn out fast.
  10. With the game only being 40 bucks with little time from announcement to release I am not expecting a ton of things, just hope I enjoy it and have fun with it. Also if this does well and gets attention we may likely see something bigger in the future.
  11. Can also spot Millennium in the bottom right corner as well.
  12. Seeing stuff for it in the EA Play makes it seem preety cool to me, definetly gonna give it a try.
  13. It's a rough show to watch, especially when people compare it with Rebels and Clone Wars. The show does have it's moments, but I would try watching up to episode 4 or 5? If Kaz is too unbearable to watch then it's not really gonna change. It was made and directed for kids and Kaz is a bumbling Buffoon, with a good heart, who is the worst spy ever. But yeah, watch a few episodes and that is the tone for the entire series. There are times where it can kick up but mainly moments featuring the FO, season Finales, and Poe Dameron, at least for me. I am okay with the show but it's the lowest between it, Rebels and Clone Wars.
  14. Perhaps the Ties will have better power management if there are no shields. It seems each column can up to 8 lights. The X-wing has 8 in blue and 2 in the red and green columns. The Tie has 6 in each column for red and blue. Comes out to 12 for each when adding up the lights, perhaps each ship only has "12" energy and the pilot has to allocate it to whichever system needs it most. If true Empire ships may not have shields but they don't have to make much of a sacrifice to systems like Rebel ships have to. Considering Battlefront 2 did give some Ties like Inferno Squad's Ties Proton Torpedoes and Interceptors having missles they have some room to wiggle. Could say it's part of personal modifications by the pilots, Empire standards might not be as high due to the Emperor being "dead" and all. The laser by the Bomber reminds me of the laser from Rebels used by the B-wing, might be a case of reverse engineering. I admit I miss flying the U-wing from the few times I got to play one back in Battlefront 2015 but curious on the choice. Curious if Reaper and U-wing will be used for objective mods if they have any.
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