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  1. Just off the top of my head, I feel like Expertise could be really nasty when used by Vessery x7. Defenders are pretty solid at avoiding stress (especially if you through Mk II engines on them), and Vess' ability would allow you to do max damage on almost every roll while letting him barrel roll pretty much at will.
  2. This is so true. Imperials can put together some really fun lists, but the problem is that if you have to win a few matches in a row to get anywhere, a LOT of those lists go out the window because of green dice reliance. True story: my friend's 20 pt heavy Scyk took out my undamaged cloaked Phantom with a focus token in ONE HIT. He rolls 3 hits on a mangler for 2 hits and a crit. I literally blank my entire roll of 4 dice, then draw direct hit and die. No other faction relies so heavily on green dice, so no other faction relies so much on random rolling luck. Also, if you look at ships for a competitive standpoint, most Imperial ships are completely useless. 8-9 of the interceptor pilots? Almost completely useless. The Firespray? The pilot abilities aren't even close to as good as the Scum versions. And Vader is pretty much the only Advanced that gets played, and he doesn't even see that much action. So you're pretty much left with two realistic options that can have some different flavor to them. Bank an evade and be able to take some damage when your green dice let you down (x7 Defenders) or avoid being shot at entirely/be super difficult to hit with token stacking (Palp Aces). But having so many ships without shields makes crits so crippling that it really limits the options of things you can competitively play.
  3. It's not super creative, but a triple x7 Defender list is very durable. 3 defense dice plus a free evade token and a focus token make it really hard to push damage through, then add in the fact that they can take quite a bit of damage and it's a very frustrating combo. That and they can get behind you really easily.
  4. Am I the only one who doesn't view Snapshot as a secondary weapon? It's an EPT with a specific range and damage value which may be different from the primary weapon value, but that doesn't make it a secondary weapon.
  5. I like that combo. What's the rest of your squad, if you don't mind me asking? I've used both Omega Leader who pairs really well with Vessery or the Inquisitor. Using OL gives you the points to go with the /d and Ion cannon on Vess, but with Inquisitor I usually go double x7.
  6. I've used Vessery and Ryad at mid PS to absolutely devastating effect. /x7 for Ryad and use her to TL whom ever you want Vess to maul with his /d Ion/primary double tap with a target lock to burn for each weapon. Give Vess a TL buddy, have him focus and I've never had an enemy ship get away without damage, no matter what tokens or how many evade dice they have. The only catch is that it does make him an easier target without the x7 evades just rolling naked green dice. But given the Defenders 6 HP, he's really only weakness is several ships focus firing on him.
  7. Personally, I'm just waiting until all the people who've never flown TIE Fighters before realize that loading one up with 23-27 points is a terrible idea. If I ever played Rebels (which I don't), I'd never let one of these TIEs get over 20 points. The title gives you soooo many options and it's going to be really tempting for people to try them all out at once. That is until their first game and their 26 point TF gets popped in one shot by a mangler cannon and a bad green dice roll. On a related note, the new Scyk title lets you field a 20 point PS2 ship with a mangler cannon that can really abuse TIE Fighters and their lack of shields with crits it gives you.
  8. Triple x7s wasn't suppressed by triple Uboats, so I'm betting you'll see them just as much as before. Also, I still favor two x7s and an Ace. Threw that against one of the better players in my group and he just said afterwards "Those things are impossible to lay damage on." But now that triple scouts is WAY less effective (gasp, they actually have to deal with target locking torps at PS3...), I think you'll see a lot more ships of lower agility come back into use since they can't just be insta-killed by a scout with chips and protons. Also, I foresee a LOT of Rebel players trotting out Sabine's TIE and loading it up with lots of points only to realize after a game or two what everyone who's ever flown the Empire has known: you don't sink a bunch of points into a ship with 3 hull and no shield. There's a good reason you don't see experienced Imperial players putting 20+ point TIE Fighters into their lists, outside of Howlrunner. I saw some people proposing 26 point versions of Sabine and I just shook my head thinking "Just wait until you roll 3 blanks on your greens and lose a quarter of your squad points in one shot, then you'll learn." So once the "Oh God, look at all my upgrade options!" period dies down, the Rebel TIEs have some decent abilities and you'll see them naked or with one upgrade tops.
  9. You mean a Z-95 with 4 attack dice...
  10. Has to be in the secondary arc at range 1-2? Hello Echo: Honestly, I've always liked Echo more than Whisper. Sure, getting that bonus focus from hitting someone is great, but I love Echo's ability to show up pretty much anywhere in a 200 degree forward arc. And on a semi-related note, I still remember the first time I saw the stat line on the Shadow Caster and thought, "Man, my Defenders are going to tear this ship up."
  11. So the number of ships limit is in there so people can't just have a giant stack of ships that they can plug into a hole based on who in their squad gets killed. Probably better to do that with points, actually a much better idea The whole concept is modeled around trying to get people to play with unique pilots more carefully, play disposable generics like they were more disposable, and to have people play lists that are less entirely dependent on synergy. I hadn't really thought about the idea for a tournament, but here's how it might go. The rules would pretty much stay exactly the same as for awarding points. So if Soontir is down to one hull and you have him flee the battle so you can play him next round, he is considered to be destroyed for points purposes. And lets say that you start with 100 points in 3 ships and a 28 point ship gets blown up and the other two flee. You then get to look through your replacement list and plug another ship in without getting to change the build. So if a 28 point ship dies and you've got a 40 and a 24 point ship to pick from, you have to suck it up and play with 96 points in the next round. But if ALL your ships die in the first round, you lose and get no reinforcements. I think making the limit for your reserve list lower than 100 points would be required. I don't want someone to throw out a crack swarm to grind down the opponent and then have a couple aces sitting in reserve. Although that might fix itself because if you fly a crack swarm, get a few TIEs killed and then the opponent flees leaving you with an awkward point value of ships left, you won't be able to put many of your reserves in without going over 100 points.
  12. So I was throwing around an idea for a game type. Back playing table top Mechwarrior (which dates me...), we used to play what we called survivor matches, which were back to back matches. So here's how I think it would work for X-Wing: You would pick a 100 point list for your first match like normal, but you would also make reinforcement ship builds (however many in your first build minus 1). You would play the first match as normal. Any ship destroyed in could not be fielded in the second match. Ships that fled the battlefield, damaged or not, could be fielded in the next match at full health. You could reinforce your squad with your pre-build ships (no making adjustments based on who died) up to your original 100 points. If all your ships get destroyed in the first match, you lose the whole match. I thought this would spice up game play a little by making people think more 4th dimensionally. I think it would also move people away from the hyper-dependent synergy lists and make people play more fundamentally sound lists that were less dependent on a single ship with a single build. Time-wise, I don't think it would take as long as two full matches since the first match wouldn't be fought to the last ship. Anyone like the idea? Have any thoughts?
  13. Not sure that's the correct use of exponential but hey. We don't actually know the generic cost of the new shuttle but it's worth remembering that the Lambda in the most common PalpAces variant is upgraded with a Sensor Jammer. You lose a bit from the aces, yes: that's called balance. You need to make up for it with the firepower of the Upsilon and by working that Coordinate action. That, or don't run Palpatine. Sure, it's not PalpAces then, but aces are still better with good support. Well, the upgrades make the Aces exponentially more effective, so removing them does the opposite. Think how much more dangerous Soontir is with SD and AT compared to a naked Soontir. Take one of those upgrades away and he becomes a LOT less dangerous. And I'm basing the point spread on the difference between the two PS 6 shuttles. Col Jendon is PS 6 and 26 points, Kylo at PS 6 is 34 points. So it's not a stretch to guess that the PS 2 generic of the Upsilon Shuttle will cost 29 points compared to OGP's 21 points.
  14. You're not going to be able to run Palp Aces with the new shuttle that has the coordinate action. Because that shuttle costs 8 more points than a Lambda. And that means a lot fewer upgrade points left over for those 2 aces, making them exponentially less potent.
  15. His ability is really cool. I tooled around with him in a goof off game once and triggered his ability on a lucky crit. Pulling three cards and getting to decide which one screws your opponent the hardest is really fun. However, there are more effective and lower cost options, and that's why he doesn't get used as much.
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