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  1. I can be your partner, but I need a ride from the airport to make that happen
  2. Kajiit has ware if you have coin (a ride from the airport)
  3. USA, WTT Have: 2013 Worlds Boba Fett AND 2014 Worlds Darth Vader Want: 2017 regional dice set OR 2018 regional dice set
  4. Located in KY, USA. All promos are official FFG Wants: Phantom II expansion pack Kimogila expansion Pack Alpha-class Star Wing expansion pack Resistance Bomber expansion pack TIE Silencer expansion pack Light/dark green circular focus tokens Acrylic bomb tokens (proton, conner net, proximity) Red System Open acrylic shield tokens AA Backstabber Or anything else you think might interest me, just ask Haves: AA Ketsu Onyo x 3 (Q1 2017) AA Omicron Groupn Pilot x 1 (Q4 2017) AA Scimitar Squadron Pilot, German x 1 (Q4 2014) AA Hera Syndulla, German x 1 (Regional top 64 2016) AA Lothal/Baron Dual-sided x 1 (Sys. Open 2017) Acrylic Evade tokens, rectangular x 6 (Q3 2017) Acrylic Range Rulers 1/2/3 (Store Champs top 4&8 2017) Acrylic Cluster Mines, incorrect (Regional top 16 2016) Acrylic Target Locks 1-5 (Season 1 2013) Acrylic Shield Tokens x 5 (Regional top 8 2015)
  5. I'm just waiting for Christmas to get them all, but I bought a sheathipede at my local store for $12. All the small base ships are 20% off all the time and large base ships are $5 off all the time too, its great, plus they don't charge tax.
  6. That's what I'm thinking as well. The time between the wave 12/13 drop and the movie release is only 8 days. How long is it usually between a wave drop and a new wave announcement?
  7. I didn't see a list juggler entry for the Pittsburgh regional. Will one be put up by the store/TO, or will it be one of those 'go-and-fill-it-in-on-your-own-if-you-were-there' type deals?
  8. Can anyone take a side-by-side pic of these compared to the 2015 marble dice?
  9. X-Wing tmg Reddit page and Krayts FB page
  10. Regional prizes have also been revealed
  11. This is basically the best alt art that we've gotten since the Worlds '16 Inquisitor and before that it was the awesome movie stills like Wedge, Vader, Mauler, Jendon, and so on from 2013-14. Count your blessings, at least it's not the crappy paint art like Tycho, Dash, Hera, or...Red Ace
  12. Franch

    Q4 Tournament Kits

    Use last year's challenge coins as shield tokens. Store champ plaques and regional trophies also work as shield tokens if you got 'em
  13. In no particular order: Veteran Instincts Push the Limit Expertise Lone Wolf Crackshot
  14. Franch

    Q4 Tournament Kits

    16 or 17 OGP, 3 Hortons, 2 packs of (5) illicit tokens
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