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  1. Thanks for posting, I forgot all about this.
  2. Conversion kits only have a certain number of dials to convert over ships. Generally there are at least 2 dials for every ship, and sometimes there are up to 3 or 4 dials if the ship is cheap enough to fill out a squad. For example the x wing gets 2 dials for its 40ish and above price point while the Z-95 gets 4 due to it costing around 26 points. If you check online there are lists that show the contents of the kits or even youtube videos i guess. Generally for the 3 original factions if you have 3+ of the ships, the kits won't have enough. The Sequel era kits should have enough dials for whatever you need. If you only need certain stuff check with your gaming group or with people at a gaming store, ebay, buy another kit, or could print out your own stuff for casual games.
  3. I think that is the best guess on what it is. The full cylinder engines make it more like a 65 than a 70 or 85. Maybe its Yeagers old fighter?
  4. Wonder what type of X-wings those were. Had the full cylinder engines like the 65 but looks like its missing its lasers on the bottom wings?
  5. One idea New Squadron (57) Cat [MG-100 StarFortress] (1) Delayed Fuses (10) Trajectory Simulator (3) Seismic Charges (8) Veteran Turret Gunner (5) Chewbacca Points: 84 (36) Tallissan Lintra [RZ-2 A-wing] (4) Advanced Optics Points: 40 (36) Greer Sonnel [RZ-2 A-wing] (4) Advanced Optics Points: 40 (29) Finn [Resistance Transport Pod] (1) Heroic (6) C-3PO Points: 36 Total points: 200 One idea. Can I come back now?
  6. ...huh... To the drawing board I go folks.
  7. I have had fun with Finch and Vennie. Vennie is the most durable of the bunch and Finch gives so many options. Been wanting to try out Edon a bit, and he gets some new options when clusters are rereleased. Cat seems interesting but that requires 2 to make her work well.
  8. The Starhawk at 80 hurts but from what I have seen the model is massive. The details and what it brings might be worth it. The Star Destroyer seems worse to me, the model looks like the size of an Interdictor but 20 bucks more expensive. Interesting bit is that both expansions are said to have 15 upgrade cards but only 9 are shown for the Starhawk and the Onager. So there are some mystery cards we have yet to seen, might be old cards or new ones.
  9. I am thinking they will. We are just getting extras for the first/standard corps right now. Betting Fleet, Snow, Phase 2, and B2s will be next.
  10. Problem being he wants to bring an all X-wing list, so no Bs. The 3 Xs isn't a bad idea but having more ships is better most times now. So yeah the idea of Luke, Wedge, and 2 Blues sounds pretty good. Your idea on 4 that you mentioned isn't bad either, 3 of your ships are the same IN and got plenty of ways to IN kill IN 2 or 1 ships like 104th Arcs, Scimitar bombers. Biggs can also help keep Wedge alive longer.
  11. Are these just individual cases for each movie? Does TFA and TLJ actually show VII and VIII? If yes to both I would be interested a bit.
  12. When i first got my Falcon the Escape Craft was really stuck in the nose. I just pulled and hoped it wouldn't break and with a pop it came out. Ever since it slides in and out nicely with no issues. The problem is the paint I think that hardened and connects the two models. You could use straight brute force or you could get the model cold or hot to help lossen the paint. Maybe a little blade might help.
  13. Could very well be both. The tractor beam emitters could be the six circular things on the front and inside the hole is a hanger.
  14. The color is most likely based more so off the New Republic colors and symbol, which is what the Rebels were calling themselves when they were in the final year of the war. For reference.
  15. Rex looks amazing. Really looking forward to Clones and the republic.
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