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  1. @sozin I empathize with your gut reaction and emotion here. Watching from the sidelines it looked as if the x wing community was going to finally break free and fork a “community FAQ”. We were so close. I think this is worthy cause! Imagine a body of experts that adjudicate and develop the Community FAQ? Composed not of the loudest voices, but the most sensible ones. Similar to how the Linux Kernel is maintained and developed. I could see it getting real uptake and regular usage on vassal, kit tournaments, and smaller events. And then people will want to play by these rules at larger events as time goes on.
  2. @GreenDragoon Thanks for running this data!!! Would you be willing to re-run this plot for games run after the "great nerfing" only?
  3. So you are saying you do not identify as a podcaster or non-podcaster? Perhaps we need a third party for you and your sort?
  4. Sup guys AcidReign here from not any podcast. I was just wondering how many of you are going to gecon and are not on a podcast? Is there anyone left? Who would be interested in a non-podcaster party at gencon?
  5. Is there anything you would change now with your list? Maybe free up some points and put tlt on Miranda?
  6. Thanks for sharing! So do you fly fenn off solo as a flanker and just double focus when you need to? Or do you try to stick him close to manaroo? How much effort do you put into keeping roo at r1? Like do you broll instead of other actions to get her into r1?
  7. Fantastic work guys! Even for experienced vassal users, the ability to spawn a squad quickly will improve the UX by quite a bit. Just last night I was thinking of testing out that triple x-wing list that is doing well at regionals, but didnt feel like building the squad.
  8. Kyle ran against my parattanni the round before in our top 16. Kept fenn away with the miranda threat and ion bombed manaroo and lit her up with dash. I lost 47-48 cause in the last bit he put half damage on assajj. Very fun match and he just plain outplayed me. Too bad we didnt get to do the mirror on the stream!
  9. Any update? Appreciate all your work on getting these posted.
  10. Could you please mention your strategy against dengaroo? Do you go for dengar first? Im thinking if it is dengar first, you block the white sloop with manaroo and then try to range 1 with asajj and fenn? Or, do you blow past dengar and go stressing manaroo with asajj and smashing her with fenn if he can make it past dengar?
  11. 1. Lost to Yorr w Sensor Jammer/Inquistor/VI Carnor led by Karol Pietrowicz (Naboo Open Series Runner up). 36:68. Bad plan for a battle plus some mistakes (landing on the debri) against excellent opponent. Game recorded will be on Legion YT channel. 2. Lost to Commonwealth Defenders. 66:72. Tons of bad luck here. I loaded Fenn's 5 diceds onto Ryad like 4 times and blanked almost all:( 3. Win against double Falcon list (Chewbacca and Rebel Sympathizer both with Gunner and Chewy with Hot-shot Co-pilot. Very interesting list, abke to kill Fenn quickly, but I was able to stick 3 focuses of him almost all the time and avoid of being shot by 2 Falcons at once. I suspect this list to be nightmare in hands of skilled opponent. 4. Win against 2 Defenders and Omega Leader 5. Win against Ketsu and Boba Fett. Game recorded will be on Legion YT channel. 6. Top32 against 3x crack shot Defenders. Close match. Killed one in exchange of half Asajj. 7. Top16 against clubmate ("Dydu" with scum aces - PTL Fenn, VI Old Teroch, Zuckuss). I outsmarted opponent during initial engagement and was able to kill Fenn quickly. I was able to win despite hilarious miastake flying 4fwd in wrong direction . I had a flu all weekend, so my mind was clouded all the time and I forgot what direction Asajj is facing Lucky she stayed on the board . Game is recorded will be on our YT channel. 8. Top8 against double arcs and Biggs. I masterfully outmaneuvered my opponent. Exchanged Biggs for one shield, then stress Arc for couple more, and then opponent conceded seeing me running out of Nora playing on time . Game recorded. 9. Top4 against "Szenq" - player I've lost to in top8 of other Polish Regionals month ago after unbelievable streak of green rolls. Revenge time! List: bumpmaster + 3x TLT. Interestingly we followed exactly the same opening, but this time with average rolls so it was mine game to loose all the time, I and didn't let victory slip out of my hands. 10.Final against Jan Swirski - Czech/Slovakia National Champion with Miranda TLT+bombs, HWK TLT, Moldy Crow and Chewbacca, TLT y-wing. I perfectly flown in first rounds being able to shoot at y-wing with 3 of my ships staying out of range of HWK and Miranda. Then Miranda missed Fenn with Conner Net by 1mm. Then I charged too aggressively to kill HWK at rng1. I've killed but I got hit by 2 ion bombs in a row and Asajj flown out of the board. Luckily I managed to triple stress Mirnada during a process and Fenn+Manaroo finished her. Super close match. We will try to post recorded matches on YT as soon as possible, but one film takes a week to finish What is the legion YouTube channel? I can't seem to find it.
  12. Do you know if the lists are posted somewhere? Im curious about the Rey/Norra list.
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