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    Ghoul Question

    Played the game a few time, for me, perma-death seems way to rare, highest rads we got from a survivor was at around 8. Which is also the time players are aiming for the E perk to remove all rads.
  2. I have only played a few games solo and 2 survivors, for me, to really be able to reach the required 10 points is to eventually complete the main faction quest line and having the appropriate faction agenda card. Excess faction progress outside of the faction track sheet (happens when you complete the quest that have ++++ faction progress rewards) counts towards influence gains. as well. My last solo play, I was able to reach 19 influence points at the end of the game (3 faction agenda 6pts ea, + 1 other agenda) non-faction agenda cards are hard to complete, which means to really be able to win this, you need at least a faction agenda especially if playing less than 4 players.
  3. *Not available in your country* - very nice FFG... didn't know this app is country specific
  4. Hi guys, I am pretty new to Imperial Assault and I can't seem to find an answer on this and checking if anyone can help. When exactly is the "declare attack" step when performing an attack. Is it exactly the same as "Declare Target" on RRG for Attacks? Or is it the declaration of the "attack" action itself? Here is the use case, Mak Eshka'rey's Ambush ability states "Use when you declare an attack targeting...", Let's say the target didn't die after that attack, he then uses No Escape which states "...perform 1 additional attack targeting the same figure." If the declare attack is the Attack action itself, then Mak will not be able to use Ambush during the No Escape attack, as you are no longer declaring the attack action but instead following the Abilities instructions to perform an additional attack. Correct me if I am wrong guys, as to my understanding, declaring is the action itself, so in other words, during your activation, you can only declare an Attack, Move, Rest, Interact, and Special Action. If declare attack is the same as Declare Target, then why not say Declare target to begin with. i.e from Ambush above "Use during the declare target step during an attack targeting...". It is going to make ability text longer, but makes things a bit easier and specific.
  5. Nice! Sorastro's vids are the ones that inspired me to paint mine. I already completed the monsters and heroes on the core set using Sorastro's techniques including Imperial Assault. I would say Sorastro makes it looks very easy. I'm waiting on how Sorastro will make the red effects on Zachareth's arms.
  6. I am not a veteran here and I haven't played Nerekhall, but between Shadow Rune and Heirs of Blood, Heirs have very interesting mechanics on each quest, which makes it more fun on both Heroes and Overlord. (which makes Shadow Rune pretty bland in comparison). I also heard Shadow Rune is not well balanced and favors the side of heroes. Since your Overlord is competitive, I would say go ahead on Shadow Rune. The introductory quest is pretty satisfying for newcomers (heroes) when they win which tends to hook them in for campaign (but this is just my experience)
  7. ^This, I had the same idea when going through this thread. The Boss AI mechanic for Dark Souls: TBG is good, this can be in a form similar to the coop adventures AI deck, that will be more refined.
  8. Dibs! Nice so they would be available during the long holiday weekend.
  9. I'm not saying that the rules are right, I'm trying to iron out what the rules actually say. The fact that you arguably end up with 2 xp was something that confused and annoyed me for a long time, but I simply disregarded the discrepancy. It never really stood out as a potential issue until now. If the rules for Campaign Phases really exists only to remind you of the normal rewards, and Rumor Card Quests are not intended to give out experience, there needs to be an Errate clarifying such, because by RAW, there's no reason to think that they don't. Lol, so what was the point of your post/question to begin with? Are you saying everyone else is playing the game wrong or are you asking how it should be played? Following this thread, your question has already been answered already (with rulebook references and pages) and it is very clear. I do believe you can impose your rules on your own when playing with your gaming group, but everyone else knows that rumor quests do not grant XP and 1 XP is awarded on campaign quests.
  10. I think asmodee only replaces miniatures, but I may be wrong. I just recently bought my own copy of Descent, and I got a duplicate but broken Avric Albright (missing the shield arm) and missing Jain Fairwood. I emailed a photo and Asmodee sent me a Jain mini free of charge. So my experience with asmodee replacements is good so far.
  11. thanks DAMaz, I just noticed the missing "if", and it sounded very differently without it. That's certainly a glass half empty way of looking at it. Development process for anything is the same, and companies will look at numbers not individual feedback. So will look at average rating, overall reception, and when this numbers are not good. Usual tendency of companies is to abandon projects. For RtL though, I don't believe FFG this will abandon this too easily as the app is free, unless their marketing strategy was to market the app to increase the physical game sales only. My statement was best interpreted by DAMaz, "If the app is very successfull, we will release more content faster than what has been planned."
  12. Link is not working for me. Does not work on my end as well. Is this the comment you're referencing? Facebook link If this is what the title is referencing, I agree that it is interesting. So it is not well received, FFG is going to shut down development of RtL and it's campaigns?
  13. Hi Sorastro, very nice painting. I would say, very inspiring. I have been following you youtube channel for a while now and looking forward to your painting of other Descent characters. Also, have you heard of Mice and Mystics? I have been looking for good painting videos for them and I can't seem to find one. Maybe you could take a look and add them to your list?
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